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America’s Gun Problem
More guns in the U.S. mean more deaths.
The Big Lie and the Midterms
The Republican primaries in Georgia and Pennsylvania tested the lingering influence of false claims about election fraud.
Family Members Start to Share the Names of Victims From Texas Shooting
Grieving family members have begun to share the names of the victims from Tuesday’s shooting. Police officers have yet to release a list.
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Turkey Shows What NATO Really Is
This should be a moment of clarity.
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Republicans Have Turned America Into a Killing Field
Republicans keep the country ricocheting from one gun violence tragedy to another.
‘Why the Kids?’ In Close-Knit Uvalde, It’s Everyone’s Loss.
In Uvalde, Texas, where 19 children and two teachers were killed, everyone, it seemed, had a connection to those lost.
Trump Didn’t Get What He Wanted This Week
When everything seems awful, one little ray of sun …
These Gun Reforms Could Save 15,000 Lives. We Can Achieve Them.
What we’re doing on guns isn’t working. We need new approaches.
Parents Face a Haunting Question: Is Any Schoolchild Safe?
A day after the massacre in Uvalde, Tex., parents and caregivers agonized over the safety of America’s children.
A Doomed River Crossing Shows the Perils of Entrapment in the War’s East
Encirclement is a tactic used by both sides in the war between Russia and Ukraine, but it can carry big risks.
A doomed river crossing shows the perils of entrapment in the war’s east.
Trump Said to Have Reacted Approvingly to Jan. 6 Chants About Hanging Pence
The House committee investigating the Capitol assault has heard accounts of the former president’s remarks as he watched the riot unfold on television.
Trump Lawyers Are Focus of Inquiry Into Alternate Electors Scheme
In recent subpoenas, federal prosecutors investigating alternate slates of pro-Trump electors sought information about Rudolph W. Giuliani, John Eastman and others.
The Texas School Massacre: Heartache and Outrage
Readers express frustration at government inaction in the wake of the latest school shooting.
A doomed river crossing shows the perils of entrapment in the war’s east
Dozens of Migrants Die After Boat Sinks Off Tunisian Coast
The vessel carried about 100 people and had left from a Libyan port city.
Putin Visits the Wounded at a Military Hospital in Moscow
The Russian leader also announces new social welfare measures and military benefits in an apparent effort to show Russians he is aware times are tough.
Tom Kean’s Strategy in Run for Congress: Say Less
Ahead of next month’s primary, Tom Kean Jr., running in New Jersey’s most competitive House race, hopes to avoid alienating moderate swing voters while facing challengers from the right.
‘Quantum Internet’ Inches Closer With Advance in Data Teleportation
Scientists have improved their ability to send quantum information across distant computers — and have taken another step toward the network of the future.
In a Former Mafia Stronghold, Art Remembers, and Warns
A public art campaign in Palermo, Sicily, is reminding residents of the city’s grim Mafia years, and is encouraging them to resist creeping organized crime influence.
Anguished Father Says 10-Year-Old Was ‘Always Smiling’
The first names of the victims from Tuesday’s shooting started being released by grieving family members. Police have yet to release a list.
Uvalde, Buffalo and the Semiautomatic Weapons That Terrorize Us
Permissive guns laws abet domestic and foreign terrorism.
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U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Receives Report of Lockdown Parties
The conclusions are expected to be highly critical of the culture at Downing Street, and increase pressure on the government. Follow updates.
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19 Murdered Children
Gun violence has killed more children and destroyed another community.
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Another Elementary School Massacre
What can the experience of some of the Sandy Hook parents tell us about what now awaits those who lost children in Uvalde, Texas?
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Why Trillium Have Become the Poster Child for Endangered Native Plants
According to a recent report, many of these ‘charismatic’ wildflowers are threatened with extinction. Here’s what you can do to help.
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He’s Playing Elvis Presley. But Who Is Austin Butler?
Hollywood thinks he might be the next big star. But with the risky “Elvis” riding on his performance, the magnetic actor is feeling the pressure.
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The All-Female Band Fanny Made History. A New Doc Illuminates It.
The group put out five albums in the ’70s and counted David Bowie and Bonnie Raitt as fans. The filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart, dismayed its story hadn’t been told, took action.
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Donald Trump and the Romance of Regime Change
What made John Eastman so eager to foment a constitutional crisis?
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Jocelyn Benson: Protests at Judges’ Homes Must Be Legal, but They Aren’t Effective
Despite the terrifying experience of armed protesters picketing Jocelyn Benson’s house, she supports the right to protest outside public officials’ homes.
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