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How Kristen Schaal became the queen of quirky voice acting
"Bob's Burgers Movie" voice actor Kristen Schaal says she's drawn to projects that are weird.
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The 10 Obi-Wan Kenobi moments to know before his Disney Plus return
Obi-Wan Kenobi returns to the Star Wars universe in his upcoming Disney Plus series.
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What to watch on Thursday: ‘Look at Me: XXXTentacion’ debuts on Hulu
Thursday, May 26, 2022 I "That Damn Michael Che" returns for season 2 on HBO Max.
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Reality TV star Josh Duggar sentenced to 12 years in child porn case
Josh Duggar, found guilty in December on child pornography charges, has also been accused of molesting four of his sisters as a teenager.
What to know as the Depp-Heard trial wraps up this week
We need a national memorial to gun violence. Now.
A national memorial to gun violence, built on open land at the base of the U.S. Capitol, would create a symbolic focal point for grief and truth-telling about a national scourge.
I don’t know Corneille de Lyon. I just know his portraits are alive.
This mysterious artist’s unsigned paintings, often no bigger than postcards, are oddly hypnotic.
In these gloomy, divisive times, does anyone care about books? I do.
Books emphasize interiority, encourage empathy, require thought and are meant to foster rational argument -- things we all need.
Matthew McConaughey calls for action after hometown mass shooting
Matthew McConaughey’s call to action notably avoided suggesting any concrete solutions to gun violence, such as stricter gun control laws.
Bringing ‘A Monster Calls’ from the page to the stage
Director Sally Cookson talks about her theatrical adaptation of the acclaimed novel "A Monster Calls," now at the Kennedy Center.
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The D.C. punk family is putting on a benefit for drummer Kent Stacks
The drummer for punk pioneers Scream is undergoing treatment for lung cancer. His band will perform at Black Cat on June 2.
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Here’s where everyone ended up on the series finale of ‘This Is Us’
After six seasons of intertwining plot lines on "This Is Us," the beloved tearjerker put a bow on each characters' story. Here's where they started, and how they wrapped up.
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Record labels want viral TikToks. Artists are pushing back.
Artists such as Halsey, FKA Twigs and Charli XCX have made TikToks about being upset that their record labels expect them to make TikToks.
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What to watch on Wednesday: ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ returns on Netflix
Wednesday, May 25, 2022 I "Survivor" ends its 42nd season on CBS.
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In Depp-Heard trial’s final days, a parade of rebuttal witnesses
The plaintiff's laywers spent most of the day attempting to discredit the defense's expert witnesses.
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‘An African-American Requiem’ turns national grief into powerful music
The Choral Arts Society of Washington gives the Portland-based composer Damien Geter's "An African-American Requiem" its East Coast premiere at the Kennedy Center on Monday.
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‘Top Gun: Maverick’ rocks, with finesse, style and genuine emotion
Tom Cruise returns as Navy flyboy Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell, in a sequel that feels familiar and new in just the right proportions.
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Jokha Alharthi’s ‘Bitter Orange Tree’ is a taste of extravagant grief
"Bitter Orange Tree," written by Jokha Alharthi and translated from the Arabic by Marilyn Booth, offers a moving portrait of an Omani woman grieving and struggling to find her way in a British university.
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‘The Idiot’ sequel, ‘Either/Or,’ is the best kind of follow-up
Elif Batuman picks up Selin's story as she begins her sophomore year at Harvard.
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