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Twitter’s Trump ban is even more important than you thought
Without it, he can't dominate the Republican Party in the way he would have.
Cartoon by Jeff Danziger
An editorial cartoon by Jeff Danziger of the Rutland Herald
Appalling new video of the rioters is a big problem for Trump’s GOP enablers
Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley cannot memory-hole their despicable validation of lies about the election.
Enslaved Black craftsmen helped build the U.S. Capitol that a mob fueled by racist rhetoric stormed
Get ready for reality-grounded White House press briefings
Jen Psaki vows to rebuild trust, one daily session at a time.
What Jon Ossoff means for the South and its buried Jewish past
The 1915 lynching of the unjustly accused Leo Frank and the election of Georgia's first Jewish senator are utterly dissimilar, yet they connect the past and by most indications the future of Jewish life below the Mason-Dixon Line.
One of Trump’s worst legacies will be his transformation of the Supreme Court
The problem of a Supreme Court willing to bend doctrine and precedent to fit its preferred outcome will persist for decades.
Legitimate media must adjust to new political realities
Let's not pretend the GOP is a normal party.
White supremacist domestic terrorism: We’ve been here before
Our history is filled with eruptions of violence when our nation’s entrenched system of white supremacy feels threatened.
The challenges of teaching the Constitution in the age of Trump
The Constitution is a document that has been used to enable the worst and best of America.
America is not exceptional after all
Why Biden is right to seek national unity — in spite of everything.
Beijing wants U.S. business leaders to plead its case. Here’s why they shouldn’t.
American CEOs are wading into dangerous territory.
A fresh start for Republicans can come only if they abandon authoritarian populism
They must renew a commitment to democratic ideals.
New data shows both a hopeful and worrying portrait of race in America
The realities of racial progress and discrimination co-exist today.
Trump couldn’t have incited sedition without the help of Fox News
It’s time for some accountability from right-wing broadcasters.
If James Lankford really wants to apologize, here’s how to do it
The willful blindness of Republicans.
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Biden would do the world a favor by keeping Trump’s China policy
Taking a tougher stand toward Beijing's aggression was long overdue. Slipping back into hoping for the best would be dangerous.
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Joe Biden has already shown us that governing is back
Biden kicks off his agenda with a transformational proposal.
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Distinguished pol of the week: Liz Cheney led the GOP away from Trump
Who stood tall?
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A Senate trial is possible after Trump leaves office
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Kevin McCarthy should stand up to a disgruntled leader
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Efficient delivery of aid may not be targeted
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It’s the holding the vaccine that matters
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Mitch McConnell, still the crucial Republican leader
As minority leader, the senator from Kentucky will play a vital role in the fortunes of the nation, and the party, as a new administration begins.
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Cartoon by Joe Heller
An editorial cartoon by Joe Heller of
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Has America finally heard Martin Luther King Jr.?
Without thinking about the great distance to our destination of freedom and justice, we can’t get there.
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