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Donald Trump Jr. Suggests 'RINO Policies' Part of What Led to Trump Presidency
The former president's son delivered his remarks at CPAC during a scheduled "Reigniting the Spirit of the American Dream" speech.
Josh Hawley Gets CPAC Standing Ovation at Mention of Election Certification Objection
While speaking at the event, Hawley said, "On January 6, I objected during the Electoral College certification, maybe you heard about it."
Biden Haunted by Obama's Foreign Policy Missteps
"The world has moved on beyond Biden's core views, the U.S. is no longer the 'indispensable nation,'" former U.S. ambassador James Jeffrey told Newsweek, "intervention by the U.S. in countries' inner politics to promote American values is problematic and typically a failure."
Here Are The Minimum Wage Proposals in Congress After $15 Hike Ruled Out of COVID Relief
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a leading minimum wage advocate, said Thursday evening he would continue to push for a $15 minimum wage by looking at ways to raise taxes on companies paying workers less than that.
Fact Check: Is Hasbro Replacing Mr. Potato Head With Gender-Neutral Toy?
The company issued updated statements and a tweet to clarify misinformation surrounding the rebranding of its classic toy.
Fact Check: Is Emma Watson Retiring From Acting?
Fans claimed the 30-year-old Harry Potter actress was retiring from acting after reports she was not taking on new commitments.
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Mega Millions Drawing For 02/26/21, Friday Jackpot is $30 Million
Friday night's 02/26/21 jackpot is worth $30 million, with a cash-value option of $21.0 million.
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Experts Warn Against TikTok Trend to Self-Inject Hyaluronic Acid
In a recent press release, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association said it "wants to alert the public about children buying and using 'hyaluron pens.'"
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Moderate Democrats Should Abandon Progressives and Support Romney on Minimum Wage | Opinion
There is much talk of political realignment these days. But both parties at large remain wedded to tired orthodoxies, bombing the same places over there, as everything from infrastructure to healthcare crumbles here.
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State Department 'Khashoggi Ban' Restricts Visas for Those Who Target Journalists, Activists
The announcement follows a U.S. intelligence report saying that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved an operation to capture or kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
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Woman Calls Out Man on Tinder Trying to Cheat on His Wife
A woman posts a video on TikTok of a man who seemed to have cheating on his mind.
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What is Chaos Magic? Wanda's Powers Explained in 'WandaVision' Episode 8
The origins of this powerful magic comes from an ancient demon.
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China Pushes Back on 'Politicization of Sports' as Pressure Mounts for U.S. Olympics Boycott
President Joe Biden is facing pressure to keep American athletes out of the 2022 Beijing games.
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Home Care Industry Trends For 2021: How Technology Platforms Can Help Agencies Succeed
Should you choose to partner with a technology platform, here's how to get the most out of your investment.
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Hasbro Says That Potato Head Will Keep 'Mr.' After Outcry Over Gender-Inclusive Line
When the company revealed plans of the more gender-neutral "Potato Head world," outraged critics said it was being overly politically correct.
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Democrats Must Go All-in on Student Loan Forgiveness | Opinion
There is a benefit of fast-tracking the elimination of copious amount of student loan debt now, leading the economically fragile into a new world of opportunity.
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Institutional Buyers Snapping Up Bitcoin During Price Dip
Major institutions appear to be buying Bitcoins on the price dip to increase their holdings, a show of faith in its future value and likely building the foundation for a future rebound.
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Joe Biden's COVID Bill Will Rebuild the Welfare State that Bill Clinton Dismantled
The "stealth dole" will send no-strings checks to everyone with a child, whether or not they ever work—recreating the horrible social dynamics that led Reagan and Gingrich to campaign against welfare in the first place.
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33 Places in the U.S. Where the Minimum Wage Is Already $15 an Hour—or More
Minimum wage workers in these cities and counties don't have to wait for Congress to act to bring home $15 an hour. These are all the places in the U.S. with minimum-wage laws that mandate the higher rate this year.
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Give Africa Unilateral Access to IMF's Special Drawing Rights | Opinion
Following the outbreak of COVID-19, experts advocated the issuance of additional special drawing rights, the International Monetary Fund's composite currency unit.
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Kelly Loeffler No Longer Co-Owner of Atlanta Dream Months After Team Staged Protests Against Her
The WNBA team staged protests against Loeffler, a former Georgia Republican senator, for opposing the Black Lives Matter movement.
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'Destiny 2' Xur Inventory and Location February 26: Monte Carlo and Fr0st-EE5
"Destiny 2" has a new Xur inventory for February 26 featuring Monte Carlo, an awesome Fr0st-EE5 roll and more. Get the vendor's inventory and latest location here.
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These 2021 Golden Globe Nominees Can Make History on Sunday
The 78th Golden Globe Awards ceremony airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.
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Tom Cotton Suggests Systemic Racism Doesn't Exist, That Liberals Want to Blame the System
Cotton defended the op-ed he wrote for the New York Times during last summer's Black Lives Matter protests, saying his words "far exceeded" the publication's standards.
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Post Malone Pokémon Virtual Concert: Start Time and How to Watch Online
The concert is the first activation in the P25 music initiative from The Pokémon Company.
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AOC Questions Manchin's Stance on $15 Wage, Says 'Majority' of West Virginia Supports It
While speaking to reporters on Friday, Ocasio-Cortez said "look at Joe Manchin -- his own constituents, West Virginians want a $15 minimum wage."
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Fans Support Prince Harry's 'Toxic' Comment About British Press, Others Question U.S. TV Interviews
Prince Harry appeared in a candid interview with James Cordon on "The Late Late Show" on Thursday night, and social media has responded.
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The Samsung QN800A Review: Bright 8K Display and Beautiful Design
The Samsung QN800A is a brilliantly bright 8K display that delivers amazing upscaling of 4K content. It's paired with a beautiful design, must-have gaming features and a great smart-TV interface.
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Video Shows Venomous Snake Trapped in Vacuum Cleaner After Couple Sucked It Up
Snake removal expert Stuart McKenzie warned: "We obviously do not recommend people doing this as it can hurt the snake and can also be dangerous for the homeowners."
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CPAC Officials Rebuffed By Shouts of 'Freedom' From Attendees After Reminding Them to Wear Masks
A number of conservative lawmakers have already spoken out about face masks by mid-Friday on day one of the conference.
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