Change country:
Senate Democrats must enact rules changes. Comity is long gone.
Republicans won’t respect democratic norms.
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Hillary Clinton: Now we all need to fight like Dianne Feinstein fought
The California senator’s journey has ended, but the fights of her life are far from over.
9 h
Ukraine aid is a great investment. Don’t let MAGA Republicans end it.
It is hard to think of any U.S. foreign policy initiative since the end of the Cold War that has been more successful or more important.
9 h
The CFPB has protected consumers. The Supreme Court could toss its work.
As the court hears a case threatening the bureau’s constitutionality this week, U.S. consumers stand to lose big time.
9 h
Good riddance to the National Zoo’s pandas? No way.
All the talk about “panda diplomacy” misses the point. The point is panda delight.
His place in this world
Michael de Adder cartoon on the death of author and colleague Charles Saunders
Obamacare has been unable to save money on U.S. health care
Fifteen years after Obamacare took shape, it hasn’t been able to trim health-care spending as much as people hoped.
Is Xi Jinping all-powerful or weak? Depends on whom you ask.
Beijing’s seeming schizophrenia might reflect a deeper sense of insecurity.
Moldova’s foreign minister: ‘What happens in Ukraine doesn’t stay in Ukraine’
If the United States cuts aid to Ukraine, lots of other countries will lose out
The 14th Amendment can’t save the country from Donald Trump
Relying on an arcane constitutional provision to disqualify the former president would be foolish.
Play it again, Sam: Inside Bankman-Fried’s last year in the crypto game
FTX founder Bankman-Fried is the subject of Michael Lewis’s new book, “Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon.”
Maryland hospitals are not alone in medical ‘mistakes’
Avoidable deaths seem to be an epidemic in the United States.
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Pressing for elections now would weaken Ukrainian democracy
We will work closely with our Ukrainian partners, including the Central Election Commission, to prepare for elections when the necessary conditions are met.
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Donald Trump’s fanciful statements
Truthful testimony is required in civil and criminal proceedings, unlike in stump speeches and social media posts.
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Another vivid Jewish language making a comeback
Organizations and scholars are working to make sure Ladino enjoys a robust revival.
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The National Cathedral’s new windows
It has become commonplace to revile and cancel historical national figures.
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Save a piece of Arlington history
To lose all of this would be beyond tragic.
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Virginia voters don’t stand with the GOP on abortion restrictions
Only 17 percent of Virginians want stricter abortion restrictions.
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A solution for insurance problems with coronavirus vaccines
Medicare-for-all would take the headache out of routine medical issues.
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The world has always wanted to move on from Jamal Khashoggi’s murder
I could see it coming at Time’s 2018 Person of the Year celebration.
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China’s Uyghur campaign continues
Six years after Rahile Dawut was first detained, it was disclosed she was sentenced to life in prison, a shocking punishment.
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Republicans (rightly) panic. Good luck finding a viable alternative.
Republicans are the ones to panic.
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How the diploma divide came to dominate American politics
The GOP’s populist movement didn’t start in 2016. It developed across decades amid a realignment of college-educated and non-college-educated voters.
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The GOP’s arsonists lost on the shutdown, but they’re not going away
Given Trump’s hold on Republican House members, it’s still unlikely that their cooperating with Democrats will become a habit.
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It’s time to end McCarthy’s reign of error
In an epiphany Saturday morning, the House speaker realized there was no way to placate the holdouts in his caucus — and cut a deal with Democrats.
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