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How service dogs safeguard, deepen relationships and save us from ourselves
Trained service dogs can be life-changing -- and even lifesaving -- for the humans they serve by safeguarding them, helping their people develop deeper human connections, and even saving them from themselves.
What we can learn from the most memorable commencement speeches of all time
The annual blitz of commencement speeches is upon us. Steel yourself for pithy aphorisms, sage advice, and a dose of imposter syndrome from the celebrity speakers.
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People are panic buying homes as prices skyrocket around the world
It wasn't long ago that real estate experts were bracing for the worst.
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Pair of recent Chicago police killings puts spotlight on policies related to officer foot pursuits
In late March, 13-year-old Adam Toledo was fatally shot by Chicago police officers at the end of a foot chase. Police said body camera footage shows Toledo holding a gun in his right hand, but it vanishes from sight as he turns toward the officer and begins to raise his hands as he's shot. A gun was later found behind a fence a few feet from where Toledo was killed.
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May 12 coronavirus news
The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.
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Mother who allegedly killed her 4-year-old faces the death penalty if convicted, Ohio prosecutor says
A 25-year-old woman in Ohio who has been charged with murder in the death of her 4-year-old daughter will face the death penalty if convicted, prosecutors said.
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Cheney's Mission Impossible to save the GOP from itself
Moments after being demoted by her Republican colleagues, Rep. Liz Cheney vowed to drag her party out of Donald Trump's clutches. Judging by the truth-mocking antics Wednesday of the caucus that turned against her, she has a long, lonely slog ahead.
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Newly obtained bodycam footage shows moment DC police officer attacked by pro-Trump rioters
Newly obtained body camera footage obtained by CNN shows the moment Washington DC police officer
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Cheney ousted from leadership post. The other 9 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump have also faced a backlash.
House Republicans ousted Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming on Wednesday from her leadership post as conference chair after she repeatedly called out former President Donald Trump's "Big Lie" that the 2020 election was stolen.
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George Conway says GOP lawmakers 'trying to memory hole' Capitol insurrection
Conservative lawyer George Conway said Wednesday that GOP lawmakers are "trying to memory hole" the US Capitol insurrection, after House Republicans voted to oust Liz Cheney from their leadership ranks.
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CNN 10 - May 13, 2021
May 13, 2021
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Vital Memphis bridge shut down after officials find structural crack
The Hernando de Soto Bridge is closed for emergency repairs.
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Risk of dying from Covid-19 40 times the risk of rare blood clot after receiving J&J vaccine
The risk of dying from Covid-19 is 40 times the risk of developing a rare blood clotting condition after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, a CNN analysis shows.
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The Japanese city that's rooting for South Sudan at the Olympics
While many Japanese towns and cities that signed up to host Olympic teams have been forced to rethink their plans due to the ongoing pandemic, Maebashi is an exception.
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Artist Maya Lin planted dead trees in a Manhattan park to show impacts of climate change
Dead trees and art may be an unusual combination, but the pairing is part of a new display in New York's Madison Square Park designed to highlight a particular phenomenon of climate change: the loss of forests around the world.
Federal prosecutor overseeing Rudy Giuliani probe stepping down
The chief of the public corruption unit at the Manhattan US Attorney's office, which is handling the criminal investigation of Rudy Giuliani, is stepping down at the end of the week to return to private practice, a person familiar with the matter tells CNN.
Texas officials move forward on requesting posthumous pardon for George Floyd
Local officials in Texas unanimously passed a resolution on Tuesday calling for a posthumous pardon for George Floyd on a drug charge from more than 15 years ago.
Biden signs cybersecurity executive order, though rules wouldn't have applied to Colonial Pipeline
President Joe Biden signed an executive order Wednesday meant to better protect the nation from cyberattacks, but even as he signed it, the White House acknowledged more will need to be done to prevent the type of hack that affected the Colonial Pipeline.
Mixing Covid-19 vaccines tied to more side effects, early UK data suggests
People who got mixed doses of coronavirus vaccines -- receiving a different vaccine type as a second dose than the first dose -- appear to be more likely to experience mild side effects such as fever, chills, fatigue or headache, researchers in the UK reported Wednesday.
Abbott schedules July special runoff election for Texas' 6th District
The special runoff election in Texas' 6th Congressional District will take place on July 27, Gov. Greg Abbott announced in a proclamation Wednesday, with early voting starting July 19.
Sen. Joe Manchin won't support For the People Act, says path forward is John Lewis Voting Rights Act
Sen. Joe Manchin will not back the For the People Act, the sweeping elections and campaign finance overhaul sought by Democrats to blunt Republican state-level efforts to restrict voting access, a spokeswoman for the West Virginia Democrat confirmed Wednesday.
Larry Summers sends inflation warning to White House: Dominant risk to economy is 'overheating'
A leading Democratic economist on Wednesday urged the White House to shift course after the government reported higher-than-expected inflation last month, which has heightened fears of fresh trouble for the recovering US economy.
Why would Caitlyn Jenner lie about NOT voting?
Newly minted California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner was as clear as could be when CNN's Dana Bash asked her about voting in the 2020 election.
America's gas panic has a long history
Americans are scrambling for the pump after a cyberattacked pipeline and consumer anxiety have produced gas shortages. Meg Jacobs says the US has a long history of gas panic, and now is a crucial time to learn from it.
Hell has been unleashed in Gaza
Since Monday evening, Israel's aerial operation has left more than 60 Gazans dead, militants among them, but more civilians, according to figures from the Gaza-based Palestinian health ministry. More than a dozen of were children. Additionally, more than 365 others have been injured in the fighting, the ministry said. The Israeli military said at least 15 of the deaths were Hamas militants.
Fact check: Republicans continue to push false narratives about January 6
During Wednesday's hearing about the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, House Republicans spent much of their time repeating a number of false claims about the insurrection as well as sugarcoating the actions of former-President Donald Trump and his supporters.
Here's what we know about the tiger spotted in a Houston neighborhood
Days after the bizarre sighting, authorities aren't sure where the big cat is. Here's what we know about the 9-month-old tiger named India and what might happen after he's found.
Lawmakers press Biden administration to do more to help Afghans who worked for US ahead of withdrawal
Members of Congress from both parties pressed the Biden administration to do more to help Afghans who have worked with American forces secure special immigrant visas to come to the US before troops withdraw from Afghanistan by a September 11 deadline.
Takeaways from a day of congressional Republicans embracing Trump and downplaying the US Capitol riot
The ongoing battle between truth and lies, and the continued fallout from the January 6 insurrection, played out Wednesday on Capitol Hill with critical oversight hearings and a landmark vote among the House Republicans to oust Liz Cheney from their leadership ranks.
Master the basics of Microsoft Office with this $39 bundle of online courses
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