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Biden slams Sanders over Brady Bill vote in speech to gun-control activists
Former Vice President Joe Biden took aim Thursday at Sen. Bernie Sanders’ record on gun control, calling him out for voting against the 1993 Brady Bill.
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McDonald's is making scented candles that smell like your favorite Quarter Pounder ingredients
Ever been so hungry for McDonald's you could smell it? It could be your imagination. Or, it could be the candles.
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California apologizes for role in internment of Japanese Americans during WWII
California lawmakers on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution formally apologizing for its role in sending 120,000 Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II.
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Trump appoints intel chief with no intel experience
President Donald Trump announced that he has named Richard Grenell, a staunch loyalist, as acting spy chief.
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Former intel chief expresses concerns about Grenell appointment
Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, joins The Lead.
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Begala: Sanders skated on health, gun record in debate
The Lead's political panel discusses.
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How Kobe Bryant helped China grow into basketball-crazed nation
In China, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was god-like. His impact on the nation and the game has been unlike any other NBA athlete.
Courtney Love and Frances Bean remember Kurt Cobain on his birthday
Frances Bean is, at 27, the same age as her father was when he died.
NYT: Russia is trying to get Trump re-elected, intel officials told lawmakers
Intelligence officials warned lawmakers earlier this month that Russia was interfering in the 2020 presidential election in an attempt to get President Donald Trump reelected, five people familiar with the matter told The New York Times.
Rush Limbaugh rips Bloomberg's debate showing: 'He doesn't have the foggiest idea what he is doing'
Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said Thursday that none of the Democrats running to defeat President Trump in November can share the stage with the incumbent and "survive."
Kane Brown recalls rise from social media darling to arena headliner in new Amazon doc
In "Velocity," a doc from Amazon Music, Kane Brown takes fans on his journey from posting covers on social media to headlining a world tour.
Nevada Culinary Union members voice concern over Sanders
Ahead of the Nevada caucuses, Culinary Union members voice concern over what Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" proposal could mean for them.
Roger Stone prison term offers hope that truth and justice could catch up with Trump
Perhaps the courts will be able to check Trump as judges decide some of the privilege and immunity issues he's used to avoid complying with subpoenas.
Jeremy Irons walks back anti-abortion, gay marriage comments at Berlin Film Festival
At the Berlin International Film, Jeremy Irons confronted comments from his past, many of which resurfaced in recent weeks.
Two killed, 70 injured in horrific 200-car pileup near Montreal
A sudden blizzard blinded drivers as it swept through a highway in the city suburb of La Prairie, Quebec, leaving a nearly mile-long stretch of wrecked of sedans, buses and trucks, the Canada Broadcasting Corporation reported.
After Roger in Prison For Lying to Congress, NYC Public Defender Says Her Client is Serving 3-6 Years for 'Stealing a Jacket'
An NYC public defender tweeted out that her client got 3 to 6 years for stealing a jacket, comparing it to the 40-month sentence Stone received.
Ozzy Osbourne cancela su gira por Estados Unidos
A menos de un mes de haber confirmado que padece Parkinson, Ozzy Osbourne cancela su gira por Estados Unidos, donde iba a presentar su show "No More Tours 2".
Mainstream media cries foul over Bloomberg's 'deceptively edited' video clearly mocking debate opponents
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is under fire by members of the mainstream media for sharing what has been described as a "deceptively-edited" clip clearly mocking his 2020 rivals at the Democratic debate.
NeNe Leakes can’t stop wearing these jeans
Atlanta's queen wants her knees seen in ripped jeans.
John Krasinski fires back at critics who claim his military, government characters promote conservative politics
John Krasinski is pushing back on criticism that his selection of specific military and government characters is somehow his way of playing “red state heroes” -- as some have speculated, according to Esquire -- without dipping his toes in anything political.
Review: 'Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band' documents a dream gone up in smoke
Last man standing Robbie Robertson talks about his life and his years with the Band.
De Blasio defends wife’s use of city funds for Brooklyn programs ahead of potential run
Mayor de Blasio claimed his wife’s recent flurry of activity — starting a podcast and a post-natal care program in Brooklyn with city resources — has nothing to do with her mulling a run for political office in the borough. “If you ask what’s motivating it, did it have anything to do with the potential...
Business Jargon Like “Circle Back” Is Easy to Mock. But That Doesn’t Make It Garbage.
Put a pin in your scorn long enough to consider that, for many of us, corporate-speak makes work easier.
Bloomberg shatters record for TV-radio ad spending with over $350M
Mike Bloomberg’s wallet might come to the rescue. The media billionaire, who was pummeled by Democratic rivals in his first primary debate appearance Wednesday — has shattered the record for TV and radio ad spending for a presidential campaign – and it’s only February, a new analysis reveals. Bloomberg has spent a combined $354.3 million...
Rep. Steve Scalise, Shot By Sanders Supporter, Replies to Request for Evidence of 'Bernie Bros' Being Bad: 'I Can Think of an Example'
Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said that he'd never seen Bernie Sanders supporters "being unusually mean or rude," and requested evidence of bad behavior.
Israel: People who violate coronavirus self-quarantines could face years in prison
The Israeli government is warning residents who've recently arrived from parts of Asia that they could up to seven years in prison if they violate a mandatory home quarantine over concerns they could be carrying the coronavirus.
Review: 'The Book of Mormon' cast sings with missionary zeal at the Ahmanson, but ...
Ding-dong. "Hello!" "The Book of Mormon" is back in Los Angeles. Is the cast good? And how are those Uganda jokes landing?
Rihanna is giving out free Fenty Beauty highlighter for her birthday
Today may be the pop star's big day, but we're the ones getting gifted.
De Blasio offers to help save Coney Island store from eviction
Hizzoner said he hopes to save popular T-shirt shop Lola Star from being evicted off the Coney Island boardwalk — the same way he helped keep historic Queens pub Neir's Tavern from shuttering weeks earlier.
Authors of ‘Rage Baking’ say they’re learning from the controversy their book has generated
They’re still “proud of the book and the women that we’ve brought together” to express their rage.