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US agents encounter more single adults are crossing border
While asylum-seeking families and children dominate public attention, single adults represent a growing number of encounters with U.S. border agents
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Pooping at the Office Again Is Going to Be Terrible
Why the gastrointestinal experts are worried for us all.
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The Reason You Still Can’t Find a New Car or PlayStation 5
One shortage is causing tons of other shortages.
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What Ellen DeGeneres Has Said About Her Talk Show Ending
A mainstay of daytime TV, the Ellen DeGeneres Show will end at the end of its 2021-22 season after 18 years.
Netanyahu's Advisor: Hamas were looking for an excuse to escalate
Mark Regev, Senior Advisor to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, speaks to Becky Anderson about the ongoing violence between Israel and the Palestinians, saying Israel was provoked and that Hamas were deliberately looking for violence.
'This Is Us' Canceled: Why the Show Is Ending
"This Is Us" is set to come to an end after six seasons, meaning fans will soon have to say goodbye to the Pearsons. Here's why NBC is bringing the show to a close.
Thailand reports surge of cases with outbreak from prison clusters
Israel Mob Violence Videos Show Arab Businesses Attacked, Brutal Street Beating
Emerging videos shows an extremist crowd in Tel Aviv pull a man they thought to be an Arab from his car and lynch him.
Biden administration struggles to limit political damage from gas shortage
Republicans have seized on the crisis to attack Biden’s energy policies and portray him as an agent of chaos amid other challenges.
Israel Readies Ground Troops Across Gaza Border As Bombing Escalates
An Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson confirmed plans for ground entry had been approved, though gave no further details on when this might happen.
How Bitcoin Uses Fossil Fuels As Elon Musk Says Tesla No Longer Accepting the Crypto
Critics of the digital currency say the energy-intensive process used to "mine" coins is bad for the environment.
Target Pulls Trading Cards From All Stores After Gun Drawn in Parking Lot
The value of some types of trading cards has increased significantly over the course of the pandemic.
NYPD cop shot three times in Brooklyn; suspect in custody
A uniformed NYPD cop was shot three times — including once in the bulletproof vest — while responding to a report of gunfire in Brooklyn on Wednesday night, sources said.
Cat and Baby Deer Play Together in Footage Straight Out of a Disney Movie
A fluffy cat and a spotted fawn have formed the most unlikely and adorable of friendships, and luckily it was caught on camera for the whole world to see.
U.S., Allies and Human Rights Groups Accuse China at U.N. of Massive Crimes Against Uyghurs
Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Barbara Woodward called the situation in Xinjiang 'one of the worst human rights crises of our time'
How service dogs safeguard, deepen relationships and save us from ourselves
Trained service dogs can be life-changing -- and even lifesaving -- for the humans they serve by safeguarding them, helping their people develop deeper human connections, and even saving them from themselves.
How service dogs safeguard, deepen relationships and save us from ourselves
Leadership coach John Bates was speaking at a TED conference in front of a huge audience when his dog Flash walked across the stage, sniffed him, and repeatedly started poking him with his nose.
From NASA to YouTube: Mark Rober's mission to take on porch pirates, squirrels and science
Former NASA engineer Mark Rober is having a blast by taking on porch pirates with glitter and smelly spray. He and his glitterbombs are a YouTube hit.
Corporal punishment is still common in American schools. Here's why it should be banned.
Incidents like the Florida case in which a school principal paddled a 6-year-old student still happen every day in classrooms across the country.
Teaching kids to hate America? Republicans want 'critical race theory' out of schools
A look at the recent spate of Republican-driven legislation seeking to stamp critical race theory out of schools
D.C.-area forecast: Pleasantly mild through the weekend with plenty of sun
We are looking at a stretch of really nice weather.
'All Our Opportunity Was Taken Away': Sanctuary Family Slowly Restarts Life
The Thompsons, originally from Jamaica, spent 843 days living in churches in Philadelphia to avoid deportation. Now they are free, but reentry comes with new challenges.
A key Biden judicial nominee is poised for confirmation. Here's why that may matter for the Supreme Court.
Senate Republicans are taking a cautious approach to President Biden's judicial nominees, even though one of them may be bound for the Supreme Court.
Second Glance: Antiques and such, May 16, 2021
Biden Will Host Senate Republicans In Bid For Infrastructure Package
President Biden continues conversations with Republicans, but major hurdles persist over what items would be in an infrastructure measure, and how it might be paid for.
These Adjustable Dumbbells Are Perfect for Any At-Home Workout
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Scouted/AmazonScouting Report: Keep your home gym free of clutter with one dumbbell that does the work of four.At the beginning of every year, I promise to make working out a priority. But when my gym closed early last year, I used it as an excuse to binge eat in front of the television instead. One season of Bridgerton and way too much ice cream later, I decided it was time to get off the couch and start looking for creative ways to keep up with my workout routine at home.Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to get ripped, but I make a point to include some form of strength training in my workouts, and I've always favored free weights over bulky weight machines, especially at home. Not only do they help build muscle, but they allow you to move about more freely and incorporate dynamic exercises like walking lunges and squat presses that challenge balance and coordination.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Solving a Scotch Mystery
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Alamy/ShutterstockIf you’ve ever taken a tour of a distillery you’ll no doubt have heard the ethereal phrase: the angel’s share.It’s also been used as a name for restaurants, bars and hotels. It’s a bakery in west London and a massage parlor in Lyon, France. It’s a fragrance (with woody whisky notes), an extravagantly flowering bearded iris and an Irish racehorse. It’s a tune by jazz pianist Jacky Terrasson and a song by French crooner Philippe Lavil. It’s been used as a name for numerous brands of wines and spirits, and for one of the most famous spirits auctions in the world. Six twenty-first century books have used it as a title, from crime thrillers to erotic literature. It’s a Ken Loach film featuring a mythical cask of single malt Scotch and a gang of Glaswegian ne’er do wells, starring Scottish whisky expert Charlie Maclean.But for all its familiarity, have you ever wondered where the phrase the “angel’s share” originated?Read more at The Daily Beast.
Deadly violence across Israel-Gaza border
Israeli airstrikes in Gaza and Palestinian rocket fire toward Israel continued on Thursday as fighting between Jews and Arabs rages in Israeli cities. (May 13)
Debt Collectors Spending Big to Block a Crackdown
GettyBy David SirotaTwo months ago, debt collectors won a victory when congressional lawmakers allowed stimulus checks to be garnished by creditors and government agencies. Now, as the credit industry hits a jackpot during the pandemic, the leading lobby group for debt collectors has more than tripled the amount of cash it funnels to lawmakers as it campaigns to block upcoming Democratic legislation to protect millions of Americans from the repo man.At issue is a package of bills designed to restrict the $13 billion debt collection industry, as new Federal Reserve and Census Bureau reports show consumer and medical debt has skyrocketed during the pandemic.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Here’s How America Could Actually Vaccinate the World
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos via GettyIt’s not too late for the United States to become the world’s vaccine superpower, producing and exporting enough doses to protect entire countries against COVID-19.Under pressure to help countries such as India that are suffering devastating surges in infections and deaths, the Biden administration has begun to cut through some of the bureaucratic red tape standing in the way. But experts say the White House should be ruthless when it comes to zeroing out rules and regulations that prevent U.S. firms—and the government itself—from shipping more doses overseas.Welcome to Rabbit Hole, where we dive deep on the biggest story. It’s for Beast Inside members only. Join up today.Read more at The Daily Beast.