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How Doug Jones’ Election Is Going To Shake Up Congress
He joins the ranks of a rare species: the Democrat from a deeply red state
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Antonio Conte Slams 'Negative Bulls--t' Chelsea Talk Amid Title Race Struggles
Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has hit out at the criticism surrounding Chelsea for their failure to compete with Manchester City in the title race.  Per MailOnline's Jack Gaughan, he said: "It is very difficult to think that you can fight for the title when you have a team like Manchester City. "The people, they think negative, negative. Bulls--t, bulls--t. You must be realistic. I prefer to tell the truth rather than a good lie. "When do you get a team winning 15 out of 16 games? It's not simple to think in a positive way." The Blues' defeat to West Ham United at the weekend left them trailing City by a significant margin, and they'll be disappointed not to have given their title a stronger defence having failed to meet the standard they set last season. However, as bet365 demonstrated, they're far from the only ones who are lagging well behind the Sky Blues: Chelsea's 3-1 win over Huddersfield Town has put them level with Manchester United 11 points behind City, though United and City are due to play Bournemouth and Swansea City, respectively, on Wednesday. The Citizens' win over United on Sunday was a record 14th consecutive victory in the Premier League, and they're on course to rack up the most points and score the most goals in a Premier League season, having amassed 46 and 48, respectively. The Blues hold those records having achieved 95 points in 2004-05 and scored 103 goals in 2009-10. Match of the Day host Gary Lineker is among many who believe City already have a hand on the Premier League trophy: Given no side has been able to come close to matching Pep Guardiola's team this season, it is perhaps unfair to single out Chelsea for criticism. In regards to the Blues, they're at least doing better than most of their rivals, per BT Sport's Jake Humphrey: There's clear room for Chelsea to improve, and if they can do so they can make that deficit more respectable come the end of the season, ahead of what they hope will be a more serious challenge next year. What City have done thus far is unprecedented, though, and that no side has been able to match them is more a testament to just how good they have been than the failings of their rivals.
Uber doubles down on Indonesia after hiring its first country president
 As part of its new approach to Asia, Uber has announced its first president for its business in Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy and the world’s fourth most populous country. Monika Rudijono will take up the role in January, joining from advertising and marketing firm Grey where she had been presidential director. She’ll report directly to Brooks Entwistle,… Read More
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'SCREW YOU & HORSE YOU RODE IN ON': New York Daily News humiliates Roy Moore after Alabama election loss
The New York Daily News previewed it's Wednesday front page cover on Tuesday night with commentary on the embattled Republican US Senate candidate Roy Moore's loss who lost the state's special election on Tuesday: Tweet Embed: bucks the perv! An early look at Wednesday's front... The cover featured a picture of Moore on horseback, taken earlier when he made a picturesque journey to cast his ballot, with "SCREW YOU & HORSE YOU RODE IN ON" emblazoned across the cover in large print. The bold headline was followed by the sub-headline: "Teen-loving Moore loses in Alabama race in big blow to Trump," a reference to the multiple allegations from the women who alleged Moore initiated sexual advances toward them when they were in their teens — one female as young as 14-years-old at the time — while Moore was in his 30s and working for the district attorney's office. Moore reportedly also rode his horse to cast his vote in Alabama's Republican primary in September. Although the last votes were still being tallied late Tuesday, Moore lost the special election in the deeply conservative state, and the soon-to-be Democratic seat is considered to be a huge blow for right-wing operatives and President Donald Trump.NOW WATCH: White House photographer Pete Souza on how Obama balanced being president with his family life
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Tillerson Rules Out a Containment Strategy for North Korea
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson ruled out pursuing a traditional Cold War-style containment and deterrence strategy against a nuclear-armed North Korea, citing concerns that Pyongyang will transform its arsenal into a commercial business and sell nuclear weapons to other actors.
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Why the Giants are in no hurry to name a new GM
There is no favorite. There are only assumptions. The Giants have not talked to anyone about their vacancy at general manager, other than Ernie Accorsi, the man who held that title for nine years and has been commissioned to help find the replacement for Jerry Reese, fired in the Dec. 4 Monday Massacre that also...
