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My Boyfriend’s “Gift” Is Posing a Weird Mystery
It's taking a huge shot at my ego.
2 h
The Plaintiffs Trying to Ban the Abortion Pill Admitted They Have No Case
Without redressability, no one can come before a federal court and ask for relief.
4 h
There’s Only One Way Out of My $30,000 Credit Card Debt
How dumb is this idea?
4 h
Prosecute Bad Bosses
More district attorneys are cracking down on abusive employers. It’s about time.
4 h
France Is Erupting—and Macron’s Problems Are Just Starting
The centrist president pushed through a controversial pension reform. It's not a victory.
5 h
We Need to Argue With Each Other
… even if nobody’s going to change their mind.
7 h
Help! I Cheated On My Husband. His Reaction Was Worse Than Anything I Did.
He blamed me for the way he reacted.
I’m Worried My Son Is Headed for Disaster With His Latest Crush
Parenting advice on teen romance, sleepovers, and compulsive liars.
There’s a Quiet New Crisis in Texas After the Abortion Ban. It Could Get Much Worse.
“I think it's a much bigger trend that's going to become obvious pretty quickly,” one Texas doctor said.
Introducing Hear Me Out, Slate’s New Discussion and Debate Show
Veteran journalist Celeste Headlee is reinvigorating the art of civil conversation and debate, one episode at a time.
Atlanta’s Battle Over “Cop City”
Those opposed to the construction see it as an environmentally-destructive means of placating the Atlanta Police Department after 2020’s protests.
Help! My Brother Thinks I’m Secretly His Mother.
I just want him to stop.
1 d
The Man Single-Handedly Fixing Opinion Journalism, One Urinal Column at a Time
Adrian Chiles is just grateful to be here.
1 d
Ron DeSantis Has Already Been Sucked Into the Looming Trump Indictment Vortex
Bit of an awkward situation here.
1 d
“The Zombie Case”: How Stormy Daniels’ Alleged Hush Money May Finally Lead to a Trump Indictment
The former president says he'll be arrested. Is he right?
1 d
The Biggest Source of Office Drama Has Returned With a Vengeance
Workers will be fighting over this until the end of time. But one office has found a creative solution.
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