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Toyota has mixed feelings about the Tokyo Olympics. But they’re okay with the Genocide Olympics.
Unfortunately, they are boycotting the wrong games.
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What we owe the Black Tulsans of the past
Attempts to find the remains of massacre victims face practical and political issues, but it's a step toward some form of justice.
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The FDA must sprint, not stumble, on approving the covid-19 vaccines
Why has the agency still not give final licensure or approval?
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Afghan resistance to the Taliban needs U.S. support — and a big morale boost
Afghan fighters are making a stand. The United States must take big, visible, meaningful action to show them our support remains real.
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Republicans unleashed a deadly vaccine skepticism. Can they now contain it?
It’s the new political geography of sickness and death.
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Distinguished pol of the week: Someone finally put their foot down
Who stood tall?
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Unless Mr. Biden intervenes, people will needlessly be sent back to prison
People have started to rebuild their lives under home supervision. Sending them back to prison will do only harm.
The problem with Los Angeles County’s mask mandate
The people who need to be penalized are those who are continuing to put others at risk.
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Here’s what makes Texas’s ‘heartbeat’ abortion bill uniquely dangerous
The state's new bill is dangerous because it empowers virtually anyone to sue not only abortion providers, but anyone “abetting” an abortion in Texas.
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Why D.C.’s high-profile shootings are such a huge problem
Mayor Bowser must make addressing crime her No. 1 priority — before it's too late.
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The official pandemic death toll is horrific. The actual toll could be twice that.
Measuring the pandemic’s toll is a tool for fighting this one and preparing for the next. We should count accurately.
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Karen Hastie Williams was a trailblazer and a voice to remember
She upheld her family legacy while creating her own.
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A judge just put DACA on life support. Congress can save it.
Congress dithers and dodges with the lives of youngsters whose plans are in jeopardy.
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Have information you want no one ever to know? Tell the FBI!
Some secrets still exist!
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