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Why not everyone is happy with Italy's €1 homes bonanza
Dozens of towns in Italy have been selling abandoned dwellings for a song, sparking a new kind of gold rush as enthusiastic buyers from all over the world try to secure a bargain in beautiful, remote villages.
78th Golden Globes will be unlike any other in its history
In the 30 years Melissa Trueblood has worked in production, she's seen it all -- even if she claims she doesn't have the coolest stories. But 2021 has dealt her one of her tallest orders yet: to help the Golden Globes put on, essentially, three shows in one night.
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'Dare mighty things': The man behind the secret message in the Mars rover's parachute
For the thousands of people who work on a spacecraft that journeys to Mars, the result of their efforts often remains unseen once it leaves Earth. That all changed this week when NASA's Perseverance rover returned the first-ever video of a descent through the Martian atmosphere and safe landing on the red planet.
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How a religious festival turned into a massacre
CNN has been investigating reports of a massacre at Maryam Dengelat Church in Ethiopia's Tigray region where dozens of people were killed over three days of violence
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Former NBA star Pau Gasol is determined to help others after retiring from the game
Pau Gasol is back in professional basketball after announcing his intent to rejoin the team that launched his career, FC Barcelona.
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Wreckage from TWA Flight 800 to be destroyed years after explosion
The reconstructed wreckage of Trans World Airlines Flight 800, which exploded minutes after taking off from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport on July 17, 1996, will be decommissioned and destroyed, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.
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Attacks against people of Asian descent are on the rise in NYC. The city is pushing to combat it.
The stabbing of a 36-year-old man on Thursday is the latest in a number of attacks in New York City against people of Asian descent, a surge that has sparked a call for action from advocacy groups.
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This Texas restaurant is offering free meals to those in need. Again
A restaurant owner in Texas is offering free meals to people in need, no questions asked.
Why Japan took so long to start Covid-19 vaccinations, even with the Olympics looming
FBI identifies suspect in death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, sources say
The FBI has identified a suspect it's focusing on in the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, according to law enforcement officials.
NBA veteran Jeremy Lin says he's been called 'coronavirus' on the court
As the number of violent attacks against Asian Americans escalates, former NBA star Jeremy Lin said he has experienced racism while playing basketball.
Pokémon at 25: How 151 fictional species took over the world
When the Gameboy titles "Pocket Monsters: Red" and "Pocket Monsters: Green" were first released in Japan in 1996, few could have predicted what came next.
Hear from doctor who voted to approve Johnson and Johhnson vaccine
Vaccine advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration voted to recommend the agency grant emergency use authorization to Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine.
CNN reporter and wife speak about mourning the loss of their infant daughter
Anderson talks with Andrew Kaczynski of CNN's "KFile" and his wife to talk about the loss of their beloved daughter Francesca and their fight for funding for cancer research so that no other family will have to suffer the same fate.
Massacre in the mountains: How a festival turned into a killing spree
Breaking down false claims from the first day of CPAC
• Trump endorses primary opponent to Ohio Republican who voted for impeachment
See what happened when CPAC organizers asked crowd to wear masks
Organizers at the Conservative Political Action Conference received a strong negative reaction from the crowd when they asked them to wear masks to comply with local Covid-19 ordinances.
Woman killed after tire flew off another vehicle and struck her windshield
A woman driving home from her son's baseball game was killed instantly when a tire flew off another vehicle and hit her car's windshield in New Caney, Texas, on Thursday.
What the controversy over 'Minari' says about being American
Monica Yi stares at a rickety trailer in the middle of an empty field in rural Arkansas. "What is this place?" the stunned wife asks her husband.
Several Republicans who told House they can't attend votes due to 'public health emergency' are slated to be at CPAC
Several of former President Donald Trump's closest Republican allies in the House have skipped Friday's votes and enlisted their colleagues to vote on their behalf, signing letters saying they can't attend "due to the ongoing public health emergency."
US enacts 'Khashoggi Ban' on 76 Saudi individuals
Why the Khashoggi report's conclusion matters
Read: Declassified report on Saudi role in Khashoggi killing
The Biden administration on Friday released a long-awaited declassified intelligence report on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.
Report says operation was to 'capture or kill' Khashoggi
Van Jones: This is a make or break issue for Democrats
CNN's Van Jones underscores the importance of the minimum wage fight for Democrats as President Joe Biden's proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour through his Covid-19 relief package faces pushback.
US releases long-awaited declassified report on Khashoggi killing
Single dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine may protect against asymptomatic infection, preprint study says
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Analysis: Biden sends a message to Iran, but with a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer
In the protracted effort to see who will blink first between Tehran and the Biden administration, Thursday's strikes on Iranian-backed militia in Syria are but a tiny insect floating into both their gazes. It's not going to change much, but is a reminder they may need to close their eyes eventually.
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Lady Gaga's dad speaks out following 'appalling' attack against dog walker
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