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'Not even close to accurate': Dale fact checks Haley's claim about crime
CNN reporter Daniel Dale fact checks Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley's claim that the US is seeing crime at "all time highs".
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Hear Nikki Haley answer questions about abortion
Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said there needs to be a national consensus on how to handle abortion from a policy perspective when asked about her abortion stance at the CNN town hall.
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'He's being hypocritical': Haley criticizes DeSantis' handling of Disney
Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley criticized her political opponent Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his stance on Disney during a CNN town hall.
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Haley breaks with Donald Trump on Putin and Ukraine
During CNN's town hall with Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, the former US ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration, broke from former President Donald Trump's stance on Vladimir Putin and Ukraine.
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Joe Manchin isn't ruling out a 2024 third party run for president
CNN's Jim Acosta talks with Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Molly Jong-Fast and Republican strategist Alice Stewart about Sen. Joe Manchin's (D-WV) latest remarks on whether he'll run for president in 2024 as a third party candidate.
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Sonic boom heard across Washington, DC, after fighter jets scrambled
US fighter jets scrambled in response to an aircraft that ultimately crashed in southwest Virginia, according to a US official. The military aircraft caused a sonic boom heard across the Washington, DC, metropolitan and surrounding area.
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Why this ex-Trump adviser says he wouldn't support Trump if he's the GOP's presidential nominee
Former President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton joins CNN's Jim Acosta to discuss whether or not he's decided to run for president, and if he will sign the RNC's pledge to back the party's ultimate nominee.
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Climber found a man frozen on top of Mt. Everest. See what he did next.
A climber on Mt. Everest is home alive and safe after being found clinging to a rope and almost freezing to death near the mountain's summit. A Sherpa stopped his ascent up the world's tallest mountain and helped the climber down to safety.
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Soccer superstar Romelu Lukaku grew up so poor his family couldn't afford to watch Champions League games on television, and out of sheer embarrassment he had to lie to his classmates that he had. Now life has come full circle and the Belgian striker is gearing up for the biggest club game of his career this coming Saturday when Inter Milan face off against Man City for the Champions League crown in Istanbul. In an exclusive interview with CNN's Senior Sports Analyst Darren Lewis, Lukaku opened up about his humble beginnings and broke down in tears when talking about his grandfather who was his biggest fan.
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CNN Exclusive: Soccer superstar gives tearful tribute to grandfather
Inter Milan star striker Romelu Lukaku sits down with CNN's Darren Lewis for an exclusive interview ahead of the Champions League final. Lukaku discusses his humble beginnings and broke down in tears when talking about his grandfather.
9 h
Elton John bumps into Manchester City at the airport and gets serenaded
Manchester City players bumped into Elton John at the airport and serenaded him with a rendition of Your Song after beating Manchester United to win the FA cup.
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U.S. and China trade accusations after warships nearly collide in Taiwan strait
CNN Military Analyst Col. Cedric Leighton explains the latest in U.S.-China tensions.
Hollywood Minute: A new album from Kenny Rogers
New albums are out now from Kenny Rogers, Foo Fighters and Big Time Rush, while Gorillaz gear up for a four night Fall tour. Rick Damigella reports.
Video shows near collision between warships in Taiwan Strait
The US accused a Chinese warship of cutting in front of an American vessel that was taking part in a joint exercise with the Canadian navy in the Taiwan Strait, forcing the American vessel to slow down to avoid a collision. CNN's Oren Liebermann reports.
Biden budget chief: McCarthy was 'very professional' in talks
White House budget director Shalanda Young tells CNN's Dana Bash about the behind-the-scenes negotiations to raise the debt ceiling.
On GPS: America courts the world
US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan tells Fareed how the US is working to build relationships with countries across the world, including countries that don't fully support Ukraine or that object to certain US policies.
GOP Rep: Trump keeping classified docs 'goes beyond just irresponsible'
Republican Rep. Ken Buck tells CNN's Dana Bash that he has "a huge amount of respect" for DOJ prosecutors and "I'm sure they will do the right thing" on their decision whether to charge former President Donald Trump.
GOP Rep to DeSantis: Don't try to out-Trump Trump
Republican Rep. Ken Buck tells CNN's Dana Bash that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis should focus on his record as governor in his 2024 presidential campaign.
Raskin defends FBI director amid GOP contempt push
Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Raskin tells CNN's Dana Bash that the GOP push to hold FBI Director Chris Wray in contempt is "all about the 2024 campaign."
Sellers on GOP field: 'I just don't think the talent level is there' to beat Trump
On State of the Union, CNN Political Commentators Bakari Sellers, Marc Short, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Bernie Sanders' Chief Political Adviser Faiz Shakir discuss the growing field of GOP presidential candidates and how they will fare on the debate stage against former President Donald Trump.
Raskin: I'll decide on Senate run 'before the Fourth of July'
Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin tells CNN's Dana Bash "I really haven't decided" whether to run for retiring Sen. Ben Cardin's seat in 2024.
Bash presses WH budget chief on reversal on debt talks
White House budget director Shalanda Young defends the White House's negotiations with House Republicans over the debt limit in an interview with CNN's Dana Bash
15 Years of GPS
Fareed commemorates 15 years of "Fareed Zakaria GPS" in this compilation video of the show's coverage since launching in 2008.
GOP Rep doesn't rule out ousting McCarthy after debt deal
Republican Rep. Ken Buck tells CNN's Dana Bash that Speaker McCarthy has "credibility issues" with his caucus after striking a deal to raise the debt ceiling.
Fareed Zakaria explains 'the rise of the rest'
CNN's Fareed Zakaria talks about Turkey's election, how it took an anti-American turn and why the US is having trouble with so many of the world's largest developing nations.
'Very serious business': Top Oversight Dem on Trump classified docs probe
Oversight Committee Ranking Member Rep. Jamie Raskin tells CNN's Dana Bash that an audio recording of Trump referencing a classified document undercuts his claims that he declassified all the documents he kept after leaving office.
On GPS: What the US wants to see in Ukraine's counteroffensive
President Joe Biden's National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan tells Fareed the US hopes Ukraine will regain territory and improve its ability to find a diplomatic resolution to the war.
On GPS: Are the US and China stumbling into conflict?
US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan tells Fareed the US is engaging in diplomacy to avoid conflict with China and working to de-risk economic relations.
'We failed': GOP lawmaker criticizes McCarthy over debt deal
Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) joins CNN's Dana Bash to discuss House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's handling of the debt deal.
Climbing guide Gelje Sherpa rescues Malaysian climber from Everest "Death Zone"
Brian Todd recaps the rescue, then hear more context from Shaunna Burke, who summited Mount Everest in 2005.