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The Old GOP Isn’t Coming Back
CPAC’s message to Republicans: Embrace Trump or get out.
2 h
Biden Suffers His First Lost Cabinet Pick as Neera Tanden Withdraws Her Nomination
The polarizing nominee may not get to be OMB director. But she's learned a lot about Alaska.
4 h
The Absurd Nike Scandal That Has Sneakerheads Losing Their Minds
A tale of “insider trading,” but sneakers.
5 h
Why Biden Couldn’t Punish the Saudi Crown Prince
He’s already been tougher on the kingdom than any other president, but there are some lines that can’t be crossed.
6 h
Not All the Supreme Court’s Conservatives May Be Ready to Kill the Voting Rights Act
The court looks poised to weaken the law without obliterating it quite yet.
7 h
Now Streaming: A Bachelor Spectacle
Slate and Spectacle podcast team up to take a deep dive into the latest season of the long-running reality show.
8 h
Key Senate Democrats Want to Keep Sending Americans Money As Long as The Economy Remains Bad
Congress is figuring out it can't always count on itself to help Americans in an economic crisis.
9 h
Amazon’s Anti-Union Campaign Is Going to Some Strange Places
The company's pro-management paid tweeters are out in force.
9 h
No One Has Ever Had It Coming More Than Andrew Cuomo
The bill comes due for a man who's never seen the value of keeping goodwill in reserve.
9 h
To Get the Vaccine, I Had to Admit That I Am Obese
The word has done incredible damage to my body.
If Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Isn’t Held Responsible for Murder, He’ll Take It as Permission
An exiled democracy activist on why Biden is putting others at risk of sharing Jamal Khashoggi's fate.
Years Ago I Made a Huge Mistake, and It’s Ruined My Sex Life
My wife has never been the same sexually since then.
Will Biden Let MBS Get Away With It?
We know the Saudi crown prince likely helped plan the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. And Biden had promised justice. What happened?
Merck Will Reportedly Start Manufacturing Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine
An all-hands-on deck approach to vaccines is needed; perhaps this can help make it happen.
Nicolas Sarkozy Anticipated the Rise of Trump—and Perhaps His Downfall
Lessons for America from the decline of “President Bling-Bling”.
The Tensions Behind Wikipedia’s New Code of Conduct
For Wikipedia to fulfill its mission, it needs to be welcoming to all—which means tackling its harassment problem.
Georgia House Passes Very Real Voting Access Rollback Based on Republican Election Fiction
Republicans eroded their own trust. Now they’re using it to justify voter suppression.
Help! My Sister Is Secretly Dating a Celebrity and Is Terrified People Will Find Out.
His employers only recently allowed her to disclose his identity to her family.
My Otherwise Sweet MIL Has Unbelievably Bad Body Odor
Parenting advice on hygiene, therapy, and competitive neighbors.
When the New Guy Came to Afghanistan
A comedy of middle management in the endless war.
SCOTUS Will Consider Another Way to Gut the Voting Rights Act
The Supreme Court will hear a case out of Arizona that attempts to roll back one of the Voting Rights Act’s most crucial components.
How the Stories We Tell About COVID Can Help—or Hinder—Vaccination Efforts
A year into the pandemic, a powerful “folklore” has already taken hold.
Why This Time Is Different for Andrew Cuomo
The sexual harassment allegations could do what the nursing home scandal couldn't.
Taylor Swift’s Pretty Dumb “Sexism” Accusations Against a Pretty Dumb Netflix Show
“Happy Women’s History Month,” indeed.
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The Unlikely Shared Grief of WandaVision and Nomadland
Grief may be love persevering, as Vision says, but these two very different cultural products both argue that’s not necessarily for the best.
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Who Gets First Amendment Protections These Days, Anyway? 
The Supreme Court keeps expanding what counts as expression, but the First Amendment has done little to protect protesters and whistleblowers.
1 d
Senate Democrats Get Ready to Take up COVID Relief
As soon as they can agree what to put in it.
1 d
Changing Hosts Won’t Fix The Bachelor’s Race Problem
Replacing Chris Harrison with Emmanuel Acho is only the beginning.
1 d
The Supreme Court Won’t Explain Why It Keeps Blocking COVID Restrictions
The conservative justices have revolutionized the law of religious liberty without bothering to explain why.
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“He Was Really One of Us”: Henry Aaron’s Life in Black Milwaukee
The baseball superstar learned from the city’s greatest civil rights leader, and the community loved him for it.
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