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Miss Manners: Must I tip when I’m just buying groceries?
More stores have prompts for tips as part of payment process.
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Carolyn Hax: It’s not a peer-group decision whether or when to have kids
When you’re deciding whether to have kids, it’s not helpful to compare yourself to your friends.
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Ask Amy: ‘Lunch ladies’ serve extra portions of kindness
Adult remembers cafeteria workers as some of the most welcoming people at school.
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Hints From Heloise: Anxious dog guards a stuffed person
Owner creates a life-size version of herself to calm the dog while she’s out of the house.
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Turkey Leg Hut has become a bastion of Houston’s Black culture — and a gentrification lightning rod
In Houston's Third Ward, Turkey Leg Hut draws lines around the block -- and has drawn fire by neighbors.
I want my daughter to live unapologetically in a world free of gender expectations, including mine
I don’t mind if my child is “girly,” but I don’t want her to feel she must conform.
Are they experimental? Can they alter DNA? Experts tackle lingering coronavirus vaccine fears.
Misinformation about coronavirus vaccines' development and safety has continued to undermine trust in science and generated skepticism about the three authorized shots, experts say.
Where to see butterflies indoors and out, a primer for would-be lepidopterists
‘They’re like flying billboards’: Butterfly watching is a natural extension of summer’s outdoor activities.
Get your Maryland crab fix at the Point Crab House, along with ace service and a water view
The Point Crab House near Annapolis offers crab-everything: steamed, in soup, on toast and in cakes
She just graduated from college. She said her Uber passenger made it possible.
When Latonya Young's Uber passenger learned she had an outstanding balance that prevented her from re-enrolling in college, he paid it off without her knowledge.
What’s the best hard seltzer? We tried 18 new offerings to find out.
A new crop of seltzers has arrived for warm-weather sipping. Which is the can to grab?
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Yelled at your kids? Here’s why you should let go of that shame.
The calmer and less reactive we are, the more effective our parenting responses become. In the worthy pursuit of yelling less, however, it may help us reach that goal if we feel less guilt when we inevitably yell.
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Gene Weingarten: Don’t just fix the problem. Kluge it.
MacGyver’s got nothing on this artful kluger.
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8 tips about Asian cooking from Martin Yan, Grace Young and other experts
Martin Yan, Grace Young and other experts join The Post's weekly food chat to answer reader questions about cooking Asian food at home.
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Large events can be cesspools of germs. Here’s why we ache for them, anyway.
Attending a concert, sporting event or festival can promote feelings of connection and strengthen identity.
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Former circus elephants just arrived at a new sanctuary. They are swimming and grazing on fruit buffets.
Sanctuary employees say they were emotional watching the elephants start to explore the lush acreage. “There was more than one wet eye that day.”
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Date Lab: He was prepared to get roasted
He had recently had a taste of how the Internet can be a cruel place, thanks to one of his favorite comedians.
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Second Glance: Antiques and such, May 16, 2021
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