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‘It’s Donald Trump’s party’: How the former president is building a political operation to cement his hold on the GOP
In advance of his first major post-White House address, Trump is making plans to launch a super PAC, has begun endorsing candidates and is plotting a possible 2024 comeback.
Why the candidate who promised unity is relying on an increasingly partisan legislative process to pass coronavirus relief
Despite calling for unity as a candidate, President Biden plans to pass his first major policy via budget reconciliation, a legislative process that requires no GOP votes and has become increasingly partisan.
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The former president (yes, that one) still gobbles up a lot of attention
Both intentionally and not, Trump remains a fixture online and on television.
Josh Hawley, who tried to derail Biden’s presidency, now champions ’the rule of the people’
In a speech at CPAC, the first senator to pick up Trump's stolen-election effort declares a need for the people to be heard.
The ugly story of Trump and Jamal Khashoggi is confirmed
The report confirms previous reporting on the crown prince’s readily apparent role in Khashoggi’s murder.
The evolution of CPAC’s speaker line-up is the story of the GOP
In 2015, a parade of presidential hopefuls spoke to the right-most edge of the party. No longer.
House Democrats move forward on Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief plan despite setback on minimum wage
The House of Representatives moved toward a vote Friday to approve President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, with Democrats pressing ahead over united GOP opposition on the massive relief package aimed at stabilizing the economy and boosting vaccinations and testing.
How consistent is Biden’s Syria strike with his team’s criticism of Trump?
Conservatives and even some liberals suggest a double standard by Biden and other top officials. Many comparisons are apples-to-oranges, though.
How the spending power of the minimum wage has changed since you were young
(Assuming you no longer are.)
In faraway state houses, a battle brews over making D.C. the 51st state
A growing number of states have filed resolutions supporting, or opposing, D.C. statehood.
Live updates: Biden to survey winter storm recovery in Texas; House poised to pass coronavirus relief package
The president is also scheduled to visit a mass vaccination facility in Houston during his Texas trip.
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Vaccine lotteries and personal appeals: The medically vulnerable find their priority status slipping away
Federal guidelines recommend that people with underlying conditions putting them at increased risk from the coronavirus be prioritized for vaccination. But states are charting their own paths and access to a shot comes down to where you live.
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Biden’s pick for HHS sued the Trump administration, not a group of nuns
There’s a difference between suing nuns and suing the federal government in a case that nuns decide to join.
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Reshaping the role of the Justice Department
Can Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland rebuild confidence in the DOJ's independence? How might his efforts on Biden policies like combating far-right extremism and curbing police violence make the perception of an independent DOJ harder?
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Minimum wage increase imperiled in covid relief bill by Senate official’s ruling
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The Trailer: Trump prepares to bask in the conservative movement he changed
All about CPAC, the political calculations of Cuomogate, and more primary challenges for Trump-skeptical Republicans.
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The Equality Act and the ramped-up culture war over LGBTQ rights
The next phase of the fight for LGBT rights on Capitol Hill will center on transgender Americans.
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Is the choice for Democrats Joe Manchin or the minority?
If a majority depends on a Democratic senator in West Virginia, then yes.
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Kevin McCarthy and Chip Roy defended Liz Cheney and criticized Trump. Now both have reversed course.
McCarthy and Roy were among the most critical lawmakers who didn't vote for impeachment. Both also defended Cheney. But each sent a clear signal Thursday.
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Group that sued Harvard asks Supreme Court to end use of race in college admissions
Lower courts had rejected a challenge to Harvard’s race-conscious admissions practices.
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Police made a lot more reported contributions in 2020 than normal — mostly to Republicans
The surge is largely due to donations to WinRed, the recently-created Republican fundraising system.
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Pelosi’s top money guy to head up fundraising for House Democrats’ main super PAC
Mike Smith is joining the House Majority PAC just as its president, Robby Mook, a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve, leaves for a year of active duty overseas.
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Senators don’t want to raise the minimum wage since it was enough when things were way cheaper
Let's compare costs now with costs from when our senators were young, shall we?
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The GOP might oppose one of the most popular bills in decades. How risky is that?
Republicans have found themselves on the wrong side of public opinion on some other big bills. But history shows they won't necessarily pay a price.
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