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Andrew Koji breaks out in 'Snake Eyes,' eagerly awaits an invite to Brad Pitt's house
Rising action star Andrew Koji discusses his breakout as a ninja in 'Snake Eyes' and boarding 'Bullet Train' with A-list 'craftsman' Brad Pitt.       
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Spoilers! How that chilly 'Snake Eyes' ending sets up an 'iconic' G.I. Joe franchise feud
The ending of 'Snake Eyes' sets up a feud between Henry Golding's title ninja and Andrew Koji's Storm Shadow, as well as G.I. Joe's franchise future.       
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Dev Patel goes on an Arthurian quest in 'The Green Knight'
King Arthur's nephew Gawain (Dev Patel) goes on a quest to confront a mysterious and formidable figure in director David Lowery's 'The Green Knight."       
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Henry Golding leads the ninja charge of 'G.I. Joe' film 'Snake Eyes'
Henry Golding stars as the title loner and Andrew Koji plays ninja Tommy, aka Storm Shadow, in the new 'G.I. Joe Origins' movie 'Snake Eyes.'       
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