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GANNETT Syndication Service
GANNETT Syndication Service
Looking for a fun summer vacation spot? Check out these top beaches in the country!
As summer kicks off, here's the top-ranked beaches in each U.S. region.
Want to try a nudist beach? Consider these waterfront spots.
Fashion, lingerie and swimwear retailer Pour Moi analyzed Google reviews to rank the top nude-friendly beaches globally.      
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Air India replacement plane reaches San Francisco after emergency landing in Russia
Air India said all passengers and crew made it to San Francisco Thursday following a stop in Russia's Siberia Tuesday because of an engine problem.      
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'Gay summer camp': How cruises create space for LGBTQ+ travelers at sea
For some LGBTQ+ travelers, gay cruises have offered a kind of haven, and the market has grown, with more options aimed at a wider range of travelers.
Ground delay: Flights to Newark, LaGuardia delayed as smoke reduces visibility around NY
The Federal Aviation Administration instituted a ground delay program for Newark and LaGuardia Airports as wildfire smoke reduces visibility near NYC.      
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Is your airplane tracking how much you drink? These sensors may be offer better service.
New tech from Collins Aerospace allows flight attendants to track what you're doing to improve their service and maintenance to respond faster.      
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Look: This seating concept could let wheelchair users fly in their own chairs
One of the most popular displays at the Aircraft Cabin Interiors Expo featured a concept that allows wheelchairs to be secured in airplane cabins.      
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Wheelchair users may soon be able to fly in their own device with this new seat concept.
A new concept for onboard wheelchair securement is demonstrated at the Aircraft Cabin Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.      
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Paradise found: These are the best beaches in the US, cited by USA TODAY 10Best readers
Here are the 2023 10Best Readers' Choice Award winners for Best Beach in the Northeast, Best Beach in the South and Best Beach on the West Coast.      
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Yes, you could inhale toxic fumes during your flight: What to know | Cruising Altitude
Toxic fume incidents aren't very common, but they can make passengers, flight attendants and pilots seriously ill. Here are the warning signs.      
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Yellowstone issues plea after multiple incidents of tourists disturbing wildlife: 'Leave it alone'
Yellowstone National Park officials are urging visitors to respect the rules after a baby bison was euthanized and an elk calf was put in a car.      
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US warns travelers to the Dominican Republic of violent crime, sexual assault
The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory for the Dominican Republic because of crime, including sexual assault. Here's more information.      
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Southwest Airlines employee fraudulently sold 'Luv Vouchers' worth $1.87M, feds say
A Southwest Airlines employee in Chicago has been charged with fraudulently creating and selling travel vouchers worth more than $1.87 million.      
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How engineering lets economy airplane seats offer more legroom in a small space
USA TODAY spoke to a major airplane seat manufacturer to understand how small changes can make a big difference when it comes to legroom in economy.      
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Why you shouldn't worry about gassy passengers on the stacked plane seats
What to know about that double decker concept for airplane seats and why upstair neighbors may not be a concern after all.      
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