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The Atlantic
What Americans Can Learn From Cultures With Millennia-Old Parenting Strategies
When Michaeleen Doucleff traveled to meet families from around the world, she witnessed drama-free kids share generously with their siblings and do chores without being asked.
Dear Therapist’s Guide to Dealing With Regret
Moving forward doesn’t mean leaving the past behind—it means figuring out how to make sense of it in the present.
What Happened to Jordan Peterson?
Adored guru and reviled provocateur, he dropped out of sight. Now the irresistible ordeal of modern cultural celebrity has brought him back.
‘I’m the Doctor Who Is Here to Help You Die’
Why do so many patients have to wait until they’re suffering terribly before they can get relief?
Don’t Help Your Kids With Homework
Focus on prioritization and process, not the assignment itself.
Trump Is Threatening Republican Prospects in 2022
The former president’s appearance at CPAC highlighted a mounting problem for his party.
An American Reckoning at the Golden Globes
The show felt lost in time. The winners did not.
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