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Analysis: How an investigation into Beirut's port explosion is rattling Lebanon's elite
For many in Lebanon, Thursday's scenes from central Beirut brought a sense of deja vu.
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Analysis: China's new space station gets its first female astronaut
The first woman assigned to work on China's new space station will be aboard when the Shenzhou-13 spacecraft blasts off early Saturday local time, in what's set to be a landmark moment for female astronauts and the country's rapidly expanding space program.
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Norway bow-and-arrow attack suspect won't appear in court after being handed to health services
The suspect in a deadly bow-and-arrow attack in Norway has been handed over to health services and won't appear in court on Friday, a police spokesperson told CNN.
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The routes still flying the A380 superjumbo
When Airbus announced plans to cease production of its A380 aircraft back in 2019, heartbroken aviation fans found solace in the fact that the superjumbo wasn't set to stop flying anytime soon.
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How a CNN Hero inspired people in Bali to collect nearly 500 tons of plastic for recycling
When the Covid-19 pandemic struck Indonesia's island of Bali, tourism -- the driving economic force in the region -- just about came to a halt.
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WHO honors the late Henrietta Lacks for contributions to scientific research
The World Health Organization on Wednesday honored the late Henrietta Lacks, whose cells have been used for innovative scientific research for decades, with an award in recognition of her contributions to the advancement of medical science.
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