New York Post
Republicans now have only a one-seat majority in the Senate after Doug Jones' surprise victory in Alabama — here's what that means ahead of 2018
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones was declared the winner in the Alabama Senate election on Tuesday night, cutting the Republican Party's majority there to just one seat. That election upset could cause problems for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party's legislative agenda going into 2018. Democrats are likely to capitalize on their electoral momentum to energize voters for the 2018 midterms. Doug Jones' surprise victory in the Alabama special election on Tuesday night shrunk the Republican Party's Senate majority to just one seat, setting the stage for a potentially eventful 2018. Jones, the first Democrat elected to the Senate in Alabama in more than two decades, could act as a roadblock to President Donald Trump and the Republican Party's legislative agenda, which, nearly one year into Trump's first term, has had precious little to celebrate aside from a Republican tax bill the passed in the Senate earlier this month. That bill is now being debated in the House, where speaker Paul Ryan and other top party leaders are eager to put together a final bill for Trump to sign. But that tax bill, much like other key planks of Trump's legislative agenda, are deeply unpopular, making the necessity of a congressional majority crystal clear for Trump. He has publicly acknowledged his need for GOP votes in his last-ditch efforts to stump for Alabama Republican Roy Moore, in what turned out to be an unsuccessful Senate campaign. Earlier this year, Republicans failed in dramatic fashion in their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act — despite persistent prodding from Trump. One of those moments came in July when Sen. John McCain of Arizona went against his own party to cast the vote that killed a so-called "skinny" repeal. Trump's proposed wall along the US-Mexico border has also seen little progress aside from contracts being awarded for border-wall prototypes. The president has frequently needled lawmakers who have been hesitant to appropriate funds for the wall, and has urged them to push forward his aggressive immigration agenda, often in the aftermath of terror attacks in the US and abroad. With Republicans now holding just a one-seat majority in the Senate, and with GOP Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona; Susan Collins of Maine; and Bob Corker of Tennessee positioned as wild cards there, Trump's legislative goals could face steeper challenges heading into 2018. Beyond that, Tuesday night's election in Alabama — and Democrats' wave of electoral victories just last month in Virginia and New Jersey — have also set the stage for a potentially fierce midterm election next year. But further Democratic momentum is not guaranteed. The party has 25 seats to defend in the Senate, compared to eight seats on the Republican side. In the House, where Republicans have held the majority since 2010, Democrats need to take back 24 seats to climb back over the top.NOW WATCH: What it’s like to live in Putin’s Russia, according to an investigative reporter who lived there for 4 years
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The Jets got a reminder of how fortunate they’ve been
Josh McCown’s broken left hand ends a remarkable run of good health for the Jets in 2017. One of the overlooked keys to the Jets winning five games this season has been how healthy they have been. Their biggest injury was losing wide receiver Quincy Enunwa in the preseason. That was a huge loss for...
New York Post
UK unemployment report puts pay growth in focus - business live
Rolling coverage of the latest UK labour market statistics, and other events across the markets 7.59am GMT Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and business. Related: Inflation rises to 3.1%, adding to UK cost of living squeeze The important element here will be hourly wages, which could give an indication as the extent to which UK household purses are being squeezed. Average hourly wages are expected to be 2.5% in the three months to October, which is a respectable 0.3% increase from the three months to September.This would represent a rare closing in the gap since Brexit, between the cost of living and wage growth.Yellen’s press conference should prove to be a non-event given her recent testimony in Congress and that she will soon be stepping down once Powell is confirmed. The bigger question therefore is whether the Fed will significantly alter its economic and rates projections.Our US colleagues’ view is that they would prefer to wait until March to make significant upgrades when they are likely to be in a better position to model the impact of the looming tax plan. Continue reading...
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Google's top searches for 2017
The year was dominated by searches related to sexual harassment, politics, hurricanes and a baby giraffe.
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California lawmakers have fought sexual misconduct on military bases, farms and college campuses. Will they police their own house?
Over the past decade, California lawmakers have worked to help curb sexual violence in the workplace and other spheres of public life. They have pushed college campuses to keep better track of incident reports, created whistleblower protections for military officers who file claims and established...
