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GANNETT Syndication Service
Keanu Reeves reunites with band Dogstar for first performance in over 20 years
Keanu Reeves reunited with his band Dogstar at BottleRock Napa Valley music festival on Saturday for their first performance in over 20 years.      
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Pedro Pascal recalls weird fan encounters that gave him 'a bit of an eye infection'
"People were super into taking selfies with their thumbs in my eyes," Pascal revealed during an actor's roundtable.       
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Sydney Sweeney talks true story behind Reality Winner movie: 'You can't even write stuff like this!'
"Euphoria" star Sydney Sweeney was "scared" to do HBO's "Reality," which uses actual FBI transcript to tell the story of whistleblower Reality Winner.       
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Prince Eric is the best Disney prince. Here's why we love the underrated 'Little Mermaid' hero.
Jonah Hauer-King is dreamy as Prince Eric in the new "Little Mermaid," but the dashing sailor has always been the best Disney prince. Here's why.       
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