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Oklahoma governor signs nation's strictest abortion ban
Two of Oklahoma's four abortion clinics already stopped providing abortions after the governor signed a six-week ban earlier this month​.
Second federal baby formula shipment arrives in U.S.
Another massive shipment of hypoallergenic baby formula arrived in the U.S. and could be shipped as early as this weekend to retailers, hospitals and families in need. The Food and Drug Administration appointed an independent investigator to look into delays that led to the shortage of formula.
Trauma surgeon recounts operating on victims of school shooting
"Sadly, we were prepared for and thought we would get more patients than we did," Dr. Lillian Liao told CBS News.
Candy and snacks made with Jif peanut butter now being recalled
Americans urged not to eat an assorted treats and snacks amid a multistate salmonella outbreak that's sickened 14.
Pfizer lowers drug prices for some of world's poorest nations
"Supply was not enough to resolve the issues that these countries are having," Pfizer's CEO said at Davos.
Psychologist on how to talk to talk to kids about the Texas school shooting
Dr. Jamie Howard, senior clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, joins "CBS Mornings" with advice on how parents can talk with their kids about the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school, and what to do if their kids have fears and anxieties about going to school.
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"Long COVID" symptoms affect 1 in 4 seniors after infection, study finds
Respiratory symptoms and musculoskeletal pain were the most common lingering health issues reported.
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Kids discuss mental health impacts of phones and social media
In recent years, more and more young people have used tablets or computers, research finds.
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U.S. births rose in 2021, but still lower than before pandemic
U.S. births bumped up last year, but the number of babies born was still lower than before the coronavirus pandemic.
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