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YouTube star Casey Neistat flew in a new Emirates first class suite — and he called it the 'all time greatest airplane seat'
YouTube YouTube star Casey Neistat checked out Emirates' new first class suites on a flight from Brussels to Dubai. He said the experience was "everything he ever wanted." Last month, Emirates revealed its highly-anticipated new private first class suites, complete with doors, a service window for refreshments, and "zero-gravity" beds The 40-square-foot private suites, which were inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, reportedly start at £7,000 ($9,300) one-way — and Casey Neistat tested one out and shared the experience with his 8.3 million YouTube subscribers. Neistat — who is known for sharing his stunts and luxury travel experiences — recently flew from Brussels to Dubai on an Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft. He was sat in one of the airline's exclusive private suites, which he calls the "all-time greatest airplane seat." YouTube After being shown to his seat, he shows viewers the suite's amenities including a sliding door and windows, a reclining seat that turns into a lie-flat bed, two closets, two TVs, a fold-up vanity mirror, and its snack and drink selection. YouTube "This feels more like an extremely elegant hotel room than it does an airplane seat," he says, going on to say that the legroom "borders on ridiculous." YouTube "You could fit a small family down here," he added. He places a video call to room service... YouTube Sits and enjoys a multi-course meal with a white linen cloth... YouTube Then has flight attendants make his bed before dimming the lights and settling down to sleep. And he does it all while dressed in a full Christmas-themed suit. "That really was all it was cracked up to be," he says. "It was everything I ever wanted." Watch the video here: Youtube Embed: 560pxHeight: 315pxNOW WATCH: Why airlines pay to fly over other countries
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What Gary Sanchez is focused on to help his catching defense
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Gary Sanchez’s first step toward improving defensively has been to work on his body. Matt Krause, the Yankees’ strength and conditioning director, is in the Dominican Republic working out Sanchez. According to a person with knowledge of the program, Sanchez has dropped weight. While all of Sanchez’s defensive woes this...
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Here's how many calories are in this year's trendiest foods
Hollis Johnson Google just released its list of the most-searched terms this year. Items from fast-food chains like McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Starbucks were often paired with the search term "calories." The 10 most popular food items paired with the search term "calories" range from 185 to 860 calories.   Google just revealed its list of the most-searched terms this year in a number of categories. As always, people were curious about the number of calories in some of the craziest and most-hyped offerings from fast-food chains like McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Starbucks. From the enormous Triple Double Crunchwrap to the controversial Unicorn Frappuccino, these are the 10 most popular food items that were paired with the search term "calories" on Google. Items are ranked by how often they were searched. 10. McDonalds ice cream cone — 200 calories Facebook / McDonald's While customers complained that McDonald's ice cream machines were frequently broken this year, that didn't stop the dessert from being a frequent Google search. 9. Zima —185 calories Zima MillerCoors tried to capitalize on '90s nostalgia by reintroducing Zima, a malt-based, citrus-flavored alcoholic drink, for a limited time this year.     8. Poke bowl — 260 calories Shutterstock / Magdanatka While the poke bowl has a number of variations, it often features raw fish cut into cubes and served over rice and vegetables with soy or other sauces. The Food Network came up with a simple recipe that has just 260 calories. See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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Here’s what people were Googling in 2017
 There are few metrics in the world that offer as much insight into our society as Google’s annual “Year in Search.” More than any of the other year-end download and streaming roundups, Google’s offers a clear snapshot of the things that captured our imaginations and baffled us during what felt like a particularly turbulent year. Read More
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Google’s top tech searches in 2017: iPhone 8, iPhone X, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Xbox One X
Just like every other tech company interested in playing the holiday PR game, Google puts together end-of-year lists for its various properties. Google may have a ridiculous number of these properties, but the one best associated with the company is still Search. Google today released the 17th installment of its year-end zeitgeist meter. There are […]
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Google’s year in search finds people ready to take action
It's been a heck of a year. And as 2017 draws to a close, a bunch of web giants are on hand to remind us of what we got up to on their services. Twitter had us raging, Facebook saw us praying for victims of tragedies, and now Google (the biggest of t...
