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CDC: States should prioritize people with disabilities as they broaden vaccine access
Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine ‘might be desirable’ for people who move frequently, homeless shelters or prisons.
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Want golden, crispy fish without deep-frying? This air fryer recipe is for you.
Fish turns out crispy in the air fryer without all of the mess of deep-frying in oil.
Young readers are struggling in the pandemic. Here’s how horses are helping.
“Horses and books — it’s the best incentive ever,” said Latishia Hodge, a mother of four who has brought her kids to read to the horses.
Ask Amy: Mom steals stories and then broadcasts on social media
Her grown child and fiance are aggravated that Mom doesn’t respect their wishes.
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Miss Manners: Workplace vulgarity can’t be excused by implicating the French
Colleague aims to embarrass anyone who isn’t okay with his obscene jokes.
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Hints From Heloise: I got a stimulus payment. What was it for?
Many Americans received payments because Congress passed pandemic relief bills.
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Carolyn Hax: Religious differences with family weigh heavily
A reader considers estrangement because she believes the religion teaches prejudice.
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Classic adventure stories inspire new Definitely Dominguita series
As a child in Cuba, Terry Catasús Jennings read “Treasure Island” and “Don Quixote.”
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These 7 vegetarian stews are filling and flavorful
Hearty, packed with vegetables, delicious — these vegetarian stews have it all.
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How to care for your wood cutting board so it lasts a lifetime
Wood cutting boards aren't hard to maintain, but they do require a little bit of attention.
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How to communicate with your tween or teen (and why that’s so hard)
You and your child spoke the same language even when you didn’t speak. You spoke it fluently. And you spoke it as a team. But, that was then.
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Melania Trump is out of the White House, but she left her mark on its public spaces
Though we never saw the private quarters, she installed a tennis pavilion and brought true red back to the Red Room.
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Bar and bat mitzvah dates have been locked in for years. When the pandemic changed everything, families got creative.
“This is a life-cycle event for a child,” says one party planner. Enter drive-by congratulations and, of course, Zoom.
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What’s the best way to clean my dirty cellular shades?
The air pockets make this a tricky proposition, but here are some suggestions.
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Where Jill Biden drops by for a cup of coffee can make quite a statement
The first lady knows the power of unannounced trips to Black-owned or immigrant businesses.
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