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USATODAY - Tech Top Stories
USATODAY - Tech Top Stories
'Fortnite' creator Epic Games are acquiring the makers of 'Fall Guys'
Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, announced Tuesday it has acquired Tonic Games Group. Here's what it could mean for players.
The best gaming monitors of 2021
We tested and reviewed the best gaming monitors, including products from Dell, Acer, and Asus, to find the very best for your gaming rig.
Volvo to go all electric: Automaker plans to sell only electric vehicles by 2030
Volvo is becoming the latest automaker to commit to selling only electric vehicles, joining General Motors and Jaguar, which followed EV maker Tesla.
New Samsung TVs seek to spring forward your seasons of viewing
Samsung unveiled new 4K and 8K TVs Tuesday in a virtual showcase. Bigger TVs are popular home purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic, Samsung says.
New speedy, all-in-one drone from DJI makes it easy to get an immersive bird's eye view
Drone maker DJI has a new first-person view drone that lets you pilot the speedy drone while wearing goggles.
DJI's newest drone comes with goggles, gives you bird's eye view as it flies
Drone maker DJI's new first-person view drone lets you pilot the speedy drone while wearing goggles.
Twitter ups efforts to stop misinformation, labeling falsehoods related to COVID-19 vaccine
Twitter is bolstering its efforts to point out misinformation on the platform, a problem that has been rampant through the pandemic.      
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Apple reopens all of its 270 stores across the US with coronavirus protocols still in effect
Almost one year ago, Apple closed its stores at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Now all U.S. stores have reopened with COVID-19 protocols.      
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Riot Games pairs first 'Valorant' esports event with 'League of Legends tournament in Iceland in May
Iceland will host the first big 'League of Legends' esports event since the coronavirus pandemic. Riot Games will hold a 'Valorant' event there, too.      
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Buying a new TV? Beware these five myths
Despite what the salesperson tells you when shopping for a new TV, the following are a few things you likely can pass on.      
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