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USATODAY - Tech Top Stories
USATODAY - Tech Top Stories
Access to technology is changing the U.S. education system for good
Access to technology is changing the way kids learn and revolutionizing the U.S. education system.      
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All that extra screen time may be causing eye issues in kids
Eye doctors say many young kids are complaining of eyestrain or being diagnosed with myopia since the start of the pandemic.
Video games playing on the minds of Amazon, Netflix, Peloton and Zoom
What do Amazon, Netflix, Peloton and Zoom all have in common? Each wants to get into the video game business. Amazon's "New World" game is in testing.      
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Is someone using your webcam to spy on you? How to know and what to do to protect your privacy
Cyber criminals exploit your fear about what a stranger might see if someone hacks into your webcam, including a sextortion scam.      
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Ransomware: What to do if hit by an attack
Ransomware is an attack that locks your computer and demands a ransom to give back your data. Here's how to respond if attacked.      
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Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott inspires HIPAA memes on social media after COVID vaccine reply
Social media users quickly corrected Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott after he cited a privacy law that only applies to medical settings.      
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