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As Israel-Hamas air war rages, violence spreads on Israeli streets
The violence has reached deeper into Israel than any since the 2000 Palestinian intifada, or uprising. Arab and Jewish mobs are rampaging through the streets.
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Volunteers risk lives to collect bodies of COVID-19 victims in India
Bodies have been burning nonstop at a makeshift crematorium in New Delhi.
Volunteers risk their lives as India’s death toll climbs
Volunteers in India are risking their lives to collect the dead as the COVID-19 death toll rises. Experts say the daily death toll could be much higher than reported. Chris Livesay has the latest.
New documentary offers a glimpse into the mind of influential comic Garry Shandling
When influential comedian Garry Shandling died two years ago he was remembered as both a top standup and the creator of two of the most innovative sitcoms in television history. Now, Shandling is the subject of "The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling," a new HBO documentary by fellow comedian and film director Judd Apatow. Jamie Wax reports.
March For Our Lives: Hundreds of thousands expected to rally
Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to flood the streets of Washington D.C. Saturday to say they’ve had enough of gun violence. The March For Our Lives rally is being organized by students who survived the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Jeff Pegues reports.
Iranian hackers "taking credit" for our work, FBI deputy director says
Federal prosecutors slapped criminal charges Friday on nine Iranians accused of hacking to steal scientific research and other information from more than 300 universities and private companies. CBS News justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues reports.
Gunman takes hostages in France
Officials say 3 people were killed in a terrorist incident in southern France before the gunman was shot dead by police. AP Bureau Chief Angela Charlton joined CBSN by phone from Paris as the situation was unfolding.
At least one reportedly killed in France hostage standoff
In an potential terror attack, police say a suspect took people hostage inside a supermarket in southern France. At least one person is feared dead in Trèbes. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
China warns of retaliation over Trump's trade tariffs
China says it is not afraid of a trade war with the U.S. The comments come after President Trump unveiled up to $60 billion in tariffs on some Chinese imports Thursday. China is fighting back with its own tariffs on U.S. goods. Ben Tracy reports.
Iran enriches uranium to highest purity yet as nuke talks continue
International nuclear agency says the slight increase beyond Iran's declared nuclear work is within expected "fluctuations," but it still sends a message.
USA Track & Field nixes Olympic training in Japan over COVID concerns
Team USA hasn't commented, while a regional official in Japan called the apparent move "unfortunate," but indicated understanding "given the current situation."
3 fingers: Hollywood's role in Asia's pro-democracy movements
It may seem frivolous for people in life-and-death battles against tyranny to borrow a movie symbol, but the most powerful symbols are those understood by everyone.
Reporter's Notebook: David Begnaud on Hurricane Maria's aftermath in Puerto Rico
CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, who was honored with the George Polk Award for Public Service for his extensive coverage of the impact of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, describes the aftermath of the hurricane and what it was like to return to the island six months later.
Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is falling apart
A foundation in France hopes Americans will donate money to help save the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It's home to some of Catholicism's most important relics. Conservationists say the building is in desperate need of repair. Roxana Saberi reports.
Israeli airstrikes target Hamas as Gaza rockets reach Tel Aviv, civilians dying on both sides
Confrontation between Israel and Hamas sparked by weeks of tensions at a mosque in Jerusalem escalated into Wednesday with Hamas launching over 100 rockets into Israel in response to Israeli airstrikes. Senior foreign correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports on the death toll felt on both sides
Colonial Pipeline shutdown: What you need to know, impact on gas prices
Helima Croft of RBC Capital Markets joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the impact of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown.
Putin celebrates a fourth term as president
Russian President Vladimir Putin sailed to victory clinching a fourth term as president. While he faced several opponents, his win was widely expected. CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports.
General Miller, head of U.S. NATO forces in Afghanistan, discusses American drawdown
Charlie D'Agata tours the battlefield with General Scott Miller, the Commander of U.S. NATO forces in Afghanistan who is giving his first interview since the May 1 drawdown of American troops.
Vladimir Putin wins Russian election in landslide
Vladimir Putin will lead Russia for another six years. He cruised to an expected victory in Sunday's presidential election, winning nearly 77 percent of the vote. Elizabeth Palmer reports from Moscow.
Vladimir Putin reelected in Russia
Vladimir Putin was reelected with more than 70 percent of the vote. But turnout may have been lower than he wanted: About 52 percent of Russia's nearly 111 million voters weighed in. CBS News' foreign correspondent Liz Palmer reports from Moscow.
Israel vows to increase strikes until there's "total" quiet from Gaza
Israel is pounding Gaza with airstrikes as Palestinian militants send a barrage of rockets the other way. 48 Palestinians and 6 Israelis have reportedly been killed.
Hanging, poisoning, impalement: British officials investigate grisly Russian deaths
Russian exile Nikolai Glushkov was found strangled in his home Monday. But his death is just one of 14 untimely deaths of Russian exiles living in Britain that are now being looked at by investigators. CBS News foreign correspondent Charlie D'Agata explains.
Dog mistakenly flown to Japan reunites with owners
A German shepherd is finally back home with his family Friday after United Airlines mistakenly sent him halfway across the world. Irgo was supposed to land in Kansas City with his owners on Tuesday, but United flew him to Japan instead. Vladimir Duthiers reports.
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Video shows sheriff's deputy never confronted Florida school shooter
Surveillance video from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida shows how a sheriff's deputy failed to go after the gunman in last month's deadly shooting that killed 17 people. Adriana Diaz reports.
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Russia vows to retaliate over new U.S. sanctions
The Treasury Department announced sanctions Thursday on five Russian organizations and 19 people in connection. Russian President Vladimir Putin has not responded. He's focused on this weekend's election where he is seeking another term against little opposition. Elizabeth Palmer reports from Moscow.
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Millions forced from their homes over 7 years of fighting in Syria
Seven years of fighting in Syria has resulted in 400,000 people dead, more than 1 million injured and more than half of the population forced to flee. But in areas like Ghouta, there's still no end in sight. CBS News correspondent Seth Doane reports.
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Tiny pieces of plastic could be in your bottled water
New research finds some of the most popular brands of bottled water contain tiny pieces of plastic. While virtually all were too small to see, scientists say the largest was about the width of a human hair. CBS News correspondent Anna Werner reports.
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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says his country could develop nuclear weapons
The next leader of Saudi Arabia says his country would obtain a nuclear weapon if arch-rival Iran successfully develops its own. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman spoke to Norah O'Donnell in an interview set to air this Sunday on "60 Minutes."
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Meet the American helping Irish women get abortions
Looming referendum could ease Ireland's restrictive abortion laws, but for now Irish women must travel to terminate pregnancies
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Vladimir Putin campaigns in disputed territory of Crimea
The Kremlin is rejecting British allegations that Russia is behind the nerve agent attack on a former spy and his daughter in England. Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin traveled to Crimea for a massive campaign rally, days before the election. Russia faced international condemnation when it took over Crimea from Ukraine four years ago. Elizabeth Palmer reports from Sevastopol.
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