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Miss Manners: Why do people keep asking, ‘Where are you from?’
After moving from the South to the North, the letter-writer is shocked by how many people press the question, “Where are you from?”
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Carolyn Hax: Moving for a dream job, but husband ‘less than enthused’
Husband says he supports relocating for spouse's dream job, but his angry asides suggest otherwise.
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Ask Amy: Is it okay to avoid relationship with sibling who betrayed you?
Letter-writer wonders whether it’s okay to not want to reconcile with siblings after betrayals.
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Scorched Sugar Snap Pea and Burrata Salad
This is a showstopper of a salad, featuring juicy, crunchy, sweet sugar snap peas in a lemony vinaigrette and paired with creamy, dreamy, indulgent burrata.
Directors may have made a deal with Hollywood while writers strike
As the Directors Guild of America announces a tentative deal with producers, the Writers Guild of America remains on strike after its own contract negotiations broke down.
A crisp snap pea salad turns indulgent when paired with burrata
The creamy, indulgent cheese pairs perfectly with just about any perfect vegetable (or fruit).
How my childhood eating disorder still affects my body image
Though my parents tried their best, I was still left with bad coping skills and views about my body — some of which I and my family still struggle with today.
Chuck Todd to leave NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’; Welker will become host
The transition will happen in September, a major change at one of broadcast television oldest institutions
Solution to Evan Birnholz’s June 4 crossword, “Rapid Rise”
Speed up.
Ask Amy: I’m sad my husband won’t say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to me
She just wants her husband say, “Happy Mother’s Day” to her.
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Carolyn Hax: Only some old college friends ‘make the cut’ for wedding
She wasn't invited to the wedding of the son of her longtime friend--but others in their college group were.
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10 biscuit recipes, including classic, cheesy, herby and more
Here's an introduction to the wide world of biscuits, whether you want something classic or stepped up.
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At this lost ‘Black Eden,’ James Brown and Marvin Gaye rocked the beach
Carr’s Beach hosted shows by Black music legends during Jim Crow, becoming a Green Book destination. Efforts are underway in Maryland to commemorate it.
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He inspired people to be stand-in parents at gay weddings. Now it’s his turn.
Daniel Blevins offered on TikTok to be a stand-in dad at gay weddings. He was flooded with replies from others who offered the same.
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