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USATODAY - Nation Top Stories
Train runs past site of deadly India derailment
Passengers watched from railcar windows as they passed the site of one of India's deadliest rail crashes in decades. (June 5) (AP video: Rishi Lekhi)      
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Thousands rally against ruling party in Poland
Hundreds of thousands of people marched in an anti-government protest in Poland's capital. Poles voiced their anger Sunday at a conservative government that has eroded democratic norms. (June 5) (AP video: Rafal Niedzielski)      
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US video shows close-call with Chinese destroyer
The United States military released video Monday of what it called an "unsafe" Chinese maneuver in the Taiwan Strait on the weekend, in which a Chinese navy ship cut sharply across the path of an American destroyer, forcing the U.S. ship to slow to avoid a collision. (June 5)      
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Reunification Ride helps kids visit moms in Illinois prison
Reunification Ride takes children from Chicago on a three-hour trip to visit their mothers at Logan Correctional Center in downstate Illinois. Logan is the largest Illinois state prison for women and transgender people. (June 5) (AP video: Melissa Perez Winder)      
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India opposition leader ends US tour in New York
Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi continued his criticism of his country's current leadership during a speech Sunday, calling for Indians in and outside the country to stand up for democracy and the Indian constitution. (June 4)      
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F-16 fighters chased unresponsive plane near DC area before it crashed in Virginia, officials say
F-16 fighters from the Washington, DC National Guard scrambled Sunday at super sonic speed to intercept a private plane whose pilot was unresponsive.      
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Robot farmers? Machines are crawling through America's fields. And some have lasers.
Robots using machine learning are being deployed in the nation's fields. Many experts are optimistic.      
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AP Top Stories June 4 P
Here's the latest for Sunday, June 4th: China defends buzzing U.S. warship in Taiwan Strait; Dozens arrested in Hong Kong on Tiananmen Square protests anniversary; Anti-government protests in Poland draws thousands; Parade marks 79th anniversary of D-Day.      
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Authorized Department of Defense flight caused sonic boom across DC area, officials say
The Washington D.C. area was shaken by a sonic boom after the Department of Defense authorized a flight out of Joint Base Andrews, officials said.       
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32 Detained in HK on Tiananmen Anniversary
In Hong Kong, which had been the last Chinese-controlled territory to hold commemorations, police detained 32 people on Saturday and Sunday. Many of them were brought away around Victoria Park. (June 4)
Missing man's body found at Iowa apartment site; son who kept vigil graduates high school
Officials found the body of Branden Colvin Sr., one of three men missing after the apartment building partially collapsed in Davenport, Iowa.
Railway official: signaling system error led to crash
A railway official says the derailment that killed 275 people and injured hundreds more was caused by an error in the electronic signaling system that led a train to wrongly change tracks and crash into a freight train. (June 4)
China denies 'bullying,' accuses US of provocations in Taiwan: Updates
Chinese officials dismissed accusations of bullying made by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and said the U.S. is fueling Taiwan separatist activities.
Video shows 10-year-old fleeing Michigan police in stolen vehicle, arrested after crash
A 10-year-old was arrested after stealing a car and fleeing police in Saginaw County, Michigan, last week, authorities said.
Haitians defend themselves against gangs
A wave of brutal vigilante justice is roiling Haiti, in response to the country's violent gangs. Gang-related killings and kidnappings have dropped as a result, but human rights activists worry about the gruesome violence meted out against suspected gangsters and fear innocent people will be killed. (June 4) (AP video: Pierre Luxama)
Wildfire near Grayling, Michigan, burns more than 3,000 acres; emergency evacuation order lifted
Firefighters were working to contain a blaze near Grayling, Michigan, that grew to more than 3,000 acres Saturday, officials said.
We shuck 'em, you suck 'em: A slogan every master oyster sommelier loves
USA TODAY's Marco dell Cava learns what it takes to become a master oyster sommelier with sommelier-in-training Jeremy Benson and his instructors.
Afghan brand celebrates cultural heritage
Avizeh, an online based fashion brand, sheds light on the cultural heritage of Afghanistan through its traditional clothes and jewellery (AP video:Lujain Jo / 23 May 2023)
Unthinkable horrors: Inside the scathing report on abuse in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria
In a scathing report, the Illinois Attorney General's Office details how former Peoria Archbishop John Myers mishandled accounts of sexual abuse.
The enduring bond between the Carters and Kings
Jimmy Carter is now 98 years old as he receives hospice care. His fellow Georgian, Martin Luther King Jr., would have been 94. The two men never met during their time in Atlanta. But the Rev. Bernice King tells The Associated Press that Carter has been a "courageous" and "principled" figure who built on her father's work, advancing the King family's vision of racial equality and human rights. (June 4)      
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AP Top Stories June 3 P
Here's the latest for Saturday, June 3rd: Biden signs debt ceiling bill; India train crash kills over 280; Protesters back on the streets in Serbia; Manchester City beats Manchester United 2-1.      
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0604 Today in History
0604 Today in History      
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Christian financial advisor Dave Ramsey sued for $150 million over timeshare-exit company endorsement
Ramsey presented advertisements for the Timeshare Exit Team as sound financial advice for years, profiting off the company, the lawsuit alleges.      
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Pride Month events celebrate LGBTQ communities
Pride Month celebrations – including parades, festivals, parties and picnics – are held throughout June across America.       
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India train crash kills over 280, up to 900 injured
Rescuers in India have found no more survivors in the overturned and mangled wreckage of two passenger trains that derailed, killing more than 280 people and injuring hundreds in one of the country's deadliest rail crashes in decades. (June 3)      
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3 dead after man's 'crime spree' of stabbings and carjackings in California, police say
Police say the suspect carried out multiple "random" attacks in San Jose and Milpitas after hijacking cars.       
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China angered over Austin comments
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin vowed on Saturday that Washington would not stand for any "coercion and bullying" of its allies and partners by China, while assuring Beijing that the United States remains committed to maintaining the status quo on Taiwan and would prefer dialogue over conflict. (June 3)      
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Florida diver who found huge megalodon tooth shares tips on teeth hunting
The 6.25-inch long megalodon tooth is the largest prehistoric shark tooth diver Michael Nastasio has found in his 22 years of diving.       
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The invisible primary, Hunter Biden's paternity case: 5 Things podcast
USA TODAY's David Jackson has the latest on a GOP primary that has come sharper into focus and the latest on Hunter Biden's paternity case.       
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West Virginia trooper fatally shot in Mingo County; suspect in custody, authorities say
State police Sgt. Cory Maynard was fatally shot in Mingo County, about 65 miles southwest of Charleston near the Virginia border.       
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