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Hints From Heloise: Check with credit card company if worried about security
Reader worried that someone had taken a photo of her card.
3 h
Miss Manners: Skip the ‘You’re welcome’ email
Reader aims to be polite but worries that habit is annoying.
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Carolyn Hax: He asked to ‘take a break’; now he wants to take up where they left off
He pretends like nothing happened, and for some reason she’s going along with it.
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At Fox News, a post-election shake-up brings more opinion at the expense of news
With viewership faltering since November, last year’s top-rated cable channel will try out pundits for a 7 p.m. slot once devoted to news. In the running: Maria Bartiromo.
4 h
Melania Trump spends her last days in the White House focused on her future, while her husband rages about the past
Melania Trump’s final days as first lady have been marked by calm acceptance.
8 h
Fleas have been mysterious insects. But scientists just found their living ‘sisters.’
For two centuries, researchers thought the tiny bloodsuckers were related to beetles or flies.
What to do when the seat won’t screw back into the chair
It’s not structural, so a number of products can solve the problem.
Attorney Roberta Kaplan is about to make Trump’s life extremely difficult
“I became the go-to person to sue the president,” says Kaplan, who represents his niece Mary L. Trump and the writer E. Jean Carroll.
Make this baked rice dish and save all the dishes for another day
This baked rice with pumpkin and black beans will fill you up -- and won't mess up your kitchen.
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Ever wondered why the calendar is so weird?
As everyone ushers in the New Year of 2021, we answer some common questions about how our calendar came to be.
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