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Today's 'Wordle' #418 Hints, Clues, and Answer for Thursday, August 11
Newsweek has prepared some clues to help you solve the daily brainteaser.
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IRS faces online uproar over special agent job posting requiring use of deadly force
The requirement that agents be willing to use "deadly force, if necessary" drew heated criticism online, although the same language appears in job postings for other law enforcement agencies.
Kevin Federline posts videos of Britney Spears allegedly arguing with their sons
K-Fed was married to the "Toxic" hitmaker from 2004 until 2007.
Pennsylvania Lawmakers Subpoenaed Will 'Comply' Unless Privileged—Official
It's unclear which GOP caucus members were subpoenaed, but it's believed the FBI was seeking information on Rep. Scott Perry.
Kim Jong Un Fell 'Seriously' Sick With COVID; North Korea Blames South
NK Leader's sister Kim Yo Jong addressed a cheering crowd in Pyongyang on Wednesday, according to state media.
Gas prices drop under $4 nationwide for first time in months. Will they continue to fall?
Less than two months after reaching an all-time high, gas prices are declining and reaching levels not seen since March.
Mets’ eyebrows raised by Joey Votto’s hit by pitch
Mets manager Buck Showalter did not want to publicly allege Joey Votto tried to get hit to load the bases.
Disney raises streaming price, passes Netflix in subscribers
Disney now has a combined total of some 221 million subscribers across its streaming platforms.
Elite all-girls school in Nashville now admits anyone who identifies as female
In an email sent to parents, the school announced it would be following a new policy that allows biological males who identify as female to be admitted to the school, reported OutKick.
Crypto Is Failing Where Digital Yuan May Succeed
Cryptocurrency is still no match for the dollar but China could be the game changer on the horizon.
Gas prices fall below $4 a gallon, the lowest point since March
The U.S. average has tumbled 20 percent since its June peak, AAA data show, as fears of a global recession moved oil prices sharply lower.
Monsoon rain continues for the Southwest as cooler temperatures remain for the Northeast
Monsoon rain continues for the Southwest as cooler temperatures remain for the Northeast. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.
Gas Prices in the U.S. Fall Below $4 a Gallon
After peaking in mid-June, they have tracked a global decline in oil prices and are back where they were in March.
How Jets may fill right tackle hole after Mekhi Becton’s season-ending injury
As the dust settled following right tackle Mekhi Becton’s season-ending knee injury, the Jets turned to Max Mitchell during practice Wednesday.
A city council in Alabama voted to dissolve its police department after a racist text message
A city council in Alabama has voted to dissolve its three-member police department after the assistant chief sent a racist text message to other officers, according to the mayor, James Latimer.
SoftBank is selling its crown jewels to ride out 'severe market'
SoftBank is set to gain more than $34 billion by cutting its stake in Alibaba, the crown jewel of its investment portfolio, after posting record losses on its tech bets this year.
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Madison Cawthorn Comparing Biden's FBI to Roman Leader '100% Wrong'—Experts
Madison Cawthorn's "half-baked" analogy likening the Mar-a-Lago raid to Ancient Rome fails to convince historians, Newsweek Fact Check found out.
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Unite the Right Five-Year Anniversary: Where Key Players Are Now
The 2017 events in Charlottesville, Virginia, have been viewed as a racial reckoning for the United States that has not gone away in the years since.
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Yankees’ bullpen issues deeper than Albert Abreu’s implosion
Albert Abreu isn’t the only member of the Yankees’ bullpen having a hard time.
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See inside the command vehicle Ukraine is using to fight Russia
Ukrainian troops are loving their new Polish gifted "Krabs" artillery system - a high-tech GPS-directed artillery system that is more accurate and safer than the old Soviet era kit. CNN's Nic Robertson joins an artillery battery commander as he calls in fire on Russian positions.
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Edwin Diaz’s walkout music to be used as wedding song after viral tweet
Mets fans have loved Edwin Diaz’s “Narco” entrance with trumpets blaring as the closer comes in to lock down another save this season. But no fan may love it more than John Nolan, who will be using the music as his wedding reception song in December after more than 16,000 fans liked a tweet of...
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Joey Gallo belts key three-run homer in Dodgers’ win over Twins
Former Yankee Joey Gallo had a big moment for the Dodgers in their 8-5 win over the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.
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'It shocks the conscience.' Vanessa Bryant's lawyer says photos from Kobe's helicopter crash were shared with dozens of LA County employees
After the fatal helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others, disturbing images taken at the scene were shared among more than two dozen Los Angeles County employees, a lawyer for the NBA legend's wife Vanessa said Wednesday in her lawsuit against the county over the photos.
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Police: Cop, suspect both hurt in Indiana shootout
A police officer in the US state of Indiana and a suspect were both seriously injured in a shootout that began with a traffic stop on Wednesday evening, authorities said. (Aug. 11)      
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Tim Tebow's faith-filled fight against human trafficking: 'Called to' do this
Tim Tebow, in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, shared his passion for helping the victims of human trafficking. As he gets set to celebrate his 35th birthday, it's "a calling" for him.
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NYC, DC mayors now see our border crisis is real. They should call on Biden to step up
President Biden's border policies have led to millions of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. Now the mayors of NYC and D.C. are waking up to the crisis.
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CPAC: Riley Gaines says media pushed ‘propaganda’ to smear Trump interaction
Riley Gaines believes the media pushed "propaganda" to make it seem like she tried to awkwardly dodge a kiss from former President Trump on stage at CPAC.
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Trump targeted: A look at the investigations involving the former president; from Russia to Mar-a-Lago
Investigations are nothing new for former President Trump, whose administration, and post-presidency, have been plagued by probes into his family's business, his campaign and more.
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Texas buses taking migrants to NYC sets off firestorm from Dems, Abbott tells them to take it up with Biden
Democrats in New York are slamming Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing migrants from his state to NYC and D.C. Abbott says the leaders should talk to Biden about border security.
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Does China own Taiwan? Or is the island an independent nation? Americans weigh in
As tensions rise between the U.S. and China following Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, people in Wisconsin answer the question: Is Taiwan an independent country?
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