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Here's what's in Biden-McCarthy's deal to raise the debt limit
President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced a deal to increase the government debt limit so the U.S. can avoid a default and economic turmoil.
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This city was ravaged in WWII. Why do few remember the suffering and sacrifice?
Even in the Philippines, the 1945 battle by American and Filipino forces to liberate Manila is largely forgotten. Researchers and historians are trying to change that.
Senate candidates who hope to replace Feinstein try to define themselves as they court Democratic activists
With few policy differences among them, the top Democratic candidates running for retiring Sen. Dianne Feinstein's seat are leaning on history and biography as they woo voters.
Turks choose their president in unprecedented runoff race
Voters went to the polls in Turkey for a runoff vote Sunday in a rancorous presidential race expected to result in a third term for incumbent Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
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Republicans are crowding the 2024 race. It boosts Trump, but may help the GOP in the end
Trump holds a commanding position in the polls, but he is attracting serious rivals who think he can be beaten. That's good news for Republican voters.
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Biden and McCarthy reach last-minute deal to raise U.S. debt limit
President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy strike an "agreement in principle" on Saturday to raise the federal government's borrowing limit and cut some spending.
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