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After revealing her family secret, Kerry Washington reflects on what was gained
In her new memoir, Kerry Washington explores how a shocking discovery about her identity changed her relationship with her parents and her own children.
Looks like we picked the wrong week to quit quoting 'Airplane!'
A new book about the 1980's film "Airplane!" from David Zucker, Jim Abrahams & Jerry Zucker, the writing and directing team responsible for one of the most transformative film comedies in history.
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Retired Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield dies at 57
His role in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry of the early 2000s turned Wakefield into a fan favorite whose impact went far beyond his numbers.
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The police chief who led a raid of a small Kansas newspaper has been suspended
Marion Mayor Dave Mayfield in a text said he suspended Chief Gideon Cody on Thursday. He declined to discuss his decision further and did not say whether Cody was still being paid.
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