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Australia ignored WHO's border advice on COVID, and it worked
Sealing borders to non-residents and quarantining anyone who does come in has been "critical" to Australia's success, says an expert who calls the U.S. response "painful to watch."
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Biden reopening Obamacare enrollment during pandemic
Presidential order would offer help to millions of Americans who have lost health insurance during the outbreak.
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Melinda Gates discusses annual letter from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Philanthropist Melinda Gates sits down with Gayle King to discuss the themes and highlights of her foundation's traditional yearly letter. It comes as no surprise that this year, it focuses exclusively on the COVID-19 pandemic and the global response to it. It also looks ahead and recommends how to prepare for the next one.
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Veterans in "disbelief" over executive order on toxic military base
In one of his last acts as commander-in-chief, President Trump signed an executive order that recognizes sick veterans who passed through a toxic military base after 9/11 known as K2. Catherine Herridge reports.
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Biden administration boosts vaccine supply to states, aims to buy 200 million doses by end of summer
President Biden unveiled a plan Tuesday to boost the weekly COVID-19 vaccine distribution to states by 16% for at least the next three weeks, bringing the amount of weekly doses it will release from 8.6 million to around 10 million. The president also said the government plans to buy another 200 million vaccine doses by the end of the summer. Ed O'Keefe reports.
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Minnesota teacher never misses class, even from her hospital room
Kelly Klein, a kindergarten teacher in Minnesota, is tackling virtual learning while battling ovarian cancer. She's showing up to her virtual classroom, even while undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital. Chip Reid shares her story.
States report coronavirus vaccine shortages as Americans wait for shot
Vaccine appointments are being canceled around the country as states and cities report shortages of the shots. Manuel Bojorquez reports.
CVS, Walgreens blamed for slow vaccine rollout in nursing homes
"People are absolutely dying right now who didn't have to," said the chief medical officer of one assisted living chain.
Teachers, students, parents frustrated over school reopening setbacks
The debate over the safety of reopening classrooms amid the COVID-19 crisis is far from over. Meg Oliver reports on the frustrations many teachers, students and parents are experiencing as the pandemic nears the 11-month mark.
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California lifts stay-home order, allowing restaurants to reopen
COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the decline, but ICU capacity in some California regions remains 0%. Jonathan Vigliotti reports.
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Rural Texas vaccine sites are still waiting for doses
One Texas hospital barely received its first shipment of the coronavirus vaccine. It was less than 1,000 doses. Omar Villafranca reports.
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Where to find the real "hi-filt" masks, and how to spot the fakes
The fit of a mask is as important as its filtration ability, experts say. So is avoiding the many counterfeits.
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French health officials urge no talking on public transit to stop virus
According to a recent study, when two people are in a poorly ventilated space, a prolonged conversation is far more likely to spread respiratory droplets carrying the virus than a short cough.
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Pandemic highlights health care challenges for deaf patients
Navigating the pandemic brings more challenges for 48 million Americans with hearing loss — especially when it comes to receiving medical care.
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Merck drops two unpromising COVID-19 vaccines
The drugmaker will focus instead on two possible treatments for the virus, yet to be approved by regulators.
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