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Storm hits Carnival cruise ship off Charleston, water surges into rooms
Passengers on the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship described 40-foot waves and broken glass during an hours-long storm off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.
WGA asks Tony-nominated members not to attend Tony Awards
The WGA has already said it won't picket the Tonys after organizers agreed to host an unscripted ceremony.
For the first time, more money is going into solar power than oil
Russia's war in Ukraine is spurring investments in renewable energy, but the world still needs scale back fossil fuels to meet climate goals, energy group says.
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Scientists work to discover where great white sharks mate in the Atlantic
The great white shark is one of the most infamous ocean-dwellers on the planet, and now, researchers are on the verge of discovering where they mate in the Atlantic. Carter Evans joined those scientists 12 miles off the coast of North Carolina.
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Crews search for missing people after partial apartment building collapse in Davenport, Iowa
Davenport Mayor Mike Matsen said there were "several people unaccounted for" after the backside of an apartment complex collapsed. Meg Oliver reports.
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"The Little Mermaid" dominates at the box office
The live-action remake of the 1989 Disney classic exceeded other box office hits and new releases on Memorial Day weekend.
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Rare white bison born at Wyoming state park
According to the National Parks Service, a white buffalo calf is "the most sacred living thing on Earth​" to some Native American tribes.
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Vietnam veterans reunite with fellow POWs 50 years after coming home
Vietnam Prisoners of War gathered at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library 50 years after the president first honored the servicemen at the White House. The bond between the veterans remains strong and they credit each other for surviving months and years of torture and making it back home together. Carter Evans reports.
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Deal to raise debt ceiling criticized by members of both parties
The White House and a team led by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy finished a deal to raise the debt ceiling over the holiday weekend. Lawmakers from both parties are criticizing the concessions made by McCarthy and President Biden, which calls into question if the House has enough support to pass the legislation. Scott MacFarlane reports from Capitol Hill.
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Kyiv comes under heavy bombardment after 2 nights of Russian drone strikes
Russia hit Kyiv Monday in a mid-morning attack following a weekend of strikes across Ukraine. Debora Patta reports.
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Memorial Day weekend travel surge pushes airports, airline crews to the limit
Millions of Americans have faced busy roads and packed airports this holiday weekend. CBS News went behind the scenes with American Airlines as their team raced against the clock to get a plane ready to go again after landing. Kris Van Cleave reports.
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Eye Opener: Biden makes a deal with Republicans to avoid U.S. default
President Biden makes a deal with Republicans to avoid a government default, but Congress needs to approve it. Also, on the busiest travel day of the year so far, we look at how airlines are handling the rush. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener.
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New York City is slowly sinking, researchers say
While the process is slow, parts of the city will eventually be under water, said lead researcher Tom Parsons of the U.S. Geological Survey.
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Raccoon in pet store for nail trim euthanized after customers kiss it
Raccoons are one of the most common carriers of rabies in Maine and authorities feared humans handling the raccoon might have put themselves at risk. Animals have to be euthanized to be tested for rabies.
Missing 73 years, Medal of Honor recipient's remains returned to Georgia
Late Army Cpl. Luther H. Story's bravery during the Korean War earned him the Medal of Honor -- and cost him his life. Until now, no one knew where his body was.
5/28: CBS Weekend News
Biden optimistic Democrats will back debt ceiling plan; The family behind Fort Moore's new name
Suspect arrested in connection to 5 shootings in Arizona that left 4 dead
Iren Byers, 20, was arrested in connection with four shootings late Friday night in Mesa and an additional homicide earlier on Friday in Phoenix.
Asian Americans reclaim birth names amid rising hate incidents
Many Asian Americans have used more Western sounding names instead of their birth names. Now, amid rising incidents of hate, some are reclaiming their birth names. Shanelle Kaul shares their story.
Biden optimistic Democrats will back debt ceiling plan
President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy both expressed optimism that they would be able to get their respective parties on board for the debt ceiling plan they negotiated. Natalie Brand has the latest.
What happens if lawmakers don't agree on debt ceiling raise
A tentative agreement has been reached on a deal that would raise the debt limit and avert a government default. Scott MacFarlane takes a look at the backup plan in case lawmakers don't pass the bill.
Memorial Day weather forecast
Parts of the country were dealing with picture perfect weather for Memorial Day weekend while others weren't so lucky. The Weather Channel meteorologist Paul Goodloe has the forecast.
3 killed, 5 wounded in New Mexico motorcycle rally shooting
Three people were killed and five others wounded in a shooting at a motorcycle rally in New Mexico.
Ken Paxton headed to Senate trial after impeachment
The Texas Senate is set to pick a date for the upcoming impeachment trial of state Attorney General Ken Paxton. Paxton was impeached by the House in a bipartisan vote on Saturday. Astrid Martinez has the latest.
"CBS Weekend News" headlines for Sunday, May 28, 2023
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Weekend News" with Jericka Duncan.
Escaped Ohio prison inmate Bradley Gillespie found dead in Ohio River
Bradley Gillespie escaped from an Ohio prison with another inmate, James Lee, who was previously captured.
Full transcript of "Face the Nation," May 28, 2023
On this "Face the Nation" broadcast, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Microsoft president and vice chair Brad Smith join Margaret Brennan.
Remains of WWII airman identified nearly 80 years after his death
Military authorities say Tech. Sgt. James Howie, an Army Air Force member from Illinois, was identified using DNA testing nearly eight decades after he was killed during World War II.
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What's in the debt ceiling deal — and what's not
Congress may vote as soon as this week on the debt ceiling deal reached by the White House and House Republicans.
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2 more horses die at Churchill Downs, marking 12 deaths this month
The Kentucky Derby horses were euthanized after suffering serious injuries in races on Friday and Saturday.
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Face The Nation: Smith, Krebs
Missed the second half of the show? The latest on Brad Smith, Microsoft president, says he believes A.I. regulation will happen in the coming year, Christopher Krebs said bad actors can take advantage of U.S.' cybersecurity "vulnerabilities", and 2023 commencement speakers address unprecedented challenges faced by today's grads.
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