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Here’s the simple way Canada could work without the governor general
The governor generalship is a bit like the penny, in the sense of an obvious anachronism — except we actually got rid of the penny.
Cartoon by Gary Clement
An editorial cartoon by Gary Clement of the National Post
China wants to take the entire country cashless — and surveil its citizens even more closely
In a digital-yuan-consumed society, the government easily could suspend the digital wallets of dissidents and human rights activists.
Virginia failed to repeal mandatory minimums, but there’s hope for next year
This is a racial justice issue and a human rights issue.
Our democracy is ailing. Civics education has to be part of the cure.
We are paying the price for failing to teach the knowledge, skills and civic virtues needed for a healthy republic.
My father was assassinated 12 years ago. Sri Lanka’s leaders are still denying us justice.
The killing of a leading Sri Lankan journalist continues to haunt the country.
Ignore the smears and confirm Vanita Gupta
Gupta ought to sail through the Judiciary Committee with the same ease that Merrick Garland did.
Running an election flawlessly just isn’t good enough for vote-suppressing Florida Republicans
Gov. Ron DeSantis and his GOP allies, in lockstep with the national party, are moving to make voting harder.
Welcome to the new normal. Let’s see your immunity passport.
After the pandemic, life won’t be entirely the same.
Biden ran on ending forever wars. He’s already undermining that promise.
The argument that the strikes in Syria are a “defensive” measure mocks the reality of our presence there.
Andrew Cuomo, a longtime political bully, is receiving his comeuppance
Bullies have few real friends, but many enemies.
Lights are out again in Texas
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) ends the statewide mask mandate.
On Jan. 6 came the white supremacists. Now comes the whitewash.
Republicans want to turn the Capitol insurrection commission into an antifa commission.
The United States failed Khashoggi. It can protect others like him.
The Biden administration won’t punish Khashoggi’s murderers. But it can still defend other dissidents.
It’s time to talk about term limits for the Senate
The chamber is so gray it’s beginning to look like a first-class flight to Palm Beach.
Nearly 30 years after Anita Hill, what have we learned?
The accusations against Andrew Cuomo are all too familiar, but the response is new.
Vernon E. Jordan Jr. cleared a path for African Americans to follow in his elegant footsteps
He always reached back to pull folks with him, to push others forward or to guide them through being the only one in the room.
Greg Abbott is endangering the health of Texas and beyond
The governor ignores the lessons of last year’s surge.
Charles Blow wants Black Americans to move back to the South to gain real political power
"Black people just have to decide whether they want power or not," says the New York Times columnist and author of “The Devil You Know: A Black Manifesto."
SPACs are a booming business model, but it’s time to let the cat out of the bag
Selling a “pig in a poke” is the hot new business model.
Biden has to take the loss in Afghanistan — and add it to George W. Bush’s record
The time to win was before we went in.
Congress should take back its power to declare war
In renaming schools, focus on those who advanced racial justice
The future of voting rights is looking pretty bleak
A new report paints a stark picture of what that future might look like.
America must embrace civics and history instruction for the sake of our democracy
Misunderstanding of government leads to distrust and disengagement.
For Putin, it wasn’t enough to smear, harass and poison Navalny
The Russian opposition leader’s imprisonment won’t fix the jaundiced view of Putin.
Ron DeSantis’s clout is growing. Here’s what he must do to break out as a 2024 candidate.
Keep an eye on the Florida governor as the jockeying intensifies.
CNN host Chris Cuomo issues pitiful disclosure about Andrew Cuomo
Why issue a disclosure if you're not going to disclose?