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House Approves $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package
The stimulus package was approved on a near party-line vote as all but two Democrats voted in favor of the bill and Republicans unanimously opposed it.
Help! My Friends Lied About Medical Conditions to Get COVID Vaccines.
I want to cut them out of my life.
2 h
Netflix’s Biggie Doc Is a Literal “Puff” Piece
I Got a Story to Tell breaks one of the rapper’s own commandments.
4 h
Why Republicans Are Still Holding Onto the Big Lie
At CPAC, there are seven different panels devoted to stolen elections.
Democrats Can’t Hike the Minimum Wage. Their Backup Plan Stinks.
It would actually be better to do nothing.
What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in The United States vs. Billie Holiday
Did the jazz singer really have an affair with one of the federal agents pursuing her? We break it down.
Luxury Aviation Companies—and People Who Can Afford Them—Are Living in a Different World Than the Rest of Us
“When you go private, you stay private.”
How the U.S. Can Hold Saudi Arabia Responsible for Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder
The intel report released today assesses that Saudi Arabia’s crown prince was responsible for the journalist’s killing. That can’t be the end of the story.
Why Judas and the Black Messiah Could Only Have Been Made Right Now
Kenny and Keith Lucas on a magical moment for Black film, the Golden Globes, and going back to Newark.
Biden Just Can’t Seem to Quit the Mideast
Friday’s airstrike in Syria is a perfect example of how the U.S. gets stuck in regional conflicts.
Dear Care and Feeding: My Black Partner Hopes Our Kids Will Look White
Parenting advice on biracial worries, theatre kid annoyance, and teenage anxiety.
The Casual Marvel Fan’s Guide to WandaVision Episode 8
“Chaos magic,” Vision’s new look, Agatha Harkness’s age, and more, explained.
Russian Diplomats Forced to Push Train Trolley Across North Korean Border to Get Home
The group pushed themselves the final half-mile across the border.
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How Did You Sleep Last Night? Darin Mann, Salt Lake City.
The fatal aftermath of a good deed.
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U.S. Launches Airstrikes in Syria Against Iran-Linked Militias
The limited strikes are first public military operation of the Biden administration.
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The Capitol Rioters’ Camouflage
“These militias see themselves as the provisional Trump army. We should be concerned.”
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Meet the Mayors Who Spend All Day on Twitter
In charge and online.
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Should We Be Worried About Billie Eilish?
A sweeping doc about her meteoric rise gives any worried onlookers plenty of calm—and a little bit of pause.
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Senate Parliamentarian Blocks $15 Minimum Wage
The boost won't make it into Democrats' COVID relief bill.
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Right Wing Laments Loss of Mr. Potato Head’s Imaginary Genitals as Hasbro Gives Toy Line Gender-Neutral Name
The PC police have detained America's most beloved anthropomorphic root vegetable—and they have their eyes on his penis.
2 d
The Political Smearing of Ben Rhodes
And the lessons conservatives and progressives alike can take from it.
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What Those Shocking Texas Power Bills Have in Common With Uber Surges, Broadway Tickets, and Airfare
It’s called marginal-cost pricing, and it isn’t just a red-state problem.
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Biden Still Hasn’t Reversed Trump’s Most Ridiculous Assault on International Law
He may, partially, agree with it.
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Oscar Heavyweight The Father Is a Dementia Movie Unlike Any Other
And not just because it reveals a whole new side of Anthony Hopkins.
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The Southern Baptist Pastor Who Welcomed Gay Members on Getting Kicked Out of America’s Largest Protestant Denomination
About one-third of the Towne View Baptist Church in Kennesaw, Georgia, left the church in protest.
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E-Bikes for Everyone!
Why shouldn’t the government help Americans get electric bicycles?
2 d
The Creepy Test Subjects Used in Mask Studies
Sometimes they have lightbulbs for eyes.
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Serve Up Your Crispiest Fantasies With This Air Fryer, Now on Sale
The Ultrean Air Fryer is now $59, or 38 percent off the regular price.
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