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Hong Kong Journalist Wins Rare Court Appeal Despite Crackdowns on Press Freedoms
Bao Choy won an appeal quashing her conviction related to her work on the award-winning 2021 investigative documentary “7.21 Who Owns the Truth.”
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Unresponsive Plane Flying Over Washington Followed by Military Jet and Crashed in Virginia
The fighter jet caused a loud sonic boom that was heard across the capital region. Rescuers found no survivors at the site of the plane crash in a rural part of the Shenandoah Valley.
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How the Debt Ceiling Deal Will Impact SNAP Benefits
The deal is the latest to roll back SNAP, which was already impacted earlier this year.
‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ Swings to Massive $120.5 Million Opening
Sony Pictures' “Across the Spider-Verse,” the multi-verse spinning Spider-Man spinoff, sailed past expectations.
Ukrainian President Says At Least 500 Children Killed by War
“We must hold out and win this war!” the Ukrainian president said.
Texas Bans Gender-Affirming Care for Minors After Governor Signs Bill
Texas joined at least 18 other states that have enacted similar bans.
Indian Railways Official Says Error in Signaling System Led to Crash that Killed 275 People
On Sunday, a few shattered carriages, mangled and overturned, were the only remnants of the tragedy.
Ikea CEO Jesper Brodin on AI, Ditching the Catalogue, and Making ‘Disposable’ Furniture Sustainable
The business leader spoke to TIME about recycling, revenues, and what ChatGPT doesn't know about assembling a bookcase.
Connecticut Governor Poised to Sign State’s Most Sweeping Gun Measure Since Post-Sandy Hook Laws
The changes include banning open carrying and prohibit selling more than three handguns within 30 days to one person.
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Twitter Executive Responsible for Content Safety Resigns after Elon Musk Criticism
Ella Irwin, Twitter's head of trust and safety, confirmed her resignation in a pair of tweets late Friday.
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Trump-Appointed Judge Rejects Tennessee’s Anti-Drag Law as Too Vague and Broad
The law would have banned adult cabaret performances from public property or anywhere minors might be present.
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India Train Crash Death Toll Rises Above 230 With 900 Injured
Ten to 12 coaches of one train derailed, and debris from some of the mangled coaches fell onto a nearby track.
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When Summer Camp Doesn’t Work For Your Kid
The summer camp conundrum is an offshoot of the child care crisis
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