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How the New ‘God of War’ Game Was Inspired by Real-Life Parenting Challenges
The creators of 'God of War' reveal how their parenting experience influenced the game's father-son storyline
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Swedish DJ Avicii dies at 28
Swedish DJ Avicii, who has collaborated with the likes of Madonna and Coldplay, has died in Oman at the age of 28
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Neill Blomkamp’s Firebase crowdfunding campaign comes to an early end
Just over a week after it announced that it was collecting money to crowdfund a sequel to its short concept film Firebase, Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios says that it will refund contributions because it hadn’t raised enough money to “do something [truly] awesome.” It released a series of short films last year that were intended as conceptual starting points for much larger projects. Blomkamp told The Verge earlier this month that the campaign was an attempt “to set up a situation where [fans] fuel our ability to continue to make stuff, and just have this one-on-one relationship with the audience.” To all backers of Firebase.. Oats will be refunding everyone who contributed completely. Unfortunately we didn't raise enough to do... Continue reading…
The Verge
EDM Star Avicii Found Dead in Oman at Age 28
"The family is devastated"
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Swedish DJ Avicii dies aged 28
DJ, real name Tim Bergling, was found dead in Oman, his representative saysSwedish DJ Avicii has died in Muscat, Oman, at the age of 28, according to reports.His representative said in a statement: “It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii. Continue reading...
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Democrats Sue Trump Campaign Aides, Alleging Collusion With Russia, WikiLeaks in 2016
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a lawsuit in federal court on Friday alleging the Trump campaign conspired with WikiLeaks and the Russian government to sow chaos during the 2016 election and advantage Trump in the race for the White House.Read more...
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'Westworld': Here's What Needs to Happen in Season 2
HBO's futuristic thriller has a whole lot of explaining to do.
Good Samaritans spotted ‘killer granny’ boozing in Texas
The Minnesota granny who spent weeks on the run after allegedly killing her husband and a doppelgänger was finally found by some eagle-eyed Good Samaritans — who tipped off authorities to her whereabouts, law enforcement revealed Friday. And when US marshals showed up to suspect Lois Ann Riess’ purported location at a restaurant in South...
New York Post
America’s New Favorite Song Finds Drake Saying “Sorry” for “Hotline Bling”
Now, where was I? Eleven weeks ago, in the closing paragraph of my “Why Is This Song No. 1?” article about “God’s Plan”—Drake’s previous chart topper and the song he himself ejects from Billboard’s penthouse this week—I offered the 6 God some unsolicited advice: “[O]ne wonders what challenges remain for him. … Maybe the last frontier for Drake is a total stadium-rocker, a track so grandiloquent everyone from SoundCloud rappers to Grammy voters would find it undeniable.” I’m not saying I’m an A&R guy, or that Drizzy paid any attention to me. But check it: “Nice for What,” the Drake track that takes over Billboard’s No. 1 spot, is exactly the undeniable, all-quadrants banger Wheelchair Jimmy needed at this stage of the game, his most irresistible jam since “Hotline Bling” three years ago.
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DJ and producer Avicii has died at 28
Avicii/PressSwedish DJ and producer Tim Bergling, known by his stage name Avicii, has died at the age of 28, his representatives told Variety.  "It is with profound sorrow that we announce the loss of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii," his representatives said in a statement. "He was found dead in Muscat, Oman this Friday afternoon local time, April 20th. The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy in this difficult time. No further statements will be given." Developing...NOW WATCH: How all-you-can-eat restaurants don't go bankruptSee Also:Here's where you can legally smoke marijuana in 2018Here's what it costs to open a Subway restaurantNot all headaches hurt the same — here's how to know what type of pain you're having
Business Insider
India’s Vicious Patriarchy
Indian law prohibits the identification of a rape victim by name or appearance without explicit permission from the survivor or their next of kin. Yet for the last three months, the name and face of an eight-year-old child, raped and murderedin the small town of Kathua in January this year, circulated widely in the Indian media.Perhaps her details were published due to early confusion over the nature of the crime; she had been missing for days before her dead body turned up. Perhaps it simply seemed like an acceptable mistake in the case of someone from a marginal community of nomads, impoverished Muslims with little social clout. Yet the slip resulted in an unforgettable shock for many Indians this month, forced to confront the use of rape as a political crime, and the question of what, if anything, has changed for Indian women despite years of feminist advocacy and anguished protests against sexual violence.Few outside the region paid close attention to the crime when it was first reported. Stories of sexual violence are common in India’s morning papers. If anything, the nationwide upheaval of December 2012, following a murderous sexual assault on a 23-year-old woman in a moving bus in Delhi, led to more such stories making the front page than ever before. More rapes are now reported to the authorities, and more cases fast-tracked through special courts. Some get more media attention than others. Most slip out of public memory soon after breakfast.But in mid-April, when the police filed the results of the criminal investigation into the girl’s death, many Indians did a horrified double-take. Like Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian refugee whose washed-up