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'Raya and the Last Dragon' stirs Asian representation debate
All people of Asian heritage are not the same.
32 must-have Valentine's Day gifts from Nordstrom for everyone
From lingerie, jewelry and even a Dyson vacuum, these are the Valentine's Day gifts at Nordstrom we can't get enough of.
UK imposes hotel quarantine for travelers from Covid hotspots
British people arriving home from 22 "high risk" countries will have to undergo a 10-day hotel quarantine at their own expense, as the UK tightens border controls to try to curb one of the world's worst Covid-19 outbreaks
Why Republicans need to take a stand on Marjorie Taylor Greene
At what point is enough enough?
NBA reporter and analyst Sekou Smith dies of Covid-19
Sekou Smith, a NBA reporter and analyst for more than two decades, has died from Covid-19. He was 48.
'Penguin Bloom' can't find the right framework to tell its inspirational story
A family movie with a throwback feel, "Penguin Bloom" seemingly can't make up its mind about who its actual protagonist is -- the kid narrating what happened, his paralyzed mom dealt a cruel twist of fate, or the bird that helped the family weather it all.
Almost two-thirds of people believe climate change is a global emergency, UN poll finds
Nearly two-thirds of respondents believe that climate change is a "global emergency," according to a survey of 1.2 million people in dozens of countries around the globe -- and many want urgent action to tackle the problem.
This is *exactly* how Senate Republicans will wriggle out of passing judgment on Donald Trump
In theory, the looming impeachment trial of ex-President Donald Trump would force Senate Republicans to confront a question they've dodged for the last four years: Is the way the 45th president behaved in office OK or not?
Black business owners are facing ruin. They need help now
Far too often, the opportunity to obtain an education, secure a job, access quality health care or provide for your family is still determined by the color of your skin.
The most dangerous situation humanity has ever faced
Edmund G. Brown Jr. and Robert Rosner write that nuclear weapons and climate change pose fundamentally greater threats to humanity than the Covid-19 pandemic. While there are some positive developments -- such as the election of a US President who respects science -- It remains 100 seconds to midnight on the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock.
Ring's newest video doorbell is smaller, cheaper and just as capable as ever
There's no question that video doorbells have a reputation of being an expensive piece of tech that's more of a luxury than a must-have. Ring's latest video doorbell, however, turns that entire premise on its head.
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AMC is today's GameStop. A Reddit mob sent its stock more than 200% higher
Welcome to the Reddit market.
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Amy Schumer explains her part in Hilaria Baldwin controversy
Remember the Hilaria Baldwin heritage controversy? It may feel like ages ago in the current news cycle but it was actually just last month. And in case you forgot, it sort of all started with comedian Amy Schumer poking fun at Baldwin posing in lingerie with her baby.
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New Zealand tells tourists to stop copying other people's travel photos
Comedian fronts a tourism board appeal for visitors to make their own discoveries instead of trying to mimic the cliched influencer images they've spotted on Instagram.
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FDA places all alcohol-based hand sanitizers from Mexico on 'import alert'
The US Food and Drug Administration has placed all alcohol-based hand sanitizers coming from Mexico on a countrywide "import alert" until it is able to review the products' safety, the agency said.
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Lawsuit alleges officers harassed and assaulted 5-year-old kindergartener
Two Maryland police officers have been accused of screaming at, grabbing and threatening a 5-year-old elementary school student.
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Regeneron says study shows its monoclonal antibody cocktail works against coronavirus variants
Tests on two different variants of the coronavirus show that one of the two monoclonal antibodies in Regeneron's cocktail therapy can neutralize both, despite the mutations, researchers reported Wednesday.
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Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen aren't worried about inflation. Maybe they should be
Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell and his predecessor Janet Yellen, now the first woman to serve as Treasury secretary, are both known for their dovish stances on inflation. That suggests they are unlikely to be in any particular hurry to push for higher interest rates.
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Lawmakers in 14 states have proposed anti-LGBTQ bills, many of which target trans youth
Just weeks into 2021, lawmakers in at least 14 states have proposed a slew of discriminatory bills that would restrict the freedoms of LGBTQ residents. Most of the bills would affect transgender young people, according to Freedom For All Americans.
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What you need to know about coronavirus on Wednesday, January 27
The coronavirus pandemic is shining light on long-entrenched inequalities in the most tragic ways possible.
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US stock futures sink ahead of a busy day for tech, the Fed and the economy
View more stock market news today.
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No, Joe Biden still isn't banning fracking
President Joe Biden is cracking down on the oil-and-gas industry, but he is not taking the extreme steps the Trump campaign claimed he would last fall.
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Bill and Melinda Gates: Covid-19 will change how the world thinks about health forever
The two of us are optimistic that the pandemic the world is living through right now will lead to a long-term change in the way people think about global health, write Bill and Melinda Gates. Going forward, we hope that rich countries will have a deeper understanding that improving health in low-income countries not only saves lives overseas but also puts us in a better position to defeat the next set of global challenges.
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Powerful winter storms trigger evacuation orders and knock out power in parts of California
A series of powerful winter storms are barreling across the parched state of California, knocking out power to more than 400,000, threatening mud slides and triggering evacuation orders.
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5 things to know for January 27: Covid-19, White House, Capitol riot, Italy, Newark
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.
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'Blame Trump' defense from alleged Capitol rioters dovetails with Democrats' impeachment case
The "Trump defense" is taking shape among some alleged Capitol rioters. One by one, die-hard supporters of former President Donald Trump are now blaming him for their actions that day, after being charged by federal prosecutors and facing possible jail time.
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Biden expected to halt new oil and gas leases on federal lands and take other climate-related action
President Joe Biden is expected to sign several executive actions related to climate on Wednesday, including issuing a moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands, according to a person familiar with his plans.
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TikTok is laying off employees in India as the country doubles down on its ban
TikTok has been forced to lay off some of its workers in India as the country doubles down on what was already a monthslong ban on the app in the country.
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EU vaccine delivery dates weren't guaranteed, says AstraZeneca CEO
AstraZeneca is pushing back strongly against criticism from EU officials over delayed deliveries of its Covid-19 vaccine.
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As California lifts restrictions, a top health official worries about Covid-19 variants and the slow vaccine supply
The stay-at-home order in California has ended, but a top Los Angeles health official worries that another spike could be on the horizon as Covid-19 variants spread and the supply of vaccines struggles to meet the demand.
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