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USATODAY - Washington Top Stories
USATODAY - Washington Top Stories
Donald Trump fought to save Texas ally Ken Paxton from impeachment. It didn't work.
Donald Trump had repeatedly warned Republicans against backing the impeachment of Attorney General Paxton, arguing it was a 'very unfair process."
Russia terrorizes Kyiv with night, day barrages; Kremlin wants Sen. Graham arrested: Live updates
Russia followed a nighttime missile barrage against Kyiv with a rare daytime attack, sending residents scurrying for cover. Live updates.
'Feel very good.' Biden projects optimism on debt deal as both sides whip up support
President Biden's brief remarks Monday on the debt limit agreement came as both sides whipped up support in anticipation of votes later this week.
'Those silent stones.' Joe Biden pays Memorial Day tribute at Arlington National Cemetery
Biden, speaking at a Memorial Day ceremony, said all Americans have a responsibility to ensure the sacrifice of fallen soldiers "was not in vain."      
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Next in battle in debt ceiling saga? Biden and McCarthy race to find votes.
Winning majority votes for the debt ceiling deal will be an intricate dance, with both sides eager to tout wins without inadvertently tanking support.      
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Texas House impeaches AG Ken Paxton with overwhelming GOP support. Senate trial is next.
The 121-23 vote included overwhelming Republican support.       
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President Joe Biden, Speaker Kevin McCarthy reach debt ceiling agreement
President Joe Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy reached a bipartisan agreement to raise the debt ceiling as deal heads to Congress and default deadline looms.       
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What's in the debt ceiling deal?, bomb threats at Target stores: 5 Things podcast
Biden and McCarthy struck a deal late Saturday to raise the debt ceiling, police investigate bomb threats at three Target stores: 5 Things podcast
Daily Briefing: The debt ceiling deal's uncertain future
McCarthy and Biden's deal now goes to Congress.
Oklahoma State Department of Education video 'painted a target on our backs,' teacher says
A video the Oklahoma State Department of Education created portrays teacher unions as an existential threat in classrooms.
Speaker McCarthy says student loan payment 'gone' under debt ceiling deal. Here's what that means.
Even before Sunday's debt ceiling deal between President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy, efforts were underway to bring student loan payments back.
Liz Cheney calls out Donald Trump, Republican colleagues in speech: 'Wanted me to lie'
Former Rep. Liz Cheney slammed former President Donald Trump and her Republican colleagues in a commencement speech in Colorado.       
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Florida mom who challenged Amanda Gorman poem and other books says she only read parts of the material
The Florida mom whose complaints prompted an acclaimed poem and multiple books to be restricted also apologized for an antisemitic post she shared.      
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'They have to worry': Debt ceiling deal faces pushback from the left and right
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy downplayed the criticism from the right flank of the Republican Party and said the debt ceiling bill will pass.      
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Democrat knocks Supreme Court as 'fact free zone,' says Congress can impose ethics rules
Sen. Whitehouse, a vocal Democratic critic of the Supreme Court, used an NBC interview to push back on Chief Justice Roberts' arguments on ethics.      
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What's in Biden and McCarthy's debt ceiling deal − and what's not? Here's 7 takeaways
President Joe Biden conceded on several spending cuts, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy didn't get everything Republicans wanted either.      
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'Insecure' Russians launch largest drone attack, say West 'playing with fire': Live Ukraine updates
Kyiv was subjected to the "most massive" drone attack since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began 15 months ago, a five-hour bombardment. Updates.      
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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton impeached by House after scandal-plagued decade
The Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton after allegations he misused his office and retaliated against others.       
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Biden, McCarthy reach 'agreement in principle' to raise debt ceiling, cut spending
The tentative deal would raise the limit on how much the government can borrow through the end of 2024.      
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VP Harris becomes 1st woman to give a commencement speech at West Point. It was founded 200+ years ago.
Harris is the first woman and person of color to serve as the vice president of the U.S. About one-quarter of the West Point student body are women.      
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