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GANNETT Syndication Service
NHL award picks: Connor McDavid runs away with MVP, but others are up for grabs
The 56-game season brought players an unusual set of circumstances. Connor McDavid is frontrunner for Hart Trophy, but other awards aren't as easy.
2021 NHL awards season
When the NHL regular season ends, voting will begin on the Hart Trophy and other postseason awards. Finalists will be announced during the playoffs.       
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Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley says he's sorry for on-air remark about putting 'a bullet in my head'
While praising Blackhawks players for putting up with road COVID-19 protocols, Pat Foley said, 'I might have put a bullet in my head' if he traveled.       
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Victor Hedman's health among potentially troubling issues facing NHL playoff teams
Victor Hedman's health is a question mark yet again for the Lightning entering the playoffs. Here are other teams showing potentially troubling signs.       
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Here are some sports records that were not meant to be easily broken
It took someone (Russell Westbrook) 47 years before breaking Oscar Robertson's triple-double mark. Other sports records are taking longer to break.      
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