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Culture - Slate Magazine
A New Civil War Documentary Shows the Limits of Letting Everyone Talk
Not every opinion is worth hearing out
Chris Paul’s COVID Absence Threatens the Playoffs’ Most Thrilling Storyline
Basketball is better with the maddening point god playing it.
Barry Jenkins Breaks Down Every “Jarring” Song Choice in The Underground Railroad
Plus the one artist he wished he had room for.
Stars Love Recapping Their Old Shows, but Are Any of These Podcasts Good?
The new trend in podcasting is B-list TV stars rewatching their old shows—with mixed results.
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How Gay Is Pixar’s Luca?
Let’s close-read this rainbow-colored Rorschach test.
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Is Belgium the World’s Best Team or a Flawed Pretender?
A top-heavy team that looks like it's in danger of toppling over.
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Watching the World’s Greatest Athletes Botch the Most Basic Task in Sports
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Ben Simmons, and the fallibility of man.
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