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USATODAY - College Football Top Stories
USATODAY - College Football Top Stories
Lane Kiffin doesn't see Alabama coach Nick Saban retiring anytime soon: 'He'll be there forever'
Alabama coach Nick Saban is 70 years old, but Lane Kiffin doesn't seem him retiring anytime soon. "He'll be there forever," the Ole Miss coach said.
Imagining what a Nick Saban voicemail apology to Jimbo Fisher might sound like | Opinion
Did Nick Saban leave a voicemail apology? That's the lingering question we would like answered after last week's Saban-Jimbo Fisher spat.
Ex-Virginia Tech linebacker Isi Etute set for murder trial, likely with a controversial defense
Ex-Virginia Tech linebacker Isi Etute pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the killing of Jerry Smith, whom Etute met on Tinder as "Angie."       
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Why Nick Saban's $1M NIL accusation 'stung' Deion Sander and was an insult to HBCUs
Nick Saban's NIL comments exposed a viewpoint that HBCUs can't attract top talent without paying players, Jackson State's Deion Sanders said.       
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Arch Manning would be biggest quarterback landing at Texas since Vince Young | Opinion
Arch Manning is coming back to Austin, Texas on June 18 to visit the Longhorns campus for the second time since last season.       
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