corpse made international headlines in 2015, this blameless victim, too, struck a chord with millions. Her messy ponytails and bright purple dress suddenly became inseparable from the gruesome details of her ordeal as revealed in the police report. Some anointed her #IndiasDaughter, a phrase also used in the outpouring of grief and anger that followed the 2012 Delhi rape. The Delhi crime had created not only a political backlash against lax governance and insufficient legal remedies, but a mood of mourning and fury that felt personal to many Indians. This time was different.This was no isolated act of depravity, the police alleged. The suspects, all Hindu men, were said to have abducted the child in order to create panic in her Muslim tribal community and oust them from the area. One man, the alleged “mastermind,” was the custodian of the Hindu temple where she had been held captive in a hidden room. It got worse. The extent of her torture had been covered up by local policemen, two of whom were charged with destroying postmortem evidence. Most strikingly, the scene of the crime, the town of Kathua and its surrounding countryside, was in an uproar—not because residents were upset with the crime, but because they objected to the investigation. Local groups, notably an outfit called the Hindu Ekta Manch (roughly, “Forum for Hindu Unity”), were marching in support of the suspects. The town’s lawyers surrounded the courtroom on the day charges were filed, attempting to obstruct the proceedings. Among the protesters were two leaders from India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.The involvement of Hindu fundamentalists, and the impunity with which the BJP’s representatives acted, situated the incident in a different kind of continuity from the Delhi rape. Kathua was quickly considered another example, perhaps the ugliest yet, of how the party and its affiliates are deepening divisions between the majority-Hindu population and marginalized communities around the country. Adding fuel to the fire, just before the police filed charges in Kathua, news broke that a man in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, had gone to a police station to report a crime, only to be arrested himself and die mysteriously in police custody. The man had accused a BJP lawmaker of raping his teenage daughter.Last weekend, many protesters in India’s largest cities marched to demand justice for the eight-year-old, chanting “Not In My Name,” a slogan used in recent months to protest the lynchings and murders of Muslims and Dalits (formerly India’s “untouchable” castes). They needled Prime Minister Narendra Modi—whose election campaign had untiringly paid lip service to the cause of women’s safety—for his initial silence in condemning the rape in Kathua, and his refusal to assure the public that his party affiliates would be investigated and put on trial for the rape in Uttar Pradesh.The outrage has sustained many news cycles in India over this fortnight. Yet to many Indians and human rights activists, this handwringing seems disingenuous, if well-meaning. After all, the Kathua victim, who became “India’s daughter” in death, was in fact a vulnerable resident of one of the most heavily militarized zones in the world: Jammu and Kashmir, a state in northern India.Many in the regionwere outraged at the sight of locals swaggering in support of the accused rapists, invoking the name of the Hindu deity Rama and flying the Indian flag. Yet this perversion of national and religious identity has long been supported on the ground in the region, where muscular Hindu pride cuts across party lines.Jammu and Kashmir reports the highest number of human-rights abuses in the country. The extreme militarization of the region, critics say, has enabled Indian armed forces as well as local police to target children frequently. It has also helped to instrumentalize sexual violence in the conflict. Kathua is part of Hindu-majority Jammu, where the insurgency and political dissent in the neighboring Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley has resulted in a surge of support for Hindu conservatism. In this wider context, it is, at best, bleakly unsurprising that a policeman and a temple caretaker were among her attackers.Beyond all this lies the question many have asked in despair: Is there something irreducible about Indian misogyny? After the 2012 rape, protesters agitated for and were partially successful in obtaining stricter laws and procedures to prosecute sexual violence. But even at the time, some feminists saw clearly that criminal procedures would hardly “stop rape,” to quote a popular catchphrase. Men do terrible things to women the world over, for personal as well as political reasons. The real difference is that in India, their fearlessness is enabled by something that mere punitive justice cannot uproot from this old and vicious patriarchy.For decades, Indian women have been fighting for jobs, education, and increased political representation—all good and necessary instruments of progress. Any change in the status quo, where an atmosphere of macho nationalism perpetuates increasing violence within and outside of India’s conflict zones, can only be sought by political means. Yet all these are arguably second-order solutions, a shoring up of support for a more fundamental battle to remake the hidebound Indian family, the small but inescapably powerful social unit in which the country’s egalitarian constitution and liberal politics hold little sway.It is here that India’s outrageous culture of son-preference enables widespread reproductive control, including but not limited to illegal sex-selective abortions and female infanticide. It is here that Indian courts hesitate to intrude by criminalizing marital rape. And it is here that strictures of caste, religion, and sexuality inhibit women’s freedom with fatal consequences. To seek punitive justice for women and girls in such a culture is little more than melodrama. The real task at hand is to shift attitudes toward sexual violence at the level of the family. It’s not enough to mourn for rape victims post-facto as India’s daughters; it’s more important to accept the fact that the rapists are India's sons.
