Change country:
The Supreme Court’s crisis of legitimacy
Even before the Supreme Court took the unpopular step of overturning the right to abortion, its approval rating had fallen to a historic low.
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A plea to the media: Stop regurgitating anonymous GOP attacks
The media's job is not stenography.
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Abortion rights should be law, not a corporate perk
As big companies line up to support reproductive rights, there’s less here than meets the eye.
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The Supreme Court embraces originalism — and all its flaws
A blind adherence to history is no way to rule on the very different circumstances of the present.
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Putin is forcing Germans to get real about the military
Pacifism may be a luxury Germany can no longer afford.
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Putin wants to terrorize Ukraine into submission. It’s not working.
Russia’s barbaric attack on a shopping mall reminds us of the stakes.
Trump’s silly new ‘defense’ against Hutchinson is full of holes
Do Trump's propagandists actually want a full accounting from the Secret Service?
Preparing for an ‘extreme’ abortion debate in Virginia
Virginia Republicans seem intent on restricting access to abortion, perhaps with a few exceptions, after 15 to 20 weeks and painting Democrats as extremists.
The fall of Roe is the culmination of the Democratic establishment’s failures
With a radical GOP on the brink of consolidating power, it's time for new party leadership.
Abortion and women’s lives are on the ballot in Kansas
The state's Aug. 2 referendum on abortion will reveal just how bad things will be for women.
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Uh-oh. Has Ron Johnson gotten into the ivermectin?
The Republican from Wisconsin has been exhibiting acute confusion over his role in promoting fake electors on Jan. 6, 2021.
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How a hit children’s TV show is finally giving Australians revenge
"Bluey" presents a kindly but hopefully accurate view of Australian suburban life.
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The pro-life movement’s work is just beginning
The end of Roe means that the culture-of-life movement must now walk the walk on caring for women and children.
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Smart policy on homelessness requires empathy, not contempt
Purely punitive policies will never resolve the problem.
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Overturning Roe isn’t what a partisan Republican would do
Whatever the Supreme Court majority may have taken into account as they finally put paid to the abortion law, it wasn’t the GOP's short-term political gain.
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Out West, we know the right-wing extremist threat just keeps rising
The Patriot Front came to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, just a lucky tip to the police may have averted big trouble.
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Rising interest rates will shackle the government — unless Congress acts
Our spending addiction is coming back to haunt us.
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Trying to protect students from a coach’s prayers did them no favors
The Supreme Court’s decision should cause timorous adults, and the fragile young people they shape, to stop fueling today’s cancel culture and the demands for “safe spaces.”
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The Supreme Court has undermined U.S. credibility on human rights
The Court has done a disservice to the rights of people all over the globe.
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NATO is united on Ukraine. Good, but plenty could still go wrong.
Slow weapons delivery to Ukraine, political fatigue among allies and unwise provocations could shift the advantage to Russia.
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Democrats must stop promoting Republican extremists
If these candidates present existential threats to democracy, why are Democrats helping them?
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What the tragedy in San Antonio reveals about migration from Mexico
The details of the horrors in San Antonio also illustrate the failure of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
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Loud voices can sometimes be the right voices
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‘Ordinary self-defense’ doesn’t exactly apply to Black people
The court’s only African American justice (for now) ought to know that.
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The latest GOP primary results had that bad-car-accident feel
Perpetuating Donald Trump's "big lie" about the 2020 election can be a ticket to GOP electoral success, but there are strategies to get around it.
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Cartoon by Jack Ohman
An editorial cartoon from Jack Ohman of the Sacramento Bee
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How one doctor wrecked the pandemic response
How did the "herd immunity" approach get embraced by President Donald Trump? The House select subcommittee on the pandemic points to Dr. Scott Atlas.
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Trump wanted loyalty above all. He got just the opposite.
No president was ever so obsessed with loyalty — precisely because he didn't deserve it and couldn't earn it.
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