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Dysfunctional Republicans Bail Out on Gun Violence
The problem isn’t mainly that the GOP lacks practical solutions to calamities like the Texas school massacre. It’s that it isn’t making the slightest effort to find any.
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Managing a teardown to build a dream house
The lot configuration made it impossible for the couple to get the main suite, living area and laundry on the same floor in the original home. So, a teardown was needed.
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Uvalde Families Should Take Gunmakers to Court
Relatives of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre showed how it’s possible to prevail against firearms companies. 
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‘No time to lose’: Top Chinese official sounds alarm over economy
Li Keqiang issued the stark warning as the economy stalled under pressure from multiplying covid restrictions and shrinking demand.
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The Federal Reserve’s Next Act Will Test Market Stability
No one can say whether more aggressive tightening of monetary policy will disrupt the financial system’s plumbing and force the central bank to alter course, as it has in the past.
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Davos elite reassess globalization amid turmoil of pandemic and war
The pandemic, war and a broken supply chain force world leaders, chief executives and economists to rethink globalization and emphasize resilience.
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Home buyers continue to shop around for out-of-state homes, study says
TOWN SQUARE | The search is being driven by affordability and remote work allowing buyers to live in warmer and less costly areas, according to the report.
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Ukrainian fighters take to electric bikes in the war against Russia
The Australian, New Zealand and Norwegian militaries have also trialled electric bikes for reconnaissance and patrol.
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How the Market Is Severely Punishing Growth Traps
The great expectations laid on companies at the outset of the pandemic have turned into pitiless correction over any weakness.
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What’s at Stake as Chile Writes a New Constitution
Chile’s constitution writers are putting the final touches on the draft charter that will be the subject of a Sept. 4 referendum. Following a period of civil unrest, almost 80% of the population backed the writing of a new magna carta in a 2020 vote. But recent polls show skepticism on the rise, with more citizens now inclined to reject rather than approve the proposed replacement.
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As Hedge Funds Stumble, Sorry Is the Hardest Word
Stocks and crypto are crashing. Time for a mea culpa? It depends who you ask.
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A Civil Servant Was Never Going to Bring Boris Johnson Down
Sue Gray’s final report into “Partygate” wasn’t as damaging for the prime minister as expected. But ousting the boss was always above her pay grade. 
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Boris Johnson’s Next Test Is Bigger Than Sue Gray
A new inquiry will determine whether the prime minister committed the mother of all parliamentary offenses: contempt. 
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The Best Outcome for Ukraine in This Conflict
A look at possible endings as Putin’s Shock Without Awe turns into a war of attrition.
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Voters Must End Boris Johnson’s Antics
British institutions and a debased political culture have allowed the Tory leader to get away with too much, for far too long.
Live updates: Twitter’s shareholder meeting
Elon Musk’s deal to acquire Twitter — and whether it will go through — will be center-stage at the social media giant’s annual shareholder meeting.
Spy agency awards ‘historic’ contracts to commercial satellite companies
The awards of billons of dollars in contracts to three satellite companies shows the growing use of commerical imagery by U.S. intelligence agencies.
Why Are Nordstrom and Ralph Lauren Winning as Walmart Slides?
While the world’s biggest retailer frets about inflation, high-end stores are still seeing their fortunes soar — for now.
What Are the Chances We’ve Been Visited by Aliens?
Congress revealed a lot of new information about UFOs, but none of it was conclusive.
Covid, mail room failures hindered FDA’s formula response, commissioner says
Robert M. Califf is expected to be aggressively questioned over shortage that has left some children hospitalized for lack of food.
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Feed the World? India Has a Chapati Crisis Brewing at Home
People don’t eat wheat. They buy flour to make their daily bread. But a heat wave has stunted grain formation.
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Changes are coming to 16th Street Heights
WHERE WE LIVE | Bordering Rock Creek Park on its northwest corner, the Northwest Washington neighborhood contains multitudes.
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They spent a fortune on pictures of apes and cats. Do they regret it?
The market for digital collectibles is in flux, leading investors to consider what the artwork is really worth.
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Should Central Bankers Be This Clear About Interest Rates?
Traditionally taciturn officials are deploying a startling degree of candor about the direction of monetary policy. They would do well to consider the pitfalls.
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The Food Crisis Is Bad. US Crop Insurance Makes It Worse.
Federal agricultural programs give farmers strong reasons to keep fields idle. In normal times, that can make sense. But nothing’s normal now.
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Boeing’s Starliner capsule returns to Earth
The Starliner capsule returns to a soft landing in the western United States after a troubled test run to the International Space Station.
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The Fed Is in No Mood to Take a Break on Inflation
Minutes from the central bank’s May policy meeting offer no support for the market’s notion of a possible pause in interest rate increases.
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Twitter to pay $150 million fine over deceptively collected data
Twtter accepts fine for deceptively using data.
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What today’s market means for first-time home buyers
REAL ESTATE MATTERS | Hopefully, by the time you’re ready to sell, the value of your home will have at least kept pace with inflation.
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Elon Musk ups cash portion of Twitter deal, shares jump
Elon Musk now says he's willing to commit a larger portion of cash versus debt in his attempt to buy Twitter. He's looking for help from outside investors.
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