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On the frontlines of war in Ukraine
CBS News' Imitaz Tyab speaks with soldiers in the bunkers and trenches of Ukraine as they take cover from shelling.
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CBS News team and Ukrainian troops duck for cover from Russian artillery
The farming village near the city of Kherson was taken back from Russia's occupying forces weeks ago. As CBS News' Imtiaz Tyab discovered, it's still being punished.
3 h
11 newborns killed as fire tears through hospital in Senegal
The nation's president said only three infants could be saved from the blaze, which a local official blamed on an electrical short circuit.
4 h
Mysterious "accident" at an Iranian weapons facility kills an engineer
Defense Ministry says the "accident" struck the Parchin military research center, where the global nuclear agency suspectes Iran once conducted explosives tests.
5 h
Palestinian officials say teen fatally "shot by Israeli forces"
Israel's army says "hundreds of Palestinians took part in a violent riot" in the West Bank, and "soldiers responded with fire at a suspect throwing a firebomb."
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Ukraine's Zelenskyy voices "personal" grief over "awful shooting in Texas"
The president who's gained global respect as a war-time leader said he felt a "personal tragedy" seeing American kids murdered "in peaceful times."
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North Korea tests 3 ballistic missiles including possible ICBM, South says
Seoul also said it spotted steps in a nuclear detonator operation, part of what it said are preparations for what would be Pyongyang's first nuclear test since 2017.
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North Korea launches 3 ballistic missiles toward sea, Seoul says
The launches were North Korea's 17th round of missile firings​ this year.
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200 bodies found in Mariupol basement, Ukraine says
The ruined city has seen some of the worst suffering of the 3-month-long war.
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8 women, 3 men dead after gunmen open fire on hotel, bars in Mexico
Witnesses said the victims were shot, after which the attackers poured gasoline to set the establishments on fire.
2 d
Time releases list of 100 most influential people of 2022
From a billionaire personally funding the fight against climate change to protectors of human rights, these are the people dubbed Time's 100 most influential for 2022.
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"The Points Guy" Brian Kelly on how to get the best deals when planning a summer vacation
Travel expert Brian Kelly joins “CBS Mornings” to share tips on how to get the best deals this summer when booking your next vacation.
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What is the U.S. doing to deter China from attacking Taiwan?
CBS News sees U.S. Marines train for warfare in terrain just like Taiwan's as Biden bolsters alliances in the region. It's all a clear message to Beijing.
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