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Why I love Rhône wines, and you might, too
Rhone wines deliver fascinating history, great taste and terrific value. You won't regret trying them.
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Matcha gives these pancakes a verdant hue and a nutritional boost
Infusing pancakes made with whole-grain and almond flours with matcha brings this breakfast staple into healthier realm.
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How do you take your basement from boring to fun? Ask an expert.
Designer Nicole Hirsch joins Jura Koncius to answer your questions about transforming a basic basement into a cozy space for friends and family.
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Ask Sahaj: My fiancé is worried my hometown isn’t good enough for our wedding
Her fiance is hesitant to look at wedding venues in her hometown, because he's worried about what his friends and family will think.
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Corn, chicken and ribbons of egg make this summer soup shine
Auntie Leah's corn soup, from "Win Son Presents a Taiwanese-American Cookbook," is a comforting mash-up of corn chowder, chicken soup and egg drop soup.
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How a designer’s chairs made it onto the set of a Hollywood blockbuster
From curated trash to handwoven hammocks: An inside look at set decorating in the world of "Wakanda Forever."
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The Dare is the poster child for a new but familiar downtown Manhattan
Harrison Patrick Smith, a.k.a. the Dare, is the 27-year-old who has four official songs and endless buzz to his name, putting him at the center of an “indie-sleaze” revival.
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8 common mistakes for new gardeners to avoid
You can create a happy garden on your own — no professional landscaper required — if you do these things right.
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How I’m making a no-camp summer work for my kids - and me
I can ignore the countdown-to-registration camp emails because my kids are over it. But I can’t take three months off. This work pays our bills.
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Welcome to the D.C. queer bar where consent rules
As You Are, an LGBTQ bar with a focus on acceptance and consent, has developed a loyal clientele since opening its doors last spring.
How to pick the right air purifier for your home as wildfire smoke descends
Air quality has suffered in New York, Washington and elsewhere on the East Coast as wildfires continue to rage in Canada. An air purifier might help.
Matcha Almond Pancakes
These gorgeous green pancakes get their hue, a boost of health benefits and lovely tea flavor from matcha, a fine powder made from ground green tea leaves.
Taiwanese-Style Corn and Chicken Soup
Similar to a chicken and corn chowder, this fast and fresh soup is adapted from “Win Son Presents: A Taiwanese-American Cookbook” by Josh Ku and Trigg Brown with Cathy Erway.
Carolyn Hax: New mom of a boy can’t shake sadness at not having a girl
A new mom loves her baby boy but cannot shake her disappointment that she will never have a daughter.
Miss Manners: Pub regulars are mad I complained about the loud music
Letter-writer who requests less offensive music at their local pub faces backlash from fellow regulars.
Ask Amy: I’m uncomfortable around my parents’ friend. Should I say something?
How can this letter writer tell her parents she feels uncomfortable around one of their friends?
How do we connect with Mom’s husband after her death? Carolyn Hax readers give advice.
The letter writer’s mom passed away five years ago, and they’re struggling to maintain a relationship with her husband.
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James Beard awards cut a chef accused of violence, harassment, slurs
The prestigious James Beard awards, called the Oscars of food, are trying to weed out bad actors, but the process has sparked questions about transparency.
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Los Angeles Times cuts dozens of jobs in a dark year for news
The Los Angeles Times is laying off more than 70 staffers as major media organizations continue to struggle.
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Patches the cat live chat: Ask the 40-pound feline’s owner about his weight loss journey
Inspired Life writer Sydney Page will be joined by Kay Ford, who adopted the cat, for a live chat with readers on Wednesday at 1 p.m. Eastern time
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12 recipes where fresh herbs steal the spotlight
Fresh herbs take pasta, grilled fish, salad and more to the next level in these delicious recipes.
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Cooking Q&A: How do I make crispy roasted vegetables?
Every Wednesday at noon Eastern, Aaron Hutcherson and Becky Krystal answer your cooking questions.
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Dining Q&A: Should I have complained about my tiny sandwich?
Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema entertains your dining questions, rants and raves.
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CNN chief executive Chris Licht to leave network after weeks of criticism
Chris Licht had been criticized for a tumultuous Donald Trump town hall and for his comments in a recent Atlantic magazine story.
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8 edible flowers that will dress up your garden — and your plate
Plenty of easy-to-grow flowers that bring energy and beauty to your garden are also completely edible.
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How to declutter 8 tricky spots in the kitchen
Expert solutions for mismatched Tupperware, overflowing junk drawers, grocery-bag stashes and other organizational woes in the kitchen.
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Loungers linked to baby deaths still sold on Facebook despite recall
At least 10 babies died after being placed on a Boppy lounger. Boppy recalled the product in 2021, but U.S. safety regulators say it's still being sold on Facebook.
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Only five percent of lawyers are Black. This attorney wants to change that.
Matthew Graham, a graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law, scored in the 94th percentile on Maryland’s bar exam.
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An 8-year-old’s temper is so bad, he had to withdraw from his school
When he gets angry, he can't control it, and it's always directed at adults.
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The fugitive heiress next door
How a reclusive heiress’s past in suburban D.C. sparked a true-crime sensation in Brazil — and a national reckoning over the status of household servants
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