World Edition - The Atlantic
Hearthstone boss Ben Brode leaves Blizzard
Ben Brode has spent most of the last decade working on Blizzard Entertainment’s card battler Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, but that work is now coming to an end. Brode announced today that he is leaving the publisher to start a new game studio even though that means leaving behind Blizzard’s on-campus Starbucks. “I am very […]
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Ex-con arrested for shaking baby son, leaving him brain-dead
An ex-con was busted for shaking his 6-month-old son so forcefully that the tot was left brain-dead, cops said. Statwaun Gilmore, 24, was arrested Thursday afternoon on child endangerment and assault charges, police said. Little Gianni Gilmore was taking a nap inside an apartment on Gates Avenue near Marcy Avenue in Bed-Stuy around 5:50 p.m....
New York Post
The cities where homeowners will benefit the most if Amazon's second headquarters lands there
Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider A new report explores how much home values may rise in each of the top cities for HQ2, Amazon's second headquarters. A dramatic rise in home values is usually not great for residents overall, but it's good news for homeowners looking to sell their properties. Newark, New Jersey; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania could see the biggest gains in home values if Amazon chooses them, according to the analysis.  Home values will likely increase wherever HQ2 lands. Twenty North American cities are competing to become a new home for Amazon, which which will start building a massive second headquarters, dubbed HQ2, in 2019. The $5 billion campus, expected to bring 50,000 high-paying jobs, is bound to transform the character of the city where it lands. City-planning experts also expect HQ2 to bring soaring housing prices, with some areas seeing more dramatic rises than others.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Animated map of Mars reveals where humans should build the first Martian citiesSee Also:Dubai is getting these stunning $23 million floating villas that can withstand floodingDisturbing before-and-after images show what major US cities could look like in the year 2100These photos of dockless bike graveyards should serve as omens for Chinese citiesSEE ALSO: A major real-estate fund is making a $10 million bet that Amazon will choose the Washington, DC area for its second headquarters
Business Insider
The Daily Show’s “A Series of Gunfortunate Events” Goes After Good Guys with Guns
Another anti-gun-violence school walkout is planned for Friday. In anticipation, Trevor Noah went after one of the NRA’s most contentious myths: “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.” In a new segment, “A Series of Gunfortunate events,” The Daily Show examined just how those “good guys,” also known as armed civilians, have been doing.
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Natalie Portman Backs Out of Israeli Award Ceremony
Representatives cited her distress over “recent events” in Israel, without elaborating. Many took it to mean the deadly protests in Gaza.
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Twitch becomes unexpected casualty in Russia’s Telegram ban
The world’s most popular livestreaming site appears to be caught in the crossfire as Russia fights popular encrypted messaging app Telegram. Russian streamers are reportedly unable to stream or watch other channels, having to find tricks to get around the ban. One of the first acknowledgements came from Reddit user Angry_Roleplayer. In his post, several other alleged streamers reported being unable to go live on Twitch or even access it. Angry_Roleplayer managed to upload a video showing the blockage to YouTube: The apparent cause of the ban is Russia’s current scuffle with Telegram, which escalated earlier this month when the… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Twitch
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Swedish DJ Avicii dead at 28
He had retired from live performing in 2016, citing health reasons.
