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President Biden Orders Missile Strike in Syria, Killing 1, Following Deadly Attack on Base in Iraq
The airstrike was the first military action undertaken by the Biden Administration
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Islamist Terrorism Is Not Done With Us, Warns Former al Qaeda Hostage Theo Padnos
Remember ISIS? How about al Qaeda? It was not long ago (on the calendar, at least) that either name could summon, if not profound discomfort, at least a hint of the queasiness that swept over Theo Padnos as he sat in front of a TV in southwestern Syria the morning of Aug. 20, 2014. At…
How a Belarusian Teacher and Stay-at-Home Mom Came to Lead a National Revolt
On a hot summer day last August, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was pacing up and down her empty apartment in Minsk, the capital of Belarus in Central Europe, her life—and her country—in turmoil. With her husband in jail, she had sent her two small children out of the country, to safety, and she now faced a stark…
With Free Medical Clinics and Patient Advocacy, the Black Panthers Created a Legacy in Community Health That Still Exists Amid COVID-19
The Black Panthers' community health services grew out of a deep distrust in minority communities towards the traditional health care system
My Family Is Still Being Careful About COVID-19. Why Does It Feel Like We’re the Only Ones?
Welcome to COVID Questions, TIME’s advice column. We’re trying to make living through the pandemic a little easier, with expert-backed answers to your toughest coronavirus-related dilemmas. While we can’t and don’t offer medical advice—those questions should go to your doctor—we hope this column will help you sort through this stressful and confusing time. Got a…
Pfizer-BioNTech Announces They Will Test a Third Dose of Their COVID-19 Vaccine
Pfizer-BioNTech has begun testing a third dose of its COVID-19 vaccine in a small group of people. The vaccine is currently authorized in several countries in a two-dose regimen, given 21 days apart, and has proven in studies to be about 95% effective in protecting against COVID-19 disease. But as new (and more infectious) genetic…
Olympic Champion Caster Semenya Is Taking Her Fight to Compete to the European Court of Human Rights
"All we ask is to be allowed to run free, for once and for all"
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Amid the Pandemic, Medical Oxygen Is in Critically Short Supply in Africa and Latin America
Doctors say the shortage has led to unnecessary deaths from COVID-19
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NASA Hid an Inspiring Message on the Parachute of the Mars Rover Perseverance
Here's how a computer science student and his father cracked the secret code
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Yemen Faces the Worst Famine the World Has Seen in Decades, the U.N. Warns
Millions are going without food, says the U.N.'s humanitarian chief
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Who Is El Chapo’s Wife Emma Coronel Aispuro?
The former beauty queen has gone from obscurity to celebrity to arrest
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What It’s Like to Accuse a #MeToo Hero of Abuse
Tanya Selvaratnam hesitated before coming forward with allegations of abuse against former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in a 2018 New Yorker story. Schneiderman had built his career, in part, by advocating for women. He was one of Harvey Weinstein’s fiercest opponents and sued Weinstein’s company to get restitution for survivors. And unlike many…
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Moderna Ships a New COVID-19 Vaccine for Testing Against More Infectious Variant
The vaccine manufacturer is launching three new studies to address mutations in the COVID-19 virus
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Everything to Know About Demon Slayer: The Manga, TV Series and Record-Breaking Film
Here's what to know about author-illustrator Koyoharu Gotouge and the meteoric success of the manga, television series and film
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Punky Brewster Is Just the Latest Proof That Today’s Kids Deserve Better Than ‘80s and ‘90s Reboots
Seriously, who is Peacock's new 'Punky Brewster' even for?
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Ghana Receives World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine Delivery from COVAX
The COVID-19 vaccine delivery marks the beginning of the largest vaccine procurement and supply operation in history
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FDA Confirms Johnson & Johnson Single-Dose Vaccine Protects Against COVID-19, Signals Decision on Emergency Authorization Near
An FDA analysis found Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine protects against COVID-19, setting the stage for a decision on authorization
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