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What Elise Stefanik's rise says about the new GOP: Trump rules. Ideology? Fugetaboutit.
Losing presidential candidates typically fade away. Not Trump, the force behind Cheney's fall and Stefanik's rise, launching a new face of the GOP.
With Liz Cheney removed as House GOP chair, what's next?
The first order of business will be to replace Cheney, and it looks like Rep. Elise Stefanik will step into that role.       
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Biden: White House in 'very close contact' with Colonial Pipeline over shutdown, fuel shortage
Biden said Wednesday his administration is in "very close contact" with Colonial Pipeline after a cyberattack threatened a gas shortage across the Southeast region.
OnPolitics: Liz Cheney gets the boot
With the ouster of Liz Cheney, Trump's grip on the GOP seems to be tightening.
'Fake unity': Liz Cheney allies call out House GOP for rushed voice vote to oust her from leadership
The Wyoming Republican survived a Feb. 3 challenge to her leadership where secret ballots were used and members could speak for and against her.
Tennessee health czar: I can combat vaccine hesitancy because I'm a fully-vaxxed evangelical
Lisa Piercey is a small-town farm girl who rose to become Tennessee's health commissioner. She is a mask-wearing, fully vaccinated mother of 4.
Republicans draw 'red line' in negotiations with Joe Biden on infrastructure package
For 90 minutes, President Biden met Wednesday in the Oval Office with the "Big 4" legislative leaders from both chambers of Congress.
Amid warnings of a 'full-scale war,' Biden administration dispatches envoy to the Middle East
President Biden faces growing pressure to help stem the violence as Israeli airstrikes killed dozens of Palestinians, Hamas rockets killed Israelis.
Third way? Republican opponents of Donald Trump talk about forming third party
The demand comes as House Republicans voted Wednesday to purge Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., a Trump critic, from her party leadership position.
Timeline: Liz Cheney's falling out with House Republicans
Once a favorite within the GOP, Cheney lost a vote Wednesday to remove her from her House GOP leadership position. How did she get here?
'Just the Trump Party:' Liz Cheney demotion proves Donald Trump's hold on Republican politics, experts say
Republicans who criticize Trump for making false claims about the 2020 election - as Cheney did - are likely to pay a political price, experts say.
Former chiefs of Pentagon, Justice Department defend response to Jan. 6 Capitol riot
The former leaders of the Pentagon and Justice Department defended their response to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, despite delayed deployment of troops.
Cheney's warning on Trump, a voice vote, Stefanik's bid: 4 takeaways from GOP conference meeting
Upon being stripped of her leadership post, Rep. Liz Cheney vows to keep Trump from regaining Oval Office. And Rep. Elise Stefanik launches her bid.
Liz Cheney live updates: House Republicans expected to vote on removing her from leadership
The vote is the result of weeks of drama among House Republicans, some who see Rep. Liz Cheney's criticism of Donald Trump as a distraction.
Liz Cheney's future in Republican leadership to be decided by secret ballot in closed-door meeting
Under long-standing conference rules, votes will be cast in secret by the members who physically show up to the morning meeting in the Capitol.
Liz Cheney is set to be removed from her post as House GOP Conference chair. What does the chair do?
Liz Cheney holds the third-ranking position among House Republicans, a role she was elected for by her fellow Republican members of Congress.
Exclusive: Biden names new federal judges, including a Bush nominee, with an emphasis on diversity
Biden is filling federal judgeships with an eye toward racial and professional diversity. The White House is now unveiling its next round of nominees.
Vote to oust Liz Cheney puts spotlight on House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, a Trump loyalist
Rep. Liz Cheney angered Kevin McCarthy, a staunch Trump ally, over her criticisms of the former president and his false claims of election fraud.       
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These 9 states will end participation in unemployment assistance programs. Their reasons vary.
At least nine states have announced that they will be ending participation in unemployment assistance programs. Here are their reasons.       
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Rep. Liz Cheney gives passionate speech on House floor regarding Trump's influence
The speech comes before House Republicans expecting to hold a vote Wednesday to strip Rep. Liz Cheney of her leadership position.       
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'I know the topic is cancel culture.' What Rep. Liz Cheney said in her House floor speech about Trump
"This is not about policy. This is not about partisanship. This is about our duty as Americans," Cheney said a day before a vote on her ouster.      
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OnPolitics: Things are escalating quickly
Israeli-Palestinian tensions have been spiraling for weeks. Plus: Vaccines, healthcare and Liz Cheney continue to dominate headlines.       
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Billions on the way: How much money is headed to your state, city from the COVID rescue plan
Here's what $350 billion in direct aid to city, county and state governments will mean for your community.      
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NRA bankruptcy dismissed: National Rifle Association's Chapter 11 case rejected as not 'in good faith'
A federal judge rejected the National Rifle Association's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, forcing the NRA to solve its New York AG dispute out of court.      
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Sen. Rand Paul questions Dr. Anthony Fauci about the origins of COVID-19
How "conspiracy theories" are working against the goal of getting Americans vaccinated for COVID-19.       
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Biden to announce Uber, Lyft partnership providing free rides to COVID-19 vaccination sites through July 4
Biden will announce efforts to encourage Americans to get vaccinated in order to meet his goal of 70% of the adult population getting one shot by July 4.      
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'Just Jim being Jim': Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan's hometown stands behind provocative politician
A vocal ally of Donald Trump, Rep. Jim Jordan sees the central Ohio town of Urbana in Champaign County as formative to his career.       
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White House confirms President Joe Biden will visit Michigan on Tuesday
The White House said Biden will visit Ford plant in Dearborn ahead of automaker's reveal of an electric version of its best-selling truck.       
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Kinzinger claims McCarthy ignored warning that Jan. 6 events could turn violent
Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger told National Press Club on Monday that continued lying to voters will destroy the GOP.      
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Obamacare sign-ups top 1 million during special enrollment period for COVID-19
More than 1 million Americans signed up for health insurance during the special enrollment period for COVID-19, according to the Biden administration.       
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