New York Post
ProBeat: Google’s Chat is close, and yet so far
OPINION: Google's latest messaging app plans provide a little clarity: Allo is dead, Duo is sticking around, and Android Messages is the future, powered by RCS, which is being rebranded as Chat. It's confusing and shows just how far away the effort really is from taking shape.
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A 76ers fan’s calm, measured Game 3 diary
Inside the mind of Sixers fan watching Game 3 against the Heat. Editor’s note: writer Tyler Tynes is a ... let’s say, enthusiastic Philadelphia 76ers fan. Right after the hammer slapped shut a casket for all of Miami’s basketball hopes and dreams on South Beach Thursday night, Ben Simmons growled in Justise Winslow’s frazzled face. .@BenSimmons25 with AUTHORITY! #PhilaUnite— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) April 20, 2018 Winslow deserved it. Miami’s invented brand of bully ball has proven effective against this young Sixers team. That is until sometime during this game they stopped giving a fuck. That might of been when Dwayne Wade’s old ass tried to pull Justin Anderson into the octogenarian gates of South Florida hell, the door of which I assume opens by the Heat baseline. There, I know, is only shitty Tapioca. Shitty Tapioca and another “Wade Game” before he retires that I pray pisses you off the same way it pissed me off the other night. The Sixers also could’ve stopped giving a fuck when Winslow stepped on Embiid’s mask. Embiid certainly did. “Little do they know I have about 50 of them,” Embiid said in post-game. “It’s going to take much more than that to get me out of this series. I’m going to be a nightmare for them too.” Embiid’s response was classic Embiid for however classic one can be if you’ve played less than 3 seasons in the NBA. He got pissed on-court and he threw that shit towards the Atlantic Ocean. Someone gift that savant a hoagie. **Points to sound guy in the corner** Yes. You sir. Please play the music we agreed upon. Thank you, beloved. Winslow noted this week that he has no issue playing the role of the villain as long as it interrupts the Sixers’ tenacious pace of play. Well, buddy, let me tell you. That shit ain’t work. ...... Though I probably don’t have to tell you this at this point, and I will anyway, it is crucial you understand that Sam Hinkie is smarter than you and your family. He is smarter than those hatin’ ass columnists who poo-poo’d The Process before it even began. And he is certainly smarter than all the executives in the NBA still trying to figure out if The Process or any form of tanking works. If Hinkie opened a church tomorrow I’d be on the front steps beggin to be a deacon. The Process isn’t ahead of schedule, children. The Process is running around on steroids and trying to fight your loved ones over the big piece of chicken at Sunday dinner. If you don’t believe me, a humble servant of Philadelphia, ask the Heat who have caught two spectacular ass whuppins already. Let’s take stock of how we got here. Dario Saric is the international ambassador of the three ball and Mario Bellinelli is his chief of staff, banging off balanced buckets in the finest Tuscan leather. Justin Anderson is Secret Service and will hip toss your hatin’ ass into the stands if you act up. Embiid and Simmons are the modern-day Bad Boys and when they fuck up Markelle Fultz pays their bail. ...... On the list of dudes who gotta get fought based off 3 games of this series: Goran Dragic aka Mr. “I take stupid ass layups” who also moonlights as a 3-week-old hoagie Justise Winslow aka the dude who walks in the barbershop and asks for “The Brillo Pad” Kelly Olynyk aka “Lol, remember y’all gave up a lottery pick for this dude?” Tyler Johnson, the toothless harbinger of death from Fern Rock who stars as “Mose” in a wonderful Pennsylvania series called The Office ...... 98. The combined age of Dwayne Wade’s joints. (I don’t have a joke for this, I just want y’all to know he walks around with a cane) As an aside: I have no beef with James Johnson. Please do not get that confused. No matter how much shit talking we doing here, I have 0 beef with that man. He has a black belt and neck tattoos. I do not want it with him. Anyway, as I have said so many times in the past few months of 215-proud chest beatings, Philly is on an unstoppable wave fueled by passion and Yuengling and it’s coming to a city near you. I don’t know what happens next for the Internet’s favorite basketball team, but I can tell you one thing, friends: the Heat are getting that ass beat. And for the moment, nothing is more wonderful than that. Especially if you read this whole thing humming Mask Off. P.S.: Someone please check on my large son Hassan Whiteside. He does not deserve this. Set my son free. Even if the end result is Joel Embiid dunking on his ass. Amen.
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5 Tips on How to Get Press From Entrepreneur's Editor in Chief
Entrepreneur's editor in chief, Jason Feifer, talks with Jessica Abo about his career path and how to get press to bite on your pitch.
