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Scientists get serious about mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines
Mixing and matching doses of different COVID-19 vaccines was an idea that scientists dismissed out of hand. Now they're taking it seriously.
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Biden, first lady tour storm-ravaged Texas amid state's reckoning
The Bidens spent the afternoon meeting state and local leaders and touring storm damage
A Guatemalan asylum seeker may lose both hands to Texas frostbite. The U.S. wants to send him back
A Texas hospital said a 21-year-old's hands may need to be amputated after he was found unconscious in the historic winter storm. Border Patrol agents told him he'd be sent back to Guatemala when he was discharged.
U.S. airstrike against Iranian-backed militants in Syria was a message from Biden. What comes next?
U.S. airstrike targeting Iranian-backed militants in Syria was meant as a message from President Biden. What message Tehran took away is unclear.
President Nayib Bukele seeks control of Salvadoran congress, which could further erode democracy
President Nayib Bukele's party leads polls in El Salvador's elections Sunday. A win could place more power in his hands amid a shaky democracy.
Israel turns to carrots, and maybe some sticks, to persuade COVID-19 vaccine holdouts
Israel boasts the world's fastest COVID-19 vaccine rollout, with half the population inoculated. Reaching the other half presents challenges.
House to vote on Biden's $1.9-trillion COVID-19 relief bill
Democrats ready to push a $1.9-trillion COVID-19 relief package through the House, but a minimum wage boost is unlikely to be in the version that lands on Biden's desk.
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The battle over voting restrictions is being waged nationwide. Arizona leads the way
After ex-President Trump's baseless claims of voting fraud, Republican lawmakers across the U.S. push to change election rules. Arizona leads the way.
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As Biden immigration policy evolves, border migrant camp's future is uncertain
A Mexican border camp built by Trump immigration policies has yet to be dismantled by Biden.
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Coronavirus spreads readily in gyms when people don't wear masks
The CDC is urging stricter precautions for gym-goers after tracing coronavirus outbreaks to fitness centers where patrons exercised without wearing masks.
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Harris coaxes Black communities to get vaccines, but distrust remains high
Supplies and access to COVID-19 vaccines are increasing, but Vice President Kamala Harris is struggling to ease safety concerns among Black Americans.
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Biden to visit Texans battered by deadly winter storm, upset with state leaders
President Biden's visit to Texas comes as many are angry at state leaders and still recovering after losing power and water.
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At conservative gathering, just one litmus test: Loyalty to Trump
GOP officials disagree intensely over the party's future. But no sign of debate will be visible when conservatives gather this weekend for CPAC's festival of Trump.
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Conviction of former Syrian secret police officer brings solace — but sparks a debate
The conviction of Eyad Gharib, a former officer in Syria's intelligence service, has stirred debate over how best to go after alleged war criminals.
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