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Letters to the Editor: Cassidy Hutchinson confirmed what we already knew about Trump's incapacity
According to the former White House aide, Trump became unhinged on Jan. 6, 2021. This is completely in line with the behavior he has shown for years.
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Calmes: Brett Kavanaugh's Roe vote proved it again, He has a problem with truth
Sen. Susan Collins says Kavanaugh misled her, but his mendacity should have been no surprise
Letters to the Editor: How to be an antiabortion, pro-choice Catholic
"The sin of abortion lies with the mother who chooses to end her pregnancy, not with me," says one reader.
Editorial: Drastically reducing nicotine levels will save a lot of lives
Reducing the nicotine that creates the physiological addiction to smoking would likely be far more effective at reducing addiction to cigarettes than banning candy flavors or menthol.
Letters to the Editor: City Hall fails to protect L.A.'s existing trees. Why does it want 90,000 new ones?
Mature trees are often mowed down by developers, and city agencies fail to take action. Now they want residents to pick up the slack?
Abcarian: Cassidy Hutchinson is the Jan. 6 witness we've been waiting for
Mark Meadows' former assistant testifies that the White House knew about the planned violence and did nothing to stop it
Op-Ed: Make the L.A. County courts' emergency zero-bail policy permanent
Ending the zero-bail policy for misdemeanor cases won't improve public safety, but would greatly worsen the L.A. County jails' overcrowding crisis.
Column: The GOP may rue the day Roe was overturned
Republicans benefited from polarization on abortion both financially and electorally. In the post-Roe era, party unity on that issue is gone.
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Guerrero: Unending deaths of migrants, driven by desperation and U.S. border policies
Thousands of desperate migrants have died trying to cross the militarized U.S. border, but U.S. administrations refuse to change border strategies that drive these deaths.
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Editorial: Congress must protect rights to contraception and same-sex relationships
Losing the right to abortion was once unthinkable. Congress must act to to preempt the court from snatching away more rights through unthinkable decisions.
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Letters to the Editor: The Supreme Court didn't rule against abortion. It ruled for federalism
Readers who support the court's decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson say abortion policy is back where it belongs -- the state legislatures.
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3 Good Things: A 'library of things,' a dedicated coach and Jersey-style falconry
Some good news about reducing waste, a heroic dive and bird-on-bird intimidation.
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Letters to the Editor: These are the cases where 'pro-lifers' must allow abortions
There are a lot of women in antiabortion states in extreme peril because they cannot access care. Lawmakers must make exceptions for them now.
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Op-Ed: The Supreme Court demolishes another precedent separating church and state
For more than 50 years, the court has ruled that prayer in public schools violates the 1st Amendment's prohibition against the establishment of religion.
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Letters to the Editor: Has the Supreme Court put us on the path to civil war?
Readers worry about the future of democracy in the United States after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade.
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