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5/28/2023: Canada's Unmarked Graves; Sharswood
The dark legacy of Canada's residential schools. Then, Reclaiming history on a former plantation.
5/28/2023: Radio Free Europe; Return to Gorongosa; The Guru
Radio Free Europe in 2023. Then, Rehabilitating Gorongosa National Park. And, Rick Rubin: The 60 Minutes Interview.
Restoring Gorongosa National Park after decades of war
Gorongosa was devastated by years of war, but now the park, and the people around it, are getting new opportunities thanks to philanthropist Greg Carr's nonprofit foundation.
Radio Free Europe's familiar mission in 2023
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty may seem like a Cold War relic, but with the war in Ukraine, the broadcaster is again being counted on to transmit straight news into areas where free press is challenged.
In Shangri-La with music producer Rick Rubin
As an NYU college student, Rick Rubin launched Def Jam Recordings some 40 years ago and has been a hitmaker ever since. Anderson Cooper interviews the music producer about his unique approach.
Man unknowingly buys former plantation house where his ancestors were enslaved | 60 Minutes
An Air Force veteran wanted a new house for large family gatherings; he ended up getting an incredible link to his family’s past.
The dark legacy of Canada's residential schools, where thousands of children died | 60 Minutes
Archeologists detected what they believed to be 200 unmarked graves at a residential school in Canada, bringing new attention to one of the country's most shameful chapters. Anderson Cooper reports.