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D.C., Md. & Va.
D.C., Md. & Va.
Fighter jets zoomed by D.C. area. Here’s what that sonic boom was.
The military said its fighter jets were authorized to travel at supersonic speeds and a sonic boom may have been heard by residents of the region.
5 h
Sonic boom heard across D.C. region caused by military flight, officials say
The explosive boom that shook the region's residents Sunday was a sonic boom from a military plane, officials said.
9 h
PM Update: Pleasant Monday, with a few clouds and breezes at times
Mainly pleasant again tomorrow with just a few clouds and breezes at times.
9 h
AG seeks deal with D.C. police lodge over allegedly illegal whiskey sales
The police lodge was selling Jack Daniels online. The Attorney General's office said in a proposed settlement that the practice might have broke the law.
D.C.-area forecast: Cooler today with early clouds, then warmer again to start the workweek
Rain chances remain very low into midweek.
Washington backs slowly away from summer, for now
Saturday was still hotter than average, but only in the 80s
1 d
Metro is closing four stations for weeks during construction project
Metro is adding more train service to the Yellow Line while four Orange Line stations in Virginia are closing for weeks for a scheduled construction project.
1 d
PM Update: Shower or storm possible as a cold front brings us a day of below-average temperatures
More detail on our incoming air source, from near the Labrador Sea
1 d
How strangers rallied to give students with disabilities a class trip
Even the TSA got involved; the agency allowed the Northern Virginia students to practice getting on a plane at Reagan National Airport.
2 d
Did the University of Maryland once make men swim nude in swim class?
In the 1960s, many public and school pools worried bathing suit lint would clog filters.
2 d
Jamie Raskin beat cancer twice. Now he turns to his political future.
Over the past two years, the Democrat from Maryland has both mourned his son and confronted his own mortality, while serving in some of the most demanding leadership positions in Congress.
2 d
Adding flights at Reagan National would increase delays, FAA says
The FAA’s analysis comes as a coalition of business groups is pushing for more long-distance service at the airport outside Washington.
2 d
D.C.-area forecast: Shower or storm possible today as a cold front passes
Friday heat was a one and done deal as cooler air spills back into the area. A passing shower or storm may move southward along the front this afternoon.
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