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USATODAY - News Top Stories
Biden in TX: 'Nothing partisan' about virus, storm
President Joe Biden wrapped up his visit to storm-battered Texas, Friday with calls for unity and bipartisanship as the nation looks to help Texas recover not just from the storm but also from the health and economic crisis caused by COVID. (Feb. 26)     
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Today in History for February 27th
Highlights of this day in history: Germany's Reichstag burns, giving the Nazis under Adolf Hitler a pretext to seize absolute power; A cease-fire ends the Persian Gulf War; Actress Elizabeth Taylor born; Children's TV host Fred Rogers dies. (Feb. 27)     
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You can get a tall version of our favorite Staub Dutch oven for a steal
This tall Staub Dutch oven is on sale for nearly $300 off right now—and will perform like a champion in the kitchen.      
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Former San Jose State U top trainer found responsible for sexual misconduct in state probe
New details emerged showing that Scott Shaw's inappropriate treatments continued after the university's 2010 investigation, which had cleared him.      
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Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine cleared for expected FDA authorization within days
If the FDA agrees with its review panel, as expected, the one-dose vaccine could begin rolling out to the American public next week.      
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Fact check: False claim declares there are ID requirements to enter Washington
Washington, D.C., Metro Police confirmed "there is no ID requirement or check taking place." A claim stating otherwise is false.      
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Cleaning supplies are buy 4, get 1 free right now at Staples
Cleaning supplies are buy four, get one free right now at Staples, so you can stock up on everything from cleaning wipes to face masks for less—more.      
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'Liberal privilege': Donald Trump Jr. criticizes Bruce Springsteen DWI charge dismissal
Donald Trump Jr., who had an alcohol related charge against him dismissed, rails against Bruce Springsteen's DWI dismissal.      
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'Safest place in the city': COVID cases in nursing homes drop 89% as residents vaccinate
Even as the virus slows nationwide, nursing home cases have dropped at a faster pace than COVID-19 infections overall, a USA TODAY analysis shows.
A side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine can mimic a sign of breast cancer. This is normal, doctors say.
Doctors recommend scheduling a mammogram before receiving a COVID-19 vaccine after some have been mistaking swollen lymph nodes for breast lumps.
Longtime NYC educator Meisha Ross Porter to be first Black woman leading nation's largest public school district
Meisha Ross Porter will become the first Black woman to lead the nation's largest public school district at the head of New York City's schools.
Overstuffed $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill endangers future growth and prosperity: Kasich
Strip the bloated COVID package to its essentials or it will drive up deficits so high they'll threaten US economic wellbeing and response capacity.
'Spider-Man' aka Tom Holland climbs into dramatic shoes for 'Cherry'
Tom Holland was hesitant about taking on a character with real life issues in 'Cherry,' but feels proud of the film's results. (Feb. 25)     
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Equality Act with LGBTQ protections passes House, faces uncertain future in Senate
The bill is one of President Joe Biden's top legislative priorities, one he wants passed in his first 100 days in office.      
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John Geddert, former Olympic gymnastics coach, kills himself after being charged with human trafficking, sex assault
Geddert, 63, was charged Thursday with 24 crimes including human trafficking, sexual assault and racketeering. He did not appear for arraignment.      
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How to perfectly fold a fitted sheet
Stop balling up your fitted sheets and shoving them in your drawers. Folding them isn't hard when you know how to do it right.      
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Donald Trump's tax records obtained by New York prosecutors, boosting investigation
Records to boost a wide-ranging investigation into Trump finances and the operations of the Trump Organization.      
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9 products that may help ease vaccine discomfort—and where to buy them
Getting vaccinated? The COVID vaccine can come with side effects—here are 9 things that can help ease headaches, fatigue, and more.      
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Yosemite National Park's orange 'Firefall' looks majestic at sunset
The stunning "Firefall" occurs in the middle of February at sunset each year.      
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Exclusive: US counterterrorism operations touched 85 countries in the last 3 years alone
The U.S. is still aggressively tackling terrorism, Costs of War data shows — perhaps in farther reaches of the globe than many Americans realize.      
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Standardized tests are back. They'll feel different and many students won't take them.
After the Biden administration's decision to require standardized tests this year, states are planning how and and when to give them.      
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Want to hug again? Go to church? 'It's up to you,' Ad Council says in $500M campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccines
The ads are aimed at the 40% of Americans who haven't yet made up their minds about getting vaccinated against COVID-19.      
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