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Monkey Cage
Monkey Cage
McConnell and Schumer ended their standoff over the new Senate. Who won and what happened?
And why were they talking about the filibuster at all?
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By trying to silence protesters, Vladimir Putin is falling into a repression trap.
As the Russian president becomes less popular, he’s turning to blunt coercion.
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Biden ended the Muslim travel ban. A much tougher problem persists.
American Muslims continue to face bias, even when they uphold democratic ideals.
Christian nationalists and QAnon followers tend to be anti-Semitic. That was seen in the Capitol attack.
Our research finds that identification with QAnon, Christian nationalism, Donald Trump and anti-Semitism are tightly linked.
A record number of women are serving in Congress. That’s good news for constituents.
On average, female representatives are more effective — and more likely to respond to constituent requests.
McConnell wants the impeachment trial to be about Congress’s authority — not about loyalty to Trump
Let's look closely at what words he used to blame the former president for provoking the Capitol attack.
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A Native American may be taking control of the Cabinet department that has shaped Native American lives
Native Americans have long had good reason to distrust the Department of Interior. But their increasing political clout may mean that things are changing.
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