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D.C., Md. & Va.
D.C., Md. & Va.
Three shot at Metro station in Prince George’s, transit agency says
Victims, apparently juveniles, hit at Branch Avenue station, according to Metro.
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All the news that fits … in the wall: More stories of messages hidden in houses.
A newspaper, a diorama, a joke — homeowners have shared them all.
2 h
Maryland legislative audit finds drivers overbilled
Widespread errors found in electronic toll collection.
3 h
How students are adjusting to being back at school after 18 months of remote learning
Earlier wake up times. Less snacks during the day. But kids say they are excited to be back.
5 h
Laid-off hotel employees fight for “right to return” to work
Maryland does not have a law that ensures workers who lost their jobs during the pandemic get recalled.
5 h
Democrats lean into vaccine mandates, coronavirus response in Virginia governor’s race
Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe plans to focus on his approval, and Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin’s disapproval, of vaccine and other pandemic-related mandates in the final weeks of the race for Virginia governor.
D.C.-area forecast: A splendidly sunny Sunday and Monday with a gradual warming trend
Rain chances and slight humidity should hold off until Tuesday.
Author of teacher bestsellers warns against flawed social justice concepts
With 1.3 million copies in print, Doug Lemov defends intense classroom rules
More on the Flying Fortress that had trouble landing at a 1948 air show
The B-17 was just one of the military’s glitchy remote-controlled drones.
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Germantown sewer pipe collapses for second time in less than a year
A sewer in Germantown collapsed for the second time in under a year, probably because of an unusual buildup of corrosive gases in the pipe, according to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.
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Federal workers were the backbone of Metro. Their absence is taking a toll on the system.
As ridership hovers near historic lows, Metro’s leaders are hopeful federal workers soon will return en masse, but acknowledge they need other options if they don’t.
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Fairfax doctor admits involvement in $1.8 million fraud involving scar cream
The longtime obstetrician-gynecologist took kickbacks for unnecessary drugs, according to court documents.
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During a pandemic that calls for distancing, students are still clustering for school safety drills. Should they?
Children too young for the vaccine are being given conflicting messages: Don’t get too close to your friends, but also huddle when told, so you know what to do if a gunman starts shooting.
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Alan Braid is known for defying the Texas abortion law. He’s spent years challenging antiabortion laws.
He is part of a group of male doctors in their 70s and 80s who perform a large portion of abortions in the state, refusing to retire because they remember a time before Roe.
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Covid cases plateau in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, showing effectiveness of vaccines, experts say
2 d
Thousands of Afghans arrived near a small Virginia town ― exposing two different Americas
Rumors -- and a deluge of donations -- pile up in Blackstone, Va., home of Fort Pickett.
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D.C.-area forecast: Pleasant weather is the rule through early week
Temperatures are up a bit today, but down again tomorrow. Feels like fall.
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Fatal shooting reported in Capitol Heights, Prince George’s police say
Victim was found indoors, according to police.
2 d
Woman slain late Friday in Prince George’s, police say
Victim found in Clinton area with gunshot wounds, according to police.
2 d
Clear skies told of autumn, while murky river spoke of recent rain
Friday, the last one in the month, told two stories.
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