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business.
7 Signs That You're Not Busy; You're Just 'Busy Bragging'
We all need to look a little deeper and learn more about our work-related habits -- especially those of us who are caught up on our favorite TV shows.
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I believe in free speech, but Minds makes me queasy
The email landed in my inbox just as the winds of bad press began to whip up around Mark Zuckerberg's ankles. It asked if I wanted to try Minds, the new blockchain-based social network, in the wake of #DeleteFacebook. The site is a social media platf...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Royal family the real winners as summit draws to a close
Commonwealth’s 53 leaders chase all round London and in the end Prince Charles winsIt was billed as the biggest intergovernmental summit ever held in the United Kingdom; the near week-long, 53-country Commonwealth conference whose costs are likely to amount to more than £10m and whose global influence remains limited despite the fanfare.The long agenda of events in theory presented repeated opportunities for Theresa May to talk about issues ranging from banning plastic straws to gay rights overseas, highlighting anything other than Brexit – but in reality required a panicked response to a Windrush immigration crisis. Continue reading...
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Each Day That Passes, Pressure Grows For Chemical Inspectors Waiting In Syria
An international inspection team has been waiting for nearly a week to investigate an alleged strike in Syria. Former inspectors say the delay will complicate their efforts.
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The 10 most expensive countries to live in around the world
RossHelen/Shutterstock A new ranking reveals which countries are the most expensive to live in across the world. Europe dominated the list with Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark all ranking in the top 10. Nowhere in the US even made the top 20, as the cost of living has gone down in recent years. It's fun to fantasize what life would be like if you picked up and moved across the world. And in doing so, it's easy to allow your budget constraints to slip off the radar. We all know places in the US like San Francisco and New York City can quickly burn a hole in your wallet, but there are spots across the world where visitors and residents are struggling even harder to stick to their budgets. A new list from Numbeo, an online database website, reveals which countries have the highest cost of living around the world. The website collected data from thousands of worldwide contributors to find the average cost of consumer goods, including groceries, restaurants, transportation and utilities, and ranked the countries accordingly. Keep scrolling to see the top 10 most expensive countries to live in in 2018.10. Israel Rostislav Ageev/Shutterstock From biblical times to today, this Middle Eastern holy land has never struggled to attract visitors and expats — even in spite of its political turmoil and high cost of living. Those drawn in by the country's sacred sights and desert landscapes should be prepared to spend a pretty penny for it. For example, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs about $16 on average, according to Numbeo. 9. Japan Thiago Leite/ Shutterstock Although Asia is generally a cheap continent, the ‘Land of the Rising Sun' is a bit of an outlier. Japan's cost of living is nearly 20% higher than the US, according to Numbeo. But those who are adamant about exploring the nation's neon-lit cities and breathtaking mountain ranges can make the destination affordable if they plan ahead. 8. Singapore anekoho/Shutterstock Singapore is a highly-developed nation — both a city and a country — in Southeast Asia that has one of the world's strongest economies. For the fifth year running, Singapore was recently named by the Economist as the 2018 world's most expensive city to live in. For people planning to visit or relocate to Asia without a lot of extra spending money, it might be best to skip Singapore and head straight to cheaper Asian countries, like the Philippines. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:20 hidden beaches around the world that locals don't even know about27 waterfalls that are so beautiful they'll take your breath away8 secrets home makeover shows reportedly don't want you to know
Business Insider
Investigators 'turned blind eye' to Lawrence killer's father's 'corruption'
Duwayne Brooks, who survived the attack, said the NCA ignored the role of Clifford Norris in shielding his son from justiceDuwayne Brooks, who survived the attack on Stephen Lawrence, has said official investigators are ignoring the alleged role one of the killers’ fathers had in shielding the murderers from justice.Brooks claimed a two-year long investigation by the National Crime Agency into claims corruption blighted the hunt for Lawrence’s attackers “turned a blind eye” to Clifford Norris. Continue reading...
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There’s an inevitable sadness to these Stanley Cup playoffs
Somehow, the early part of this year’s NHL playoffs feels way too much like the NBA. What has made hockey’s postseason so intriguing over the years is its intensity, and in low-scoring games, that means anyone can win — and every series is up for grabs. In basketball, at least over the past decade or...
