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Supreme Court decisions expose Democrats as half-baked hysterics
When President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court last fall, hysterical Democrats declared millions of Americans would lose health coverage with her vote against ObamaCare.
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Yankees’ dramatic turnaround begs one question
In just one week, the Yankees changed their vibe, quieted down the calls for the entire organization to be imploded.
‘Throuple’ Rep. Katie Hill says she is considering another run for office
Former congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned in 2019 amid a highly publicized “throuple” sex scandal, said in a new interview that she is mulling another run for office.
This summer, turn off your screens and boldly go out into the real world
In the early days of the pandemic, I wrote with gratitude about our screens, which kept us connected when things were locked down.
Eyewitness recounts horror as driver plowed into bicyclists during race
A pickup truck driver who plowed through racing bicyclists in Arizona on Saturday left a bloody trail of carnage in his wake, according to a harrowing eyewitness account.
The undying myth of GOP ‘obstructionism’
The media have spent the Joe Biden presidency thus far pressuring moderate Democrats to join the left’s efforts to destroy the filibuster.
Nets are reminder nothing is a sure thing
The Nets’ shaky health cost them a berth in the Eastern Conference finals.
NYC progressives are going to lose the Dem primary to soaring crime
The relentless chaos of the past few months shows that nobody cares about “progressive” issues, like bike lanes or a higher minimum wage, when crime is rising — all they care about is order.
Mets painfully ‘witnessed something pretty special’ with Kyle Schwarber
Turns out Kyle Schwarber’s power swing is ideal for more than just Yankee Stadium.
Big Labor’s gift to itself and other commentary
Libertarian: Unions’ Gift to Themselves Big Labor spent millions getting President Biden elected — and now it’s seeking to enact a law “directing federal power and resources to boost flagging” union rolls, laments Reason’s Eric Boehm. The so-called PRO Act “is a grab bag of Big-Labor agenda items that would extend some of California’s awful...
Calvary Baptist Church revives exciting plans for tower
The Calvary Baptist Church at 125 W. 57th St. needed a miracle after the pandemic appeared to doom plans for a mixed-use tower.
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Kick Off Your Summer the Right Way by Watching ‘High School Musical 2’
What time is it? (Please note: The only acceptable answer is "Summertime!")
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Israeli vendor booted from Philadelphia food truck event
An Israeli vendor was yanked from a Philadelphia food trunk event, prompting claims that organizers bowed to anti-Semitism -- and leading to a decision to scrap the event.
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Eric Adams rips plans to reveal initial election results before ranked-choice count
Mayoral hopeful Eric Adams is questioning the city's plan to release initial results of Tuesday's mayoral primary that night.
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Taser-wielding Washington Square Park suspect released without bail
The Taser- and knife-wielding madman who triggered a stampede in Washington Square Park over the weekend was cut loose without bail on Sunday.
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Nets’ offseason will require plenty of maneuvering
Here's what the Nets' offseason might look like after they were eliminated from the NBA playoffs.
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Eric Adams campaign worker stabbed in South Bronx
An Eric Adams campaign volunteer was stabbed four times in the South Bronx in broad daylight Sunday afternoon while canvassing on behalf of the Democratic mayoral hopeful. The attack on the 42-year-old man was caught on video, but the victim is not cooperating with investigators, police sources said, adding that he had more than 40...
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New book takes lessons on aging from our senior citizen celebs
So now comes Steven Petrow, of the Washington Post’s “Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old: A Highly Judgmental, Unapologetically Honest Accounting of All the Things Our Elders Are Doing Wrong.”
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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ On AMC, Where Annie Murphy Is A Woman Leading The Dark Life Of A Sitcom Wife
Murphy plays a sitcom wife whose husband is eerily reminiscent of every role Kevin James has played, and her life is an utter nightmare.
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Letters to the Editor — June 21, 2021
The Issue: Mayor de Blasio’s lack of response to rising crime and disorder in Washington Square Park. Mayor de Blasio abandoned the city during his failed run for president, making him “the national idiot” (“DeB ‘didn’t see a problem’!?!” June 18). The clueless progressive has abandoned the city again by failing to acknowledge the worst...
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Minorities, poor NYers say ‘Lift the charter cap’
It's not just crime and public safety: Democratic lawmakers, and much of the mayoral pack, are badly out of touch with the New Yorkers they claim to care about on education, too.
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What Ryan Pulock did for Islanders is in all-time great company
Not bad company for Ryan Pulock.
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Subway worker shortage threatens NYC’s push to bring workers back to offices
An MTA worker shortage could derail New York's push to lure workers back to Manhattan offices -- with mass subway cancelations and overcrowded cars.
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Florida Pride Parade crash that killed one was an accident, cops say
The car crash at a Florida Pride Parade that killed one marcher and injured another on Saturday night appears to have been accidental, authorities and organizers said.
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Brook Lopez slapped Nets logo at midcourt after Bucks’ Game 7 win
It wasn’t quite Kyrie Irving stomping on the Celtics’ logo one round earlier.
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Dippin’ Dots CEO Scott Fischer accused of revenge porn
The head of the Dippin’ Dots ice-cream empire dished out a cold serving of revenge porn to his ex, sending “private sexual images" of her to multiple people.
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Dog tied to cinderblock found dead in East River
Cops made the grisly discovery around noon after getting a 911 call about garbage floating in the water near the Throgs Neck Bridge, the sources said.
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Worker shortage has sparked a rent-a-staffer boom in the food industry
Desperate to deliver their goods, New York Food suppliers are hiring mercenary truckers from Alabama — and they’re putting them up in hotels in the Bronx because they can’t find local drivers.  It’s just the latest example of dire measures companies are being forced to take in response to a nationwide worker shortage that is...
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Former NY sportswriter Kat O’Brien reveals she was raped by MLB player in 2002
Kat O’Brien was 22 and interviewing the unnamed player for a story when he “moved suddenly to kiss me," she wrote in a column Sunday in the New York Times.
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Who is DCEU’s Newest ‘Supergirl’, Sasha Calle?
Get to know this ass kicking and high flying up-and-coming actress!
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