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Miranda Devine analyzes Sussmann trial: Ramifications of Hillary Clinton's 'dirty trick' are momentous
Miranda Devine reacted to the Michael Sussmann trial and said the ramifications of John Durham's investigation will be "momentous."
Pennsylvania declares recount in Republican Senate primary as Dr. Oz' lead shrinks
Dr. Mehmet Oz' lead over Dave McCormick in the Republican Senate primary in Pennsylvania shrank to less than a thousand votes and the race will now enter a recount.
Biden blasted for policing order by law enforcement panel: 'Outrageous political theater'
President Biden signed a policing executive order on Wednesday to overhaul law enforcement practices just one day after more than 20 people died in the Uvalde massacre
Erdogan disrupts NATO unity amid Putin’s threat to European security
NATO ties have become strained as Turkey looks to block Sweden and Finland from joining NATO and takes on Greece's prime minister amid Russia's threat.
Texas school district closes schools after receiving ‘credible threat of violence’
The Donna Independent School District in Texas said it closed schools Thursday and Friday in an abundance of caution after receiving a "credible threat of violence."
Parkland father urges officials to hold threatening students accountable, criticizes mental health system
Andrew Pollack, the father of a 2018 Parkland shooting victim, said authorities need to hold threatening students accountable and criticized the mental health care system.
Bahamas Sandals deaths: Resort installs carbon monoxide detectors after 3 Americans found dead
Sandals says carbon monoxide detectors will be placed in all of its resorts in the Caribbean after three American tourists were found dead in the Bahamas resort.
This Memorial Day, Fox Nation celebrates America's heroes by co-sponsoring 'Heroes Honor Festival'
The event's founder, Ben Peterson, told Fox News Digital he is 'deeply grateful' for the Fox Nation partnership. Subscribers can stream the event on May 28.
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Teen who threatened shootings at two schools arrested in California
Police in Fremont, California arrested a unnamed teen who threatened to shoot school employees and used "racial epithets" in online posts Wednesday morning.
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Ukraine military unit destroyed, Russia reports
A large unit of Ukraine's military has been destroyed, according to a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman. The claims could not be independently verified.
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Concha torches Obama's 'classlessness' over tweet on George Floyd, Texas school shooting
Fox News contributor reacts to tweet from former President Obama where he linked the two-year-anniversary of the death of George Floyd and the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.
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Nearly 6 years later, man indicted in mother’s death at sea
A Vermont man was indicted on allegations he killed his mother during a fishing trip in Rhode Island nearly 6 years earlier in an effort to inherit millions of dollars.
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These folks live in vans: here's their list for ultimate road trip essentials
Fox News Digital spoke with several people who live in renovated vans and travel around the country about their essential road trip items and tips.
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Paula Deen salutes Memorial Day with a southern-style picnic
Paula Deen's Memorial Day picnic brings southern-style dishes to Fox Nation by serving a dish quartet of family favorites, including sweet and savory hits.
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EPA proposes restrictions in fight over Alaska mine
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed restrictions in the Alaska-based Pebble Mine project to block copper and gold mining in the Bristol Bay area.
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Great Lakes, Gulf Coast forecast to see thunderstorms, flash flooding
Severe weather is forecast in the eastern U.S., including flash flooding.
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Grand Ole Opry honors US military at Salute the Troops event ahead of Memorial Day
Grand Ole Opry VP Dan Rogers shared gratitude for America's heroes ahead of Memorial Day; Command Sgt. Major Andrew Lombardo and Ret. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Huber discussed the Salute the Troops event in Nashville.
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Record turnout in Georgia primary destroys left's lies about 'voter suppression'
Voters in the Georgia primary went to the polls in record numbers on Tuesday, challenging the left's claims that the state's Election Integrity Act was designed to suppress the vote.
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Tim McGraw, Chris Pratt and Selena Gomez lead stars speaking out on Texas school shooting
Tim McGraw, Chris Pratt and Selena Gomez lead celebrity tributes to the victims of the school shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday.
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Beto O’Rourke criticizes Abbott for attending campaign fundraiser after Texas school shooting
Beto O'Rourke harshly criticized his gubernatorial opponent, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, for attending a fundraiser across the state after the deadly school shooting in Uvalde on Tuesday.
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Texas school shooting: Loved ones outside school begged police to go inside during shooting: 'Go in there!'
Loved ones waiting outside Robb Elementary School on Tuesday begged police officers who were standing outside to go in and stop the shooter from killing their children, witnesses say.
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Arizona border crossings still high despite Title 42 ruling
Worn out shoes, empty water bottles and finding shade anywhere possible — a shared experience undocumented immigrants endure while illegally crossing into the U.S.
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Texas school shooting: Hat reveals close brush with death for elite Border Patrol agent who killed gunman
A hat worn by an elite BORTAC Border Patrol agent was hit by a bullet when he engaged the gunman who killed 21 people inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.
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Uvalde mother living near school shares teacher's heroic actions during Robb Elementary shooting
A Uvalde mother described the efforts her sister, a teacher at Robb Elementary School, took to keep students safe during Tuesday's shooting.
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Stacey Abrams serves as board member, governor of foundation that supports #AbolishThePolice
Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams serves as board member and governor of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, which supports defunding and abolishing the police.
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Protecting kids in school must be more than 'rhetoric,' real world solutions needed: Experts
Experts call for more school resource officers on campuses and for politicians to stop their rhetoric following the Robb Elementary school shooting in Texas.
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Texas school shooting begs the question: Where is God?
After the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, we need the raw presence of God, and His presence will be present through your prayers.
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Texas school shooting: How parents should talk to their kids about the tragedy
Experts offer advice on how parents can speak to kids about the Texas shooting after a gunman opened fire on May 24 at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, killing 19 children and two teachers.
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After Texas school shooting, teachers weigh in on how to stop the violence
Following the shooting in Texas at an elementary school that left 21 dead, teachers weighed in on how to stop gun violence and keep kids safe in schools.
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Biden police order 'is embracing' parts of GOP reform bill Dems filibustered in 2020, Tim Scott says
South Carolina Senator Tim Scott slammed President Biden's police reform executive order, blaming Democrats for blocking his 2020 legislation while Biden now embraces parts of it.
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