New York Post
Giants don’t have room for two ‘alpha’ egos: Carl Banks
The Giants suddenly have room for Dez Bryant after cutting Brandon Marshall; and when asked about the All-Pro receiver, GM Dave Gettleman replied “we’re interested in everybody.” But at least one Big Blue icon and broadcaster thinks they should squash that interest right now. Carl Banks said there may be room on the roster for...
New York Post
Online communication: "If you just message 'hi' and nothing else I assume I’m getting fired"
I have a friend who used to always put "Mark" and only "Mark" in the subject line of emails to me. It vaguely bugged me but I never told him to stop. Then I found out he did it to a mutual friend and she told me it really freaked her out and she told him to stop. She said having email with nothing but her first name as the subject made it seem like the message was going to have ominous news and she was loathe to open it. In as essay for The Outline, Casey Johnston shares a similar experience: a boss who slacked "hi!" and only "hi!" Johnstone thought this meant she was about to be fired. “Hi” implies “I need to have a full conversation with you that you’re going to be present for,” which is never good. Once I respond, if she responds to my response fast enough, I can’t theoretically pretend to not have seen what she just said, because I was literally physically JUST there, responding; no one responds and then immediately logs off. Once I respond, she has me, but I don’t know what for. It’s like she has laid a trap that is very obviously a trap that I have to now just walk into knowing I’m about to get lit up for something. Except that I don’t, really, because all she said was “hi!” All she wanted was for me to fix a misspelling of a source’s name in a piece. So I’m sorry, Erika, that I didn’t punctually respond to your “hi,” I was very busy having a heart attack. If I got slacked "hi!" I wouldn't mind. Getting a "hi" without an exclamation point would seem like bad news was about to come, though. Image: By fizkes/Shutterstock
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Sarah Palin Is Hawking Skinny Tea on Instragram
Oh, how the mighty have fallen: Onetime vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is doing sponcon on Instagram.
Slate Articles
James Comey will give a talk to Amazon employees next week
In a moment seemingly engineered to generate enraged tweets from the president, former FBI director James Comey will speak to Amazon employees next week as part of his ongoing book tour. The talk is set for Monday The Intercept broke the news of the talk last night, and reported that it’s set for Monday at 10AM in Seattle. An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the talk and said it was part of a series of discussions at the company, known as Fishbowls. The spokesperson said the company has hosted 35 authors in the past year. Comey has been hitting the press circuit to publicize his new memoir, A Higher Loyalty, which takes aim at President Trump, calling him “untethered to truth.” The tour itself has also given Comey an ample platform to... Continue reading…
The Verge
Penny Hardaway, Memphis aiming high in recruiting
Penny Hardaway and Mike Miller have a chance to make waves on the recruiting trail, and they intend to do so.         
USATODAY - News Top Stories
David Hogg joins Parkland students in Columbine walkout
David Hogg was one of dozens of students who walked out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas in remembrance of the 13 who died in the 1999 Columbine shooting.        
USATODAY - News Top Stories
President Trump's latest mantra on Robert Mueller's probe: Wrap it up
President Donald Trump and aides are seeking to pressure Special Counsel Robert Mueller into completing his investigation. They are doing that in a number of forums -- via tweet, media statements and a personnel announcement about his new lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.        
USATODAY - News Top Stories
He had a shotgun, a map and a code for friends. What stopped a potential Wisconsin school shooting?
Police reports detail how school officials and police responded to a shooting threat— and give a glimpse into the mind of the teen suspect.        
USATODAY - News Top Stories
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ makes list of America’s most-loved books
The “Fifty Shades of Grey” erotic romance novel series by E.L. James made a PBS list of America’s 100 “most-loved” books – alongside acclaimed literary masterpiece’s like “1984” and “The Catcher in the Rye” and “Crime and Punishment.” The wide-ranging fictional book list, which includes tombs that date as far back as the 1600s to...
New York Post
DNC sues Russia, Trump campaign and WikiLeaks over 2016 hack
While Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's role in the 2016 election continues, the Democratic National Committee has decided to take action of its own. According to the Washington Post, the DNC this morning filed a multi-mill...