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These were the most talked about cars in 2017 (GOOGL, TSLA, GM, F)
Ford Google released the 10 car brands that received the most searches this year. Seven brands ranked ahead of Tesla. Some of them, like Lexus and Ford, released new cars that made a strong impression on the public. While it sometimes seems like Tesla dominates auto industry news, seven car brands received more Google searches this year, according to new data released by Google. Among them were brands, like Lexus and Acura, that didn't always make headlines, but made some of our favorite cars this year. And the most-searched brand is a car-making giant that's starting to reverse its reputation for being old-fashioned. These are the 10 most-searched car brands this year, according to Google.10. Dodge Dodge Dodge earned attention for its 2018 Challenger SRT Demon this year, which the company said has the most powerful V-8 engine of any production car and can go from 0-60 mph faster than any other production car. 9. Hyundai Hyundai Hyundai gave a glimpse of its future by accelerating the timeline for its semi-autonomous driving system and showing off a hydrogen-powered concept for its luxury Genesis brand. 8. Tesla Tesla Despite encountering significant production problems for its Model 3, Tesla made waves by revealing its electric semi-truck, the Semi, and a new Roadster. See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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Star Wars: Battlefront II debuts its first season DLC based on The Last Jedi
Electronic Arts has released its first season of downloadable content for Star Wars: Battlefront II, with new content inspired by the upcoming film Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The new DLC provides some of the story links between Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In Star Wars: Battlefront […]
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The 10 most popular workouts of 2017
ShutterstockMove over yogis. The trendiest workouts of 2017 went far beyond the mat. Instead of slow, body-flexing stretches and heart-pumping balances, the most popular exercises this year focused on fast and intense moves. Here they are, ranked from most to least Googled — along with what the science says about their effectiveness and their overall benefits on your body.10. Oblique exercises are key to a strong core and 6-pack abs. Shutterstock Washboard abs don’t come from hundreds of crunches or sit-ups. Instead, you need to work all of your core muscles — including your obliques, the muscles that run along the sides of your stomach. Instead of crunches, the folks at Harvard Medical School recommend planks, the exercise that involves holding yourself on your hands and toes in a pre-push-up position. 9. The "17.2" is a daily CrossFit workout with dumbbells as its foundation. Flickr/Ali Samieivafa Like Murph (No. 1 on this list), 17.2 has its roots in CrossFit. It’s a 12-minute routine released during the CrossFit Games, a global fitness competition started in 2007 that tests participants’ ability to move large loads quickly over long distances and it involves lunges, pikes (hanging from a bar and raising your toes to reach the bar), dumbbell squat lifts, and bar muscle-ups (hanging on a bar and swinging to lift your body until your waist touches the bar). All of these moves are challenging and can cause injury — so don’t do them without a trained professional or before speaking with your doctor. 8. Targeted inner thigh workouts will help tone your whole body. Shutterstock Daily activities like walking and sitting won’t work the muscles that run along the insides of your legs, but nearly all of the workouts on this list should.  You can also try “bridge,” a move that involves laying on your back with your feet on the floor and a rolled up towel or block between your bent knees. Squeeze the towel or block as you raise your butt toward the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds and lower back down. Start with 3 sets of 5-10 reps. See the rest of the story at Business Insider
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Guatemalan women take on Canada's mining giants over 'horrific human rights abuses'
A group of indigenous Maya Q’eqchi’ women has launched a precedent-setting legal challenge that could cast a chill over Canada’s vast mining interestsOn the 20th floor of an office tower in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, Irma Yolanda Choc Cac’s bright pink embroidered blouse and handwoven skirt contrasted with the suits of the lawyers around her as she detailed the hardest day of her life.It was the first time Choc Cac had ever left Guatemala. But the story that she and 10 other Maya Q’eqchi’ women had come to tell is at the heart of a precedent-setting legal challenge pitting indigenous people against a transnational corporation – and cast a chill over Canada’s vast mining industry. Continue reading...
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Why do I push people away? You asked Google – here’s the answer | Jay Watts
Every day millions of internet users ask Google life’s most difficult questions, big and small. Our writers answer some of the commonest queriesThere are few things as difficult to navigate as the space between ourselves and others. Get too close, and we feel suffocated; move too far apart, and we feel abandoned.Pushing people away takes many forms. It might involve being verbally or physically aggressive, or, just as destructively, shutting them out emotionally. Pushing people away shows someone still matters to us. Indifference, after all, is a greater form of insult. Continue reading...
