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Joe Biden is not going to pursue unity in office. And that's not even what we need.
Joe Biden made unity his inaugural theme, but he's not going to pursue a unity agenda. And unity isn't what we need to repair American democracy.
Women weigh in on Kamala Harris' election
We invited female authors, newsmakers, activists, politicians and pundits to tell us what Harris' election means to them.        
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Turning the page on Trump: A new day in America brings hope, pride
I watched the Biden-Harris inaugural on Zoom with a dozen left-leaning people around the USA. Here's what they had to say.        
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How to answer Joe Biden's call for unity without compromising your values
Like many progressives, I cringe when I hear the word "unity."        
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Mass killings dropped in 2020. Repudiate right-wing extremism to continue the trend.
There is now growing concern over the threat posed by heavily armed, white supremacist groups. We can't risk a repeat of hate-inspired massacres.        
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Who should get the COVID-19 vaccine now and who should wait?
Vaccinate everyone 65 and older to lighten the COVID burden on hospitals and slow the death rate. Defer those under 75 who've had it and are likely immune.        
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At inaugural, Biden hit right tone with call to work together for common good: Reader views
Pence deserves credit for attending, reaching out to incoming Vice President Kamala Harris and facilitating smooth transition        
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