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WWII vet surprised with flag from Capitol for his 100th birthday
9 m
Teacher accused of taping students to desk fired
9 m
Mother arrested after son found dead in trunk of car
9 m
Retirement community walks 1,000 miles for charity
9 m
Officer credited w/ saving woman from burning home
9 m
Teachers convince board not to extend school year
9 m
Man loses job, house during the pandemic
9 m
Fruit farmers brace for freezing temperatures
9 m
Video Shows Wild Foal Trapped in Watering Hole Rescued by Kindhearted Rancher
Last Saturday, the Camille family came to the aid of a feral foal that had somehow become mired in mud.
Queen Elizabeth II "deeply touched" by Prince Philip tributes
Wednesday marks the queen's first birthday without her husband of 73 years, the Duke of Edinburgh.
Nearly 10% of American families struggled with unemployment last year
The pandemic devastated the once strong US labor market — that much we already knew from various economic data. On Wednesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics added a bit more detail.
Louisiana Bus Driver Loses Job After Making George Floyd Comment to Black Child
When the sixth grader explained to the bus driver that his face mask had fallen because he was out of breath from running to the bus, the driver told him, "Since George Floyd, that's what you all say, but I don't see a knee on your neck."
Oscars 2021 Will Still Have a Red Carpet—But Not As We Know It
The 93rd Academy Awards will still feature a red carpet—but it is going to be "teeny-tiny" thanks to COVID-19 protocols.
Alberto Gonzales discusses enhanced interrogation
Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who served under former President George W. Bush, says that enhanced interrogation was effective and that the next president should do whatever is lawful and effective to ensure Americans are safe.
Tig Notaro is 'sexy A.F.' She doesn't know what that is
When the "Army of the Dead" trailer dropped last week, fans were quick to notice how sexy comedian Tig Notaro looked in the preview.
Mike Pence attacks Hillary Clinton over private email server
Vice presidential candidate Mike Pence slammed Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State, saying it "disqualifies" her from becoming president. This comes as Pence's running mate, Donald Trump, trails Clinton in the latest battleground state polls. USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page joins CBSN to discuss the latest on the campaign trail.
Biden associate attorney general Vanita Gupta's nomination advances after narrow vote
The Senate narrowly voted to advance the nomination of President Joe Biden's nominee to be associate attorney general, Vanita Gupta, setting up a final vote expected later Tuesday despite fierce opposition from most Republican senators.
Husband Who Pushed Wife Off Cliff During Honeymoon Is Jailed for 18 Years
The woman, identified only as N.D., survived the attempted murder after she landed in the sea and swam to a nearby beach.
Woman Finds Snake Slithering on Shelf of Baked Beans in Target Store
On Monday, a woman was surprised while shopping to find a black rat snake resting on a shelf at her local Target store in Apex, North Carolina.
Northeast braces for dangerous storm surge
Post-tropical cyclone Hermine is threatening the New Jersey coast. The storm has already caused damage from Florida to Virginia, and has claimed two lives. CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil is in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, and joins CBSN with more details on what to expect from Hermine.
Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz Lead 2024 Republican Polling if Donald Trump Doesn't Run
The Republican governor is gaining top GOP attention as Trump has yet to make a call on 2024.
Over 70 million people are under freeze warnings as snow and severe storms track into Northeast
Winter is not letting loose as millions of people shiver to below average temperatures and record cold this week. This spring, winter-like storm ushering in this cold is also bringing late-season snow and severe storms to the Northeast Wednesday.
WWE star Ronda Rousey pregnant with her first child
The UFC champion announced the news Wednesday on her YouTube channel.
Chauvin's Guilty Verdict Proves You Can Support Black Lives and Police | Opinion
This was a trial over whether Americans believe that reasonable policing means you can kneel on someone's neck for over nine minutes until they die. It was a trial over whether you can say that black lives matter while also insisting on respecting the police officers in your community.
CBS News poll shows Trump trailing Clinton in key states
A CBS News battleground tracker poll show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump in crucial states Pennsylvania and North Carolina. CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto joins CBSN to break down the latest polls.
Pope Francis declares Mother Teresa a saint
Pope Francis has declared Mother Teresa a saint. Candida Moss is a Notre Dame professor of the New Testament and early Christianity, and joins CBSN with more on Mother Teresa's canonization.
Chris Christie: Trump is "candid" on immigration
Donald Trump is trying to reach out to minority voters, visiting a predominantly black church in Detroit where he said the reception was "fantastic." This comes after unveiling his immigration plan, and a surprise visit to Mexico. CBS News political director and "Face The Nation" moderator, John Dickerson, joins CBSN with more.
What are Clinton's and Trump's hurdles in the final stretch?
Susan Page of USA Today, Jamelle Bouie of Slate Magazine, The National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru and Molly Ball of the Atlantic discuss the latest on Trump's immigration plans and Clinton's continued email server controversy. The full panel aired September 4, 2016.