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‘Together as a family’: Multigenerational living rises in pandemic
A sales spike in homes with spaces for parents, grandparent and kids.
Many in Hollywood are cheering a hiatus for the Golden Globes. Those who count the dollars are less sure.
A Washington Post analysis found that over the past 15 years, winning a Golden Globes award for best dramatic film brought in an additional $6 million in box office receipts the weekend after the Globes, compared with the previous weekend.
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Microaggressions at the office can make remote work even more appealing
Extended remote work during the pandemic has highlighted how much energy people of color, women, and people with disabilities expend dealing with microaggressions in the office. Some are reluctant to return because of it.
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Bitcoin Is Red Hot. Can It Ever Be Green?
Can you love Bitcoin and the environment at the same time? The digital currency depends on so-called miners whose high-powered computers run day and night, soaking up electricity to perform the calculations used to verify transactions. Since almost two-thirds of mining takes place in China, where coal is the biggest source of electricity, that means more emissions. Supporters argue that Bitcoin’s carbon output is a drop in the global bucket, and that a switch to pollution-free power sources is a
Leigh H. Perkins, who built Orvis into an upscale sporting brand, dies at 93
He grew the Vermont-based company far beyond fly-fishing, expanding into linen dresses, engraved drinking glasses and even dog beds.
Gas shortages intensify in Southeast, with 71 percent of Charlotte stations now dry
Fuel prices creep up and states of emergency are now in place in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia in the aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.
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A family-friendly Gaithersburg neighborhood lures back those who grew up there
WHERE WE LIVE | Whetstone offers winding streets, diverse housing styles, lakes and convenient commutes.
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The government wants to pay your Internet bill for a few months. Here’s what you need to do.
A surprising number of Americans can get $50 each month from the new $3.2 billion Emergency Broadband Benefit. That includes tens of millions who lost work during the pandemic.
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Renter asks about contesting ‘excessive’ condo fees
REAL ESTATE MATTERS | At the end of the day, you’re subject to the rules of the condo building.
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The economic recovery is getting messy. Just ask working women.
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White House calls on Mexican government to probe possible labor violations at GM auto plant
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Trump Back on Facebook? Why So Much Rides on This Ruling
Facebook Inc.’s independent Oversight Board is set to announce on Wednesday whether former President Donald Trump can rejoin the world’s largest social network, a decision with deep consequences for Trump, the company and the U.S. political conversation. The decision comes as social media platforms are under pressure to police false or inflammatory content on their sites while being accused of favoring liberal views and punishing conservatives.
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Stocks tumble in broad sell-off, with Dow down 450 points
The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also post declines as inflation fears put investors on edge.
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