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Abcarian: Cassidy Hutchinson is the Jan. 6 witness we've been waiting for
Mark Meadows' former assistant testifies that the White House knew about the planned violence and did nothing to stop it
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Column: 'I'm the f-- president!' Jan. 6 hearing showed an unhinged Trump — and why he should never lead again
Cassidy Hutchinson's Jan. 6 hearing testimony underscores why Trump should never get near the White House again
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Trump's wrath at Jan. 6 committee has McCarthy in an awkward spot
Tuesday's testimony from a former White House aide may raise more questions about Rep. Kevin McCarthy's decision to pull GOP members from Jan. 6 committee.
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Photos: Trump flew into rage on Jan. 6 and lunged at Secret Service agent, aide testifies
Cassidy Hutchinson, White House aide testifies about the Presidents anger during January 6th attack on Capitol
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Seven big bombshells from Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony at Tuesday's Jan. 6 hearing
Hutchinson revealed that White House officials knew about the risk of violence on Jan. 6 in the days prior to the attack.
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'This is hurting all of us': Trump's circle urged him to stop violence on Jan. 6
Donald Trump Jr. texted Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows on Jan. 6, telling him that his father needed 'to [condemn] this s—. Asap.'
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'I don't f— care that they have weapons': Trump demanded security allow rioters anyway, aide says
Trump knew rioters were heavily armed on the morning of Jan. 6, hours before the insurrection, former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testifies.
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Trump's chief of staff knew Jan. 6 'might get real bad,' aide testifies in surprise hearing
Cassidy Hutchinson, former aide to Mark Meadows, tells Jan. 6 committee about conversations between Meadows and Trump legal advisor Rudolph Giuliani.
7 h
Former aide to Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows expected to testify before Jan. 6 panel
The committee abruptly scheduled the hearing to 'present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony.'
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Editorial: Congress must protect rights to contraception and same-sex relationships
Losing the right to abortion was once unthinkable. Congress must act to to preempt the court from snatching away more rights through unthinkable decisions.
Kamala Harris warns abortion rights are only the beginning
Vice President Kamala Harris says she worries other rights might be endangered after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, the landmark case legalizing abortion.
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Alex Wagner takes over Rachel Maddow's time slot on MSNBC
Wagner had been with the progressive leaning news channel from 2011 to 2015.
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Implored by Zelensky, Biden and G-7 allies will increase Ukraine defense aid, economic support
After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked G-7 leaders for new defense systems, President Biden said the U.S. would deliver.
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Supreme Court rules for coach whose prayers on football field raised questions about church-state separation
The court's conservative majority said the prayers were free speech, not an official promotion of religion.
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Column: Cancer patients need options to survive. Poor Californians often have none
Medi-Cal patients diagnosed with complex cancers often find themselves shut out of the best care -- even when that exclusion is a life-or-death matter.
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Liz Cheney is 'riding for the brand' in D.C. But back in Wyoming, the brand may be Trump
Rep. Liz Cheney will need a coalition of anti-Trump Republicans, independents and crossover Democrats to win her Aug. 16 primary in Wyoming.
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Column: Is California ready for more Black people to legally carry guns in public?
The Supreme Court says the 2nd Amendment covers the right to carry guns in public. But for Black people, the calculation has always been more complicated.
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With Roe overturned, will Democrats finally learn that losing parties can't construct the court?
Democrats who want to protect their rights to abortions and gun safety will need to fight at the ballot box, columnist George Skelton writes.
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Famine threatens wide swaths of world, now worsened by Ukraine war
Leading foreign ministers meet to confront global food insecurity crisis, facing conflict, climate change and COVID. Millions could die.
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