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Critics are slamming Chat, the new iMessage-like service coming soon to all Android phones, for not having end-to-end encryption in 2018
Hollis Johnson/Business Insider The standard "Messages" app for Android will soon be replaced with a new app called "Chat." Chat is not a Google service, although Google did help make it.  Chat is based on a new universal standard called "RCS," or "Rich Communication Services," which is designed to supplant SMS. It supports read receipts, full-resolution photos and video, and group texts, among other features. Chat did not get an upgrade from SMS in the encryption department. Chat is not end-to-end encrypted, which means it is not as secure as Apple's iMessage, or WhatsApp. Critics are calling out Google for not having end-to-end encryption in the default Android app in 2018.   A new app called "Chat" will soon replace the default "Messages" app on Android, but from a security standpoint, it's hardly an upgrade.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: These 3D printed homes can be constructed for $4,000 — and they might change the approach to underdeveloped housingSee Also:Google wants to replace textingCritics are calling out Facebook’s new ‘permission screens,’ saying they’re intentionally designed to be confusingWhat you need to know about GDPR, the new EU privacy rules that have Silicon Valley scrambling to keep up
Business Insider
Kyle Larson's 3-year-old trolls him after NASCAR loss
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Here are the types of marijuana best for stress and anxiety, according to users
For depression, use may exacerbate symptom severity over time.
Ars Technica
Just One Puff of Low-THC Weed Can Help Ease Sadness, Study Finds
It might take just one puff of cannabis to quickly if temporarily dull depression, depending on the strain, suggests a new study published this month in the Journal of Affective Disorders. But smoking weed for too long might also make you sadder over time, the researchers found.Read more...
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NUCOR CEO: I'm not worried about the steel market's biggest fear
Reuters/China Daily CDIC Some steel buyers are signing longer-term contracts with steel suppliers amid fears of a looming steel shortage. There will not be a steel supply shortage in the US, according to Nucor CEO Jon Ferriola. Nucor reported earnings Thursday.  Watch Nucor trade in real time here. Nucor CEO Jon Ferriola says he's not worried about the steel market's biggest fear — a looming supply shortage.   "There's not going to be a shortage of steel in this country," Ferriola told analysts on his company's first-quarter earnings call Thursday. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Wall Street's biggest bull explains why trade war fears are way overblownSee Also:Here's where you can legally smoke marijuana in 2018Here's what it costs to open a Subway restaurantNot all headaches hurt the same — here's how to know what type of pain you're havingSEE ALSO: 'Losing direction': Allergan investors are unhappy after a wild 4-hour takeover drama
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Apple and Lyft Announce Green Initiatives
What are you doing to promote sustainability with your business?
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The US just labeled China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea as 'morally reprehensible' governments that violate human rights
AFP/Getty Images WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. State Department on Friday labeled China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as "morally reprehensible" governments it said violated human rights within their borders on a daily basis, making them "forces of instability as a result." In releasing the department's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2017, acting Secretary of State John Sullivan said the latest U.S. National Security Strategy recognized that corrupt and weak governance threatened global stability and U.S. interests.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Why Apple makes it so hard to get a new iPhone batterySee Also:Lockheed is going to offer Japan a stealthy hybrid of the F-22 and F-35 fighter jetsHow Syria's Assad allegedly used the horror of gas attacks to win on the battlefield despite the missile strikeTaiwan calls Chinese military drills near its border 'military intimidation' as tensions heat upSEE ALSO: 11 photos of the legendary B-52 Stratofortress bomber, which just returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan
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Explainer: If Trump revives Iran sanctions, they'll take time to come back
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Reports of the Iran nuclear deal's imminent demise might just be premature.
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Mueller's authority in the Russia investigation has been called into question by a federal judge
Alex Wong/Getty Images A federal judge raised concerns on Thursday about the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller's authority in the Russia investigation. The judge's questions over Mueller's power in the Russia probe came up in a hearing in the criminal case involving President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman ,Paul Manafort. A federal judge raised concerns on Thursday about the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller's authority in the Russia investigation, according to Politico. US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson raised questions about whether Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's decision to appoint a special counsel to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election gives Mueller more authority than what the Department of Justice (DOJ) typically allows. The concerns came up during a hearing in the criminal case involving President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump tried to cut a secret deal with Planned Parenthood — here's what happenedSee Also:New York's attorney general is making a bold proposal to circumvent Trump's pardon powerMitch McConnell shut down any chance of passing a bill to keep Trump from firing MuellerRobert Mueller warns that 'many stories about our investigation have been inaccurate'SEE ALSO: 'They're still here': Trump slaps away question on whether he plans to fire Mueller or Rod Rosenstein DON'T MISS: Pittsburgh police are preparing for riots if Trump fires Mueller
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