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European mobile payments company iZettle raises $47 million
Mobile payment company iZettle, often referred to as the “Square of Europe,” has raised €40 million ($47 million) in a round of equity funding led by VC firm and early backer Dawn Capital and The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund, with participation from other existing investors. This takes the company’s total funding over the past year to […]
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Sit back and enjoy Samsung’s feature-length movie of a washing machine spinning
Samsung has followed up its groundbreaking washing machine ad with a feature-length movie on the same subject. Starring a washer spinning around and around, the movie should be a hit with fans of slow cinema. Really slow. The post Sit back and enjoy Samsung’s feature-length movie of a washing machine spinning appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Nets coach Kenny Atkinson has a new reclamation project
Nets coach Kenny Atkinson has a reputation as a guard whisperer. First he had to convince Joe Harris he could be an elite shooter. Then, when they added Spencer Dinwiddie, the guard’s confidence was so badly battered he became timid on the floor. Next up: Nik Stauskas. Viewed as a throw-in for the Trevor Booker...
New York Post
NATO Extends Chief's Term
The alliance added two years to the term of Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, paving the way for him to become the longest serving chief since the Cold War.
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Fingerprint sensors under the display are going to be a real thing in 2018
Synaptics, the company responsible for handling the touch input on millions of laptop trackpads and smartphone screens, has announced this week that it’s entered mass production with its first optical in-display fingerprint sensors. Titled Clear ID, these are expected to work exactly like the home button fingerprint sensors you might have known on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S phones before this year’s Galaxy S8 and on Apple’s iPhones before the latest iPhone X. Only they’ll be more magical because you’ll be able to authenticate by pressing on the actual display part of the touchscreen. It was exactly a year ago today that Synaptics first announced its FS9100 optical fingerprint sensor “family.” At the time, it was merely a technological breakthrough — more a statement of intent than a forthcoming real-world product — and subsequent events have shown that there were issues with the implementation of that tech, which reportedly forced Samsung into a last-minute change with its flagship Galaxy smartphone. Samsung wanted to have a bezel-free front on its phones without losing the front-facing biometric ID function, however the integration of the optical fingerprint reader didn’t go to plan and Samsung had to put in an awkwardly-placed fingerprint sensor on the rear of its 2017 flagships. Image: Synaptics Synaptics Clear ID Today’s FS9500 Clear ID, on the other hand, is going into full production with what Synaptics describes as “a top five OEM,” meaning it’s either Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo / Vivo, or Xiaomi. Synaptics’ prior history of working with Samsung and the specific callout of “OLED infinity displays” in Synaptics’ press release (Samsung calls its bezel-less Galaxy S8 and Note 8 screens “infinity displays”) would suggest the two companies might once again be working on solving the seeming intractable issues of 2017. Then again, Samsung was reported to be moving away from Synaptics this summer, so nothing can be known for sure. Xiaomi is certainly a good candidate to be the mysterious OEM partner, given how much it loves to embrace new tech early and its history of bezel-less flagships with the Mi Mix line. Whichever company might be partnering with Synaptics now, it’s almost certain that more will follow as 2018 goes along. There’s a definite futuristic quality to being able to authenticate directly through the display, and UI designers would also find it easier to explain the function to neophyte users — so the demand and appreciation for this kind of technology is already out there. It was supposed to be one of the highlight features of 2017 flagships, but now that the kinks seem to have been ironed out, the promise is shaping up to finally come to fruition next year.
The Verge
Two charged with children's murder in Salford arson attack
Zac Bolland, 23, and 20-year-old Courtney Brierley charged after fire in Greater Manchester in which three children diedTwo people have been charged with the murders of three children who died in an arson attack on their home in Salford.Zac Bolland, 23, and Courtney Brierley, 20, are charged with three counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder and one of arson with intent to endanger life. Continue reading...
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Jahlil Okafor can relish his first chance to be an underdog
From being the top prospect in high school to being a national champion in college to being one of the top rookies in the NBA, Jahlil Okafor had been the golden boy, never really facing doubt or adversity. We’re about to find out how he handles it, joining the Nets as a reclamation project and...
New York Post
Chris Froome in Danger of Losing Vuelta Title After Asthma Drug Test Result
The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) have confirmed a sample collected from British cycling star Chris Froome contained more than the legal amount of asthma drug Salbutamol. In a statement on the UCI website, it's noted the sample was taken during the Vuelta a Espana on September 7, an event Froome won. As noted by Sean Ingle and Martha Kelner of the Guardian, he is now in danger of losing the victory as a result of this abnormal test, which indicated he had double the allowable limit. "The analysis of the B sample has confirmed the results of the rider's A sample and the proceedings are being conducted in line with the UCI Anti-Doping Rules," continued the statement. Per BBC Sport, Froome, a four-time Tour de France winner, said the UCI are "absolutely right" to demand more information about his Salbutamol measurement and that he "followed the team doctor's advice to increase my Salbutamol dosage."        This article will be updated to provide more information on this story as it becomes available. Get the best sports content from the web and social in the new B/R app. Get the app and get the game.
3 cops treated for possible fentanyl exposure
LAWRENCE, Mass. — Three Massachusetts police officers were taken to a hospital after being exposed to a substance believed to be the powerful opioid fentanyl. The Lawrence officers were searching a home Monday night for drugs when they came into contact with the substance. They began to feel ill and went to a hospital as...
New York Post
The state of social care shames us all
Care homes are unfairly relying on better-off residents to subsidise others’ care. The government urgently needs to increase funding to the sectorWhy are people on the left so exercised about how we pay for social care? After all, better-off care home residents who pay their own way are each quietly subsidising to the tune of £12,000 a year those with fewer assets who are funded by councils that negotiate lower fees. What could be more socialist?The truth is that this is an unofficial, unregulated and profoundly unfair tax levied not by the state but, with the state’s connivance, by private care businesses that declare it the only way to make a broken system work. It is also a tax – and a system – unknown to alarming numbers: as a survey published today shows, one in four middle-aged people still think that care and support is free, rising to more than one in three when you include those who aren’t sure. Continue reading...
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Corbyn by Richard Seymour review – the strange rebirth of radical politics
Seymour investigates how the Labour leader proved doubters wrong – and a collection of essays, The Corbyn Effect, asks what might his government look like?In these febrile times, writing books about current British politics – and even reviewing them – is a risky business. Richard Seymour’s highly opinionated study of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership, and the circumstances that gave rise to it, was first published in April 2016. Labour were in the low 30s in the polls, a middling-to-mediocre position, and Corbyn’s tenure seemed a bold experiment that was not that likely to succeed. Seymour gave his book, “written in sympathy with Corbyn”, an upbeat subtitle, but his predictions were largely pessimistic. A prolific polemicist in the small but prickly space to the left of the Labour left, and pointedly not a party member, Seymour argued that Corbyn’s leadership would be both too radical for the establishment to tolerate, and not radical enough to truly transform the party or the country. “In all likelihood, Corbynism is a temporary phenomenon,” he concluded. “There will be backlashes and disappointments, electoral setbacks and, in the event of government, continual, energy-sapping crises ... Corbynism will struggle to outrun the limits of Labourism.” Related: The inside story of Labour’s election shock Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Japanese boy injured after window falls off US Marine chopper
TOKYO — Japanese officials say a boy was injured in Okinawa when a metal window frame fell from a U.S. military helicopter, escalating anti-American sentiments on the southern island. Officials of Ginowan city said the window fell Wednesday from a CH-53 helicopter and landed on a school playground, leaving a boy with minor injuries from...
New York Post
‘Ultimate pro’ who groomed the Warriors is helping the Knicks
The Knicks were winless throughout the preseason and the first three games of the regular season. Even the most diehard Knicks fans were checking when pitchers and catchers reported, while also keeping an eye on the Giants and Jets. Well, football and Jarrett Jack helped bring their attention back to the Knicks. And this isn’t...
New York Post
English rivers polluted by powerful insecticides, first tests reveal
Neonicotinoids, banned on flowering crops, were found in nearly all rivers tested, increasing concerns over their impact on fish and birdsRivers in England are contaminated with powerful insecticides, new testing has revealed, increasing concerns over the impact of the toxic chemicals on fish and birds.Neonicotinoids were banned from use on flowering crops in the European Union in 2013 due to the harm they cause to bees and other vital pollinators. Following even more evidence of harm, an EU vote to extend the ban to all outdoor uses is expected soon. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Israeli military strikes Hamas in Gaza in response to rocket fire
The Israeli military says it has carried out airstrikes in Gaza in response to rocket fire toward southern Israel. The military says it struck a Hamas military compound in southern Gaza early on Wednesday. No casualties were reported. The strike followed a rocket fired late Tuesday toward Israel’s southern coastal city of Ashkelon. It was...
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Can Shohei Ohtani Stay Healthy Enough to Match MLB Phenom Hype?
Shohei Ohtani is a unique talent. He's not a superhuman talent. He can be one of the best hitters in the world. He does things no one else can. But he also does things plenty of other guys getting hurt. No one should be overly alarmed by the latest news on Ohtani, who has been diagnosed with a first-degree sprain of the ulnar collateral ligament by a doctor in Japan, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. But nobody should be too quick to dismiss it as nothing, either. Pitchers have elbow strains all the time, and Los Angeles Angels general manager Billy Eppler responded to the report with a statement saying the team's MRI of Ohtani's elbow "was consistent with players his age." However, pitchers his age (23) get hurt all the time, too, and more and more of them end up needing Tommy John surgery that costs them an entire season. And while no one is suggesting Ohtani needs such surgery now—or that he will definitely need it in the future—it's fair to wonder whether we're all expecting a little too much from the player dubbed "the Babe Ruth of Japan." The talent is real, but so is the challenge Ohtani faces now that he is coming to the major leagues after signing with the Angels last week. And the first challenge will be getting on the field and staying there. Remember, Ohtani missed much of the 2017 season in Japan with an ankle injury serious enough that he eventually needed surgery. He suffered the injury running the bases in the 2016 Japan Series, missed the World Baseball Classic in March and only ended up with 231 plate appearances and five games on the mound for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. During his five seasons in Japan, Ohtani also missed time with an ankle injury in 2013 and missed pitching assignments because of a blister in 2016. He's far from a physical wreck, but he made fewer starts as a pitcher than guys such as Masahiro Tanaka, Hideo Nomo and Daisuke Matsuzaka in their years in Japan's major leagues and had far fewer plate appearances than players like Ichiro Suzuki or Hideki Matsui. He's a two-way player, if by that you mean he can both pitch and hit at an elite level. But if you're thinking he can hold down a full-time spot in a rotation and anything close to a full-time spot in the lineup, well, he never did that in Japan, even in a shorter season with more built-in off days. None of that comes as a surprise to the 27 major league teams that tried to sign Ohtani. The elbow issue wasn't a surprise, either, given a report available to all major league teams said he had a platelet-rich plasma injection in October, as Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated first reported Monday. They knew, and they still wanted him. And they were right to want him, because of the talent and the unique circumstances that made him a bargain. The Angels paid Ohtani only a $2.3 million signing bonus, in addition to the $20 million posting fee paid to the Fighters, and he'll play for the league minimum $545,000 salary as a rookie in 2018. As Jon Heyman of Fanrag Sports tweeted after Passan's report Tuesday night: Heyman is right on both counts. Ohtani's unique ability on both sides of the ball makes him a $200 million talent, even if the elbow is a risk (and we don't know how big a risk it really is). And the Angels, who have had trouble keeping pitchers healthy, have a big job ahead trying to keep this one on the mound. One answer could be a six-man rotation, which would give Ohtani a more similar experience to what he had in Japan. It's a serious consideration, according to what Eppler told reporters (including Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register) at the winter meetings this week in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. "I can tell you medically, that I have had reputable doctors and biomechanists say that a six-man would be advantageous when rehabilitating players," Eppler said. "These are professionals who went to school for this and have dedicated their lives to studying these things." None of those professionals has yet come up with a way to keep pitchers healthy. Ohtani and the Angels face the further challenge of keeping him healthy while he is expected to perform more and at a higher level than other pitchers. Remember, the ankle injury that cost him much of last season happened while running the bases. He's doing things others don't, which is one reason so many of us can't wait to see him play. I know I can't. After all, I planned a trip to Japan last March in part because of the chance to see Ohtani. I never did see him. He was hurt. Hopefully it wasn't a sign of things to come.                   Danny Knobler covers Major League Baseball as a national columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow Danny on Twitter